Joseph Matthews – Renegade Rapport

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Make no mistake about it: “Rapport” isn’t just some fancy French word for “talking to someone.”

Joseph Matthews - Renegade Rapport

Joseph Matthews – Renegade Rapport

Check it out: Joseph Matthews – Renegade Rapport

“Who Else Wants To Be Able To Meet A Girl And Get Her To Fall In Love With You… Before You Even TALK To Her?”

If You Have The Ability To Open Your Mouth, Speak, And Observe Others, It Doesn’t Matter What You Look Like – You Can Get Just As Many Women As Brad Pitt On His Best Day!

(This May Seem Like An Outlandish Claim, But In The Next 5 Minutes, I’m Going To Tell You How To Do Exactly That!)

Please Note: Rapport is the single, most important skill a man can have when generating powerful attraction in a woman.What you are about to read is meant to educate you on how any man – no matter how he looks, how old he is, or how much money he has, can get a woman attracted to him.This is a SCIENTIFIC PROCESS that anyone can do, time and time again, to get amazing results.

Read on to discover these amazing attraction-building secrets…

A Personal MessageFrom Joseph Mathews:Dear Friend,Let’s face the facts: Picking up women is HARD WORK.

After all – if it were easy, every guy would be doing it, right?

Worse than being hard work, it can be downright frustrating, scary, and emotionally scarring.

But WHAT IF it didn’t have to be like that?

What if: Meeting women didn’t have to be hard work?

What if: You could eliminate any possibility of rejection before you approach them?

What if: You didn’t have to be extroverted or outgoing and actually get women to come to you?

What if: You didn’t have to worry about your looks, age, or bank account size when attracting women?

What if: You didn’t have to try and learn complicated “routines” or “patterns” and attract women in a natural process that made it easy for women to become attracted to you?

And finally… WHAT IF I told you that was all possible?

Announcing The Answer To The Prayers Of Men Everywhere – The Phenomenal New Seduction Method Of Renegade Rapport!

Once in a while, something new will come along that makes all that came before it OBSOLETE.

When it comes to the art and science of meeting, dating, and attracting women, that something new is Renegade Rapport.

Let me explain to you WHY this system is so revolutionary…

Before Renegade Rapport:

Good looking guys had the advantage. Guys who turned to other seduction gurus were forced to learn long, complicated “routines” designed to entertain women in the hopes of getting them attracted to you. They were forced to try and “hypnotize” women with cheesy patterns to MAKE them like you. You had to spend lots of money to take them out on dates and get them to “like you.” You had to be someone other than yourself to try and “trick” the girl into sleeping with you.

After Renegade Rapport:

You are on a level playing field with guys who look like male models. You don’t need to memorize anything, or try and “trick” or “scam” women into liking you. You are now able to create powerful emotional connections with women that makes the attraction process something natural, fun, and easy. You can now actually “be yourself” and get results!

THAT is what makes Renegade Rapport so ground-breaking! Because it is a completely NEW way of looking at male/female interactions.

Here’s How It Works…

Make no mistake about it: “Rapport” isn’t just some fancy French word for “talking to someone.”

It’s much, much more than that!

It isn’t about memorizing a hypnotic NLP pattern and reciting it to a woman who will “magically” fall in love with you either.

Rapport is the process by which two people “click” together. It is what makes women comfortable with you, makes them like you, and most importantly – makes them attracted to you!

Understand that attraction is really a series of emotional responses. Rapport is the method through which these responses are triggered.


Good looking guys have the advantage of getting nonverbal rapport with women very quickly through their looks. That’s why attractive men have such an “easy” time getting girls (that’s not always true, but I’m sure it helps).

But guys who know how to gain verbal or nonverbal rapport with women, can EASILY and QUICKLY lead them to experience the same emotions with them, that they would experience with a guy twice as good looking.

In short: Rapport will lead to the same response and feelings of attraction that would occur even if you looked like Brad Pitt!

Except you don’t need money, fame, ripped abs, or anything else to make Rapport work.


Because – it’s entirely dependent on your INTERACTION with women. And trust me, ANYONE is capable of interacting with women!

Look, I’m not the best looking guy in the world. I’m a little over-weight, shave my head bald, and have the body of Tony Soprano.

But if I can use Rapport to get some incredible women to choose me over millions of other better looking guys here in LA – without a doubt the most image conscious city in the world – then it’s going to be insanely easy for YOU to get even better results!

Let me tell you why…

It Happened By Accident…

There was a time when I was stuck. I could meet women with no problem whatsoever! But getting beyond that was a tough issue.

And it would probably STILL be a tough issue, if it wasn’t for fate intervening.

See, one day a friend and I went out to a local bar. I was depressed, because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong that was causing my success with women to be stunted.

My friend, on the other hand, is one of those “natural ladies men.” You know the type. He just seems to easily get women attracted to him – even though he’s a short, pudgy, bald guy!

So while we were out – I don’t know if it was because I was more aware of interaction with women at this moment in my life or what – but I began to watch intently as my natural friend started interacting with women at the bar.

And suddenly, I noticed exactly what he was doing that got women to look past all his physical limitations, and create powerful attraction within them!

But the crazy thing was – it was so simple to do!

I could have KICKED myself for not seeing it sooner. But once I did, it was like Neo in the movie The Matrix, seeing the code which made up his world for the first time.

