Mark Cunningham – Hypnotic Awakenings

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Discover How To Use My Renegade Rapid Change Technology To Eliminate The Mental Roadblocks That Hold You Down And Hold You Back!


Author: Mark Cunningham

Mark Cunningham – Hypnotic Awakenings

Mark Cunningham – Hypnotic Awakenings

Check it out: Mark Cunningham – Hypnotic Awakenings

Mark Cunningham – Hypnotic Awakenings

Give Me Your Attention For A Day And I’ll Show You How To Have Unlimited Success And Get Any Positive Change You Want!

* Discover How To Use My Renegade Rapid Change Technology To Eliminate The Mental Roadblocks That Hold You Down And Hold You Back!

* Change Your Dreams Into Goals And Create The Real Results You Want, In Your Life!

* Walk Taller, Feel More Relaxed, And Be More Confident Than Ever Before!

* And For The First Time In Your Life Finally Have A Practical Repeatable Process Of Getting What You Want In Your Life!

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to free yourself from the stifling limitations of your past, make the instant shift into the personality you’ve always dreamt you’d be and get the change while under the guidance of one of North America’s most experienced Hypnotists, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why…

Many years ago I was invited to the Bahamas to teach a one day training to a group of bold explorers of the Mind. That day I revealed a completely accessible version of my Rapid Change Technology which combines Hypnosis, Influence, and the application of Mind/Self Control technologies with the goal of Becoming Fully Human.

I led them through the mechanisms of coming Awake though hypnotic conditioning – conditioning that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own psyche.

Fully awake! Fully aware!
In complete control of your own beliefs, behaviors, and emotions.
This is what I mean by Becoming Fully Human.

I named the training Hypnotic Awakenings, because it’s about using hypnotic conditioning to just freaking finally WAKE UP!

Here’s a simple truth…
Most of the people you meet in life are sound asleep!

They think that they’re awake, yet their lives are governed by habit and ritual rather than choice.

Most of what happens in their lives seems to be outside their own control. They are the “sheeple” who throng the malls, fill the cubicles and factories and… they are all around us.

They are all trying to Do The Right Thing, the one thing that will allow them to escape their current condition and attain “success”. Yet success is always somehow just beyond their reach, which makes them feel as though they just can’t Do The Thing Right.

The problem is – they’ve been taught that both success and the resources needed to attain success are outside themselves! It may have been true as an infant, but it is a lie today!

And that accumulation of experience based on an outmoded premise had been holding them down, holding them back. Making them sheeple.

Fact is you can free yourself from the dead weight of previous conditioning.

Here is an overview of the Benefits of Hypnotic Awakenings…

It all begins with the key lessons and tools you need to become in control of your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors.

You will experience powerful self-inductions and discover how to create your own self-hypnosis trigger to easily return to a profound trance state anytime you want to do self-work.

You will learn to quickly release all stress from your mind and body. How to summon positive resources at will, and how to build your Compelling Future to be dead certain you’ll reach your desired goals.

Next up… I’ll show you how to irrevocably shatter the past’s hold over you, keeping only the valuable lessons learned. (An invaluable tool you can use any time you need it to eliminate negativity caused by past events.)

Then you’ll discover how to access the entire buffet of human emotion as a choice. Once you’ve experienced this you’ll have new resources you can use and even more important… you’ll be able to take control of your emotional state and change it at the speed of thought!

You’ll use Deep Trance Identification with your Future Selves to aid in designing your New Self. And apply the Rock Of Reality so you’ll instantly know if the desired future is what you really want or if you are just bullshitting yourself.

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Mark Cunningham – Hypnotic Awakenings

Mark Cunningham – Hypnotic Awakenings

$15.00$147.00 (-90%)

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