Millard Longman – Mental Musings

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The Psychic Readings for Groups manuscript is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, allowing you the flexibility of reading it on your laptop or printing it out for your files.

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Millard Longman – Mental Musings

Millard Longman – Mental Musings


Millard Longman
Mental Musings

Millard Longman’s

“Millard’s Mental Musings”


  • Psychic Readings for Groups
    • Psychic Skills: Readings & Healings
    • From The Fool to The Magician and Beyond
    • Symbols on the Path
    • Plus more…

Millard and I started out with what seemed, at the time, a simple enough goal: to re-release his Psychic Readings for Groups. If you’re not familiar with this brilliant approach to the Question Answering Act, it’s for a good reason — prior to now, this publication was only available as an exclusive to a well-known association of psychic entertainers. Time passes, however, and we felt that Psychic Readings for Groups deserved a slightly larger audience. Not too much larger, mind you, since it’s that good.

As I was looking for the original manuscript, however, I came across a folder of writings Millard had sent me over the years, and it occurred to me that much of it had only seen limited exposure in emails and on private forums, and needed to be seen by more people in the psychic entertainment community.

Millard agreed with me, and we decided to release the collection now known as “Millard’s Mental Musings”.

Take a look at what’s in it…

. Psychic Readings for Groups

“Psychic Readings for Groups” is simplicity itself:

  1. Folded cards are handed out to audience members.
    2. They are invited to write questions on them and fold them up again.
    3. The performer collects the cards, and proceeds to answer specific questions immediately.

Annemann once stated that the key question to ask when developing an act was, “What would a real psychic do?”

Based on my own experiences in the real world, the answer to Annemann’s question lies in the description above.

When Millard and I first started talking about Q&A acts several years ago, we both expressed an appreciation for George Anderson’s venerable contribution to the field, “Dynamite Mentalism.” As compelling as his approach was, it had two main weaknesses — you absolutely had to have a large audience for it to be effective, and there was the distinct possibility that no one would own up to the answers you were delivering.

Millard’s method does not have either of these weaknesses, and will work as well for a small intimate gathering as it will for a large audience.

In fact, “Psychic Readings for Groups” may just be the perfect way to begin a psi party. I suspect that if Robert Nelson had known about Millard’s act when he wrote his book on horoscope parties many years ago, he never would have suggested that the performer “warm up” the partygoers with an Invisible Deck and a bulldog clip.

Here are just some of the strong points of this presentation:

  • It works for any size audience
  • Can be done impromptu
  • You answer each person’s specific question
  • No pre-show required
  • No “secret” moves — cards never leave the sight of the audience
  • No one-aheads
  • No switches
  • The cards may be returned to audience members

You’ll love the flexibility of “Psychic Readings for Groups.” You can tailor it to fit anything from a 15-minute interlude to an entire 45-minute presentation. And, because the cards themselves aren’t gimmicked in any way, you can do this practically impromptu — perfect for when the airline loses your luggage!

The Readings

As Millard says, however, the real meat of this manuscript is in the example readings that he lays out for you. These readings are based on Millard’s many years of client readings, and use a combination of colors, chakras, drawings, and numerology to provide meaningful answers to as many audience members as you have time for.

I guarantee the next time someone asks “Will I win the Lotto?” you will think about Millard’s ingenious approach, and chances are very good that you’ll want to use it yourself.

Millard even explains another method to structure impromptu readings using business cards that provides the perfect structure for telling them about their past, present and future. If you have wanted a simple, yet effective, way to do “on the spot” readings, you will love this — and use it.

Totally Digital

The Psychic Readings for Groups manuscript is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, allowing you the flexibility of reading it on your laptop or printing it out for your files.

In addition to the clear illustrations and concise text that walks you through every step of this presentation, you’ll also receive two extra files that provide you with templates you can use to print out a starter set of cards, and full details on how to make them up yourself.

By the way, this is the perfect companion to Millard’s “Psychic Skills Workshop”, and according to one worker I know, it is the only way to present the traditional Question Answering Act, especially to those audiences who are expecting the real thing. I have to admit that I would agree with that assessment. In fact, I was kind of hoping Millard would not re-release this manuscript… you’ll understand why when you see how powerful it can be in the right hands.

Psychic Skills: Readings & Healings

Originally published as a series of articles that appeared in a private monthly magazine, Psychic Skills: Readings & Healings covers a wide range of topics that will be of great interest to readers, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or have been doing readings for years.

After covering non-verbal communication cues, color symbolism and chakras, Millard moves on to how he incorporates these concepts into his palmistry work. As a palm reader with 20+ years of experience, I can tell you this section was an eye-opener for me.

Central to Millard’s approach to readings is his belief that we, as readers, have a unique opportunity to help people — to provide a positive and healing influence, if you will — and he explains very concisely how easy it is to do this using simple energy techniques that can be performed by anyone willing to include them in their regular readings.

From The Fool to The Magician and Beyond

This section of Millard’s Mental Musings was originally a free-standing book on the Tarot. This could easily be the only book an aspiring Tarot reader would need to read before doing readings for the public. In addition to explanations for all of the cards in both Minor and Major Arcanas, Millard includes a number of actual readings, illustrating how to easily apply the information he teaches in this book.

Have I mentioned how influential Millard has been in my development as a reader and performer? Yes, I’m sure I have, so I won’t dwell on that here. All the same, one single concept contained in From The Fool to The Magician and Beyond changed the way I understood the Tarot and how I’ve presented both readings and workshops since first reading it.

Symbols on the Path

This book was originally available a number of years ago as a set of notes at Millard’s popular training workshops. After reading and absorbing the information presented here, you should be able to easily learn how to make your own Runes and how to read them in no time at all for fun and profit (or both, for that matter) .

This section of Millard’s Mental Musings will teach you how to do Psychic Readings with…

Viking Alphabet (Runes)

Greek Alphabet

English Alphabet

I think you’ll really appreciate Millard’s incredibly simple and direct yet creative approach to creating your own Runes using materials easily found in just about every arts and crafts supply store.  Of special interest for many professional readers will be how easy it is for you to expand and enhance brief readings through the use of colored beads — which you can pick up at the same arts and crafts supply store you get the materials for the Runes.

Elsewhere on The Pro Shop website, I describe Symbols on the Path as “perhaps the quickest and most effective way to get started reading Runes”. You can still order it by itself (for $25), but I don’t know why you would considering it is included in its entirety in Millard’s Mental Musings.

Plus more…

Included in this 150-page PDF ebook you’ll also find more of Millard’s original thinking…

  • Thoughts on QA
  • Death at a Trade Show
  • Hypnotic Psychic Readings
  • Millard’s Meanings for Regular Playing Cards
  • Thoughts on Readings
  • Chinese Numerology
  • OOTW as a Minimal Cues Training

If you’re already familiar with Millard’s writing, you know that he is one of the truly original thinkers in our field. If this is your first encounter with him… well, I think you’re in for a treat. This compilation of Millard’s writings is nothing less than a look inside the mind of someone who has been both a performer and a reader for over 40 years, and you will certainly find much within this book that you will be able to use to enhance your own work.

So… a bullet-proof Question Answering Act… Millard’s two books on Tarot and Runes… previously exclusive material on presenting effective and meaningful readings… a killer presentation for Out of This World… PLUS many more ideas you can use to improve your own readings

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Millard Longman – Mental Musings

Millard Longman – Mental Musings

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