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The Psychic Experience presentation is also extremely flexible. As described in Millard’s e-book, a typical performance will run a little over 30 minutes.


Author: Millard Longman

Millard Longman – Psychic Experience

Millard Longman – Psychic Experience

Check it out: Millard Longman – Psychic Experience

Millard Longman
Psychic Experience

In this age of Internet hyperbole, it would be understandable if you were to regard the preceding statement as more of the same – self-serving marketing hype, designed specifically to promote the latest half-baked idea to arm-chair mentalists who spend far more time on popular magic forums than in front of paying audiences.

Rest assured, however – Jerome’s testimonial is the real deal, simply because the presentation Millard teaches in The Psychic Experience is, in the final analysis, real magic.

Give Your Audiences Something Real

Unlike the magic where an audience sees what they know is merely a clever bit of stagecraft – say, a Las Vegas-style stage illusion or a prodigious display of sleight of hand – the real magic experienced in Millard’s presentation takes place in each person’s mind. This is an important distinction to make, because as scientists have established, the human brain has difficulty distinguishing the difference between what is imagined and what is actually experienced. If you doubt this, try a simple experiment.

Think back to a time in your past when someone did something that made you mad. Picture what they looked like… what they said or did… how you felt. After about 30 seconds of this recollection, you might be surprised to find your heart racing or your mood changing to one of anger as your body and mind re-live the experience… as if it were actually happening all over again.

This is the power of the human imagination, and the beauty of it is that it can be used to create positive, uplifting experiences. When harnessed by the presentation you’ll learn in The Psychic Experience, your audiences will …

  • Receive an accurate aura reading
  • Take an astral trip
  • Explore a past life
  • Communicate with departed loved ones
  • Experience a psychic healing

This e-book is short and sweet (a mere 29 pages), largely because the concept itself is so extremely simple. Don’t underestimate the power of the presentation, however – once mastered, you will have at your command the ability to, at the very least, make people happy, with the added potential of actually enriching and changing lives.

The Perfect No-Props Act?

Many of us spend a lot of time envisioning “The Perfect No-Props Act”, perhaps because we worry about the airline losing our proverbial luggage, or perhaps because we just want to simplify our lives by eliminating the need for props. The Psychic Experience act certainly qualifies as a Perfect No-Props Act, since strictly speaking, you need only learn the script to present it at any time, and in any place.

The Psychic Experience presentation is also extremely flexible. As described in Millard’s e-book, a typical performance will run a little over 30 minutes. Depending on the situation, however, it can be shortened to 15 minutes by doing only a few readings and just one of the trance segments, or it can be presented as a full evening show by using one or more of Millard’s suggestions that are included in the book. And, as many professionals have already done, you can use The Psychic Experience as a dynamic closer for your Q&A act.

If you have been active in the field of mentalism for more than a few years, you will most likely remember Brother Shadow’s “Have Seance, Will Travel”. It was, quite simply, a game changer for many of us. Millard’s “Crossing Over” segment, which is just one part of The Psychic Experience presentation, is similar in some respects, but takes the concept out of the private séance room and into far more potential venues. The Psychic Experience can be used for public performances, private parties, one-on-one readings, workshops at your local New Age shop or continuing education center, lectures at psychic fairs, appearances on radio, television, the Internet… the list goes on and on.

If you’re familiar with Millard’s Psychic Skills Workshop, you already know that he places a great deal of importance on working as real as possible, whether it is for a group presentation or an individual reading. For those of us who debate the ethics of deception, The Psychic Experience is of great value. With this presentation under your belt, you can thoroughly entertain audiences while eliminating the dreaded “Magician’s Guilt” completely, since there is nothing to hide – you are doing exactly what you say you’re doing!

“If you’re looking for the real stuff, look no further — here is your chance to learn from the master!”

– Neal Scryer

Who Wants Bonuses?

You could certainly read through The Psychic Experience e-book this afternoon and, depending on your ability to memorize the simple and straightforward script, present this act tonight. The e-book, however, is meant to be used in combination with the three bonuses that come with the package, which are…

Bonus #1: An audio performance of The Psychic Experience

You can, of course, explore The Psychic Experience e-book and bonuses in any order you wish, but Millard strongly suggests that you listen to the audio containing the full performance before reading the e-book. This approach enables you to experience the pacing and the power of the routine for yourself before diving into the details that go into its construction.

Bonus #2: An audio interview with Millard (almost two hours!)

Once you’ve listened to the performance audio and reviewed the e-book, you can then gain even further insights by listening to the in-depth audio interview with Millard. Topics covered in this interview include…

  • The appeal of “real” magic
  • The ethics of The Psychic Experience act
  • Tips to make trance induction easier
  • How does music enhance trance induction?
  • How and where to market the act
  • Plus — you guessed it — a whole lot more

If you’re familiar with other recordings Millard has done, you won’t be surprised at how much he wants to share with you in order that you may understand his work to its fullest, which in turn will allow you to present this act with maximum impact.

Bonus #3: An MP3 audio of the trance induction music used in The Psychic Experience

While the performance of The Psychic Experience doesn’t require music, the audio MP3 that is included in this package has been scientifically designed to activate theta wave activity in the listener’s brain, which in turn enhances the induction of the trances contained in this presentation. By including this audio track in the package, Millard is providing you with quite litereally everything you need to duplicate the hundreds of successful performances he has presented over the years.

Whether you want to simply add another color to your palette of performance material, or you plan on starting your own church, you could do very well by presenting just this one act.

To recap, The Psychic Experience is an act that…

  • Requires no tricks
  • Requires no gimmicks
  • Requires no props
  • Requires no secret assistants
  • Can be done for any size audience – from one to billions
  • Can be done in person, or over the phone, radio, television or Internet
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Millard Longman – Psychic Experience

Millard Longman – Psychic Experience

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