Michael Neill – Financial Freedom From The Inside Out

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oin internationally renowned authors Michael Neill and Steve Chandler for a journey into the heart of financial freedom

Michael Neill - Financial Freedom From The Inside Out

Michael Neill – Financial Freedom From The Inside Out

Check it out: Michael Neill – Financial Freedom From The Inside Out

What if financial freedom had absolutely

nothing to do with money?

Join internationally renowned authors Michael Neill and Steve Chandler for a journey into the heart of financial freedom. In this practical yet light-hearted program, Michael and Steve will guide you towards a whole new relationship with your finances – a relationship filled with freedom, fun, and maybe even a whole lot of money

In part one of the program, The Foundation, Michael and Steve introduce you to the inside-out understanding – a whole new way of making sense of yourself, your psychology, and your financial life. They’ll also take you on a tour of money through the ages, clarifying what money’s good for, what it isn’t, and why getting clear on that is one of the keys to financial freedom. Along the way, you’ll uncover a deeper capacity inside yourself for exploration, creativity, and fun. Finally, you’ll learn to go beyond your personal and cultural conditioning and discover what it is to be truly financially fearless!

Then in part two, The Practicals, they’ll walk you through what they’ve seen in over 50 years of working with clients on “money stuff”, including problem solving, sales, fear of rejection, customer service, debt, and above all, how to make money (and make making money fun). By the time you’re finished with part two, you might well find yourself bringing your products or services to market in a whole new way, with a real sense of ease and freedom.

Finally, in part three, The Coaching, Steve will introduce three coaching sessions where Michael works with people just like you who are looking to experience more freedom around their finances, in their work, and in their lives. You’ll get to revisit the core principles and understandings behind the program in a completely different way, seeing how they come to life when theory meets practice and the rubber meets the road.

Part One: The Foundation

Introduction: Welcome to the Program

  • Meet Michael and Steve
  • What’s actually on offer

How to Get the Most Out of the Program

  • Insight vs. Information
  • Experimentation vs. Exam Prep

Taking a Fresh Look at Freedom

  • Flexibility, Freedom, and states of mind
  • What financial freedom actually means

The Truth About Money

  • The history of money
  • How the value of money gets determined

What Money’s Good For (and What it Isn’t)

  • Clearing up the biggest misunderstandings around money
  • The Wheelbarrow Test

The Inside-Out Understanding, part one

  • The three universal human gifts
  • Living in a world of pure possibility

The Inside-Out Understanding, part two

  • The source of insecurity
  • The source of success

Living from the Inside-Out

  • Why beliefs don’t matter as much as you think
  • The power of Truth (with a capital “T”)

“Alone and Afraid in a World I Never Made”

  • Why empowerment is a faulty model
  • Living in a friendlier world

Beyond Cultural Conditioning

  • Where our ideas about money come from
  • The inside-out experiment

Worry and Fear

  • Is freedom from fear and worry really possible?
  • A rule of thumb for our thinking about money

Part Two: The Practicals

Money Made Fun

  • The problem with seriousness
  • Our natural learning state

The Two Keys to Solving any Financial Problem

  • The answer to any “How do I…?” question
  • Unleashing your creative spark

The Value Formula

  • The relationship between value and difference making
  • The study of scarce resources

How to Make Money

  • The three primary ways people make money
  • Understanding the essence of sales and marketing

The Fundamental RelationSHIFT

  • Relationship vs. Outcome
  • The power of outgiving the giver

A Whole New Way of Thinking About Selling

  • What selling really is (and really isn’t)
  • Finding your “person”

The Power of Aliveness

  • Two predictors of success in sales
  • How to come alive (or back to life)

The Three-Legged Stool

  • Increasing Receptivity vs. Overcoming Objections
  • What makes people inclined to buy

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

  • Getting comfortable with ‘no’
  • Why we fear rejection (and how to stop)

Customer Astonishment

  • Where “word of mouth” actually comes from
  • What takes people from satisfaction to delight and beyond

Make Good Lemonade

  • The ultimate tool for sales and marketing
  • Tasting the love (or hate) in our product or service

The Nature of Debt

  • What makes debt manageable or overwhelming
  • The simple power of communication

Why do People Get into Debt?

  • The number one reason we do stupid things with our money
  • The uncomplicated nature of basic math

Financial Freedom in the Midst of Bankruptcy

  • A case study
  • The relationship between creativity, time, and cash

Freedom, Abundance, and Thriving

  • Who we are at core
  • The true meaning of financial freedom, revisited

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Michael Neill - Financial Freedom From The Inside Out

$47.00$199.00 (-76%)

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