I couldn’t believe it. I had just “cracked” the girl code! And with it came ultimate power with success with women.

I Wouldn’t Believe It Either – IF I Didn’t Get It To Work For Myself!

You know, normally I’d share with you some emails from students of my course telling you how great this new system is and how effective it can be.

But instead of sharing other people’s experience with you, I’m going to do something I almost NEVER do and share some personal successes of my own.

The reason for this is simple: I can give you more detail and insight into WHY this works with my own experiences, than I can with others who have used the system for their won success.

So I am going to share with you, in great detail, a few of my successes with women using the powerful methods you are about to learn…

Success #1: Violet, The Video Game Loving Stripper

So I was out one night with my friend Steve, and on a slow night in LA, the best thing to do is head to (what else?) a STRIP CLUB! It’s a good place just to kick back, relax, and see a few naked girls jiggle their junk for your amusement.

So we hit a local Spearmint Rhino, and I don’t know if it was just an off-night or something, but most of the girls in the place were COLD AS ICE. None were being very friendly, and all of them were trying to hustle money.

(And for those of you who’ve read my Stripper Manual, you know that the last thing you want to do is spend money on a Stripper!)

So as I was sitting at the bar with my buddy, I saw a very attractive blonde girl come walking by. Now, she wasn’t “super sexy,” but she had a great “girl next door” quality to her which I found very attractive.

I used my rapport techniques to get an idea of what her mindset was like, and as she came up to me, before she could open her mouth to say “Would you like a dance,” I looked at her and said:

“Oh. My. GOD! You are SO bored right now!”

She instantly stopped, blinked at me for a second, and then laughed. “How did you know? Is it that obvious?” she asked.

I smiled and responded: “Let me ask you – if you could be doing anything else right now, what would it be?”

“This is going to sound stupid,” she said, “But I’d be at home playing video games.”

I laughed. “What? You’re a hot chick! Hot chicks aren’t supposed to like video games!”

“I know, but I do!” she said.

We then spent the next two hours talking about our love of video games. But in addition to that, I started learning about her family, her interests, and her passions. By the time I left, she had given me her email address and MySpace homepage address.

Because I was able to build such strong connections with her using my Renegade Rapport techniques, a girl who probably would have usually flaked on me ended up responding to my email. We went out, and ended up hooking up on the first date.

And that’s one of the great things about my system: If you know how to use rapport, you can virtually EMLIMINATE flaking from women!


Success #2: Lauren, The Former Phone Sex Worker

I met Lauren innocently enough through an online dating site. She was one of the many hundreds of women I emailed in a fit of “online dating debauchery” I am like to go through when I’m too lazy to go out to the clubs.

We started emailing, and within the 3rd exchange, I was able to get her on the phone. When I did, I was surprised to find that she had, without a doubt, one of the SEXIEST voices I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.

I complimented her on it and asked if she was a singer with a voice like that. She told me she did do some singing, but she was mostly looking to pursue a career in journalism. I used a few Rapport Techniques to build some comfort, and get her to agree to meet me.

So we met up the next day at a little diner down the street from me. When Lauren arrived, I was surprised at how tall she was – she was as tall as me, with curly auburn hair, big dark eyes, and full lips. She actually looked a lot like Deborah Messing from “Will and Grace!”

We sat down for a drink, and started talking. I was doing a technique called “Matching and Mirroring,” where I was mimicking her body language to gain non-verbal rapport (something I go into detail about how to do in my course).

She was a little shy at first, but slowly began to open up to me. She was a single mother (something she had neglected to mention before) who had just broken up with a boyfriend who was a 40 year old guy trying to go to film school, whom she had supported for the last 2 years. (ouch!)

Eventually, she felt comfortable enough to reveal to me she used to work as a phone sex operator when she was younger. I began to joke with her about it and asked her for a few examples of what she used to do. We turned her “sexy phone voice” into a game, and the people at the tables around us were suddenly listening in as we roll played phone sex in the diner!

Over the course of the next two weeks, she’d call me up and perform “phone sex sessions.” Eventually, I asked “Laurie, this is great, but when am I gonna get the real thing?” Sure enough, that night she came over.

One of the beauties of the Renegade Rapport method is this: Women open up to you and form attraction in a very natural way. Whether it takes 2 hours or two weeks, the attraction only gets stronger when you use the methods right.


Success #3: Helen, The Beautiful LA Actress

I was out one night at a bar in Hollywood called Barney’s Beanery. This is a great spot for meeting women, and it was perfect for me to practice in.

One night, I spotted an incredibly hot blonde girl out on the patio. This is the type of girl who makes me weak in the knees!

Seriously, she was so hot, most guys in the bar were too afraid to talk to her!

Not only that, she was there with another guy, and a skinny brunette.

Just for fun, instead of doing my normal approach, I decided to practice my rapport skills. So I did a technique I like to call the “Jedi Mind Trick.” This is a process by which you get nonverbal rapport with a girl before you even TALK to her.

I wasn’t sure if I was performing this technique properly or not (I learned it from a very skilled NLP practitioner), but low and behold, the girl started to look my way. I smiled at her, she smiled back, and I took that opportunity to approach the group.

(And because I had already gained non-verbal rapport, the approach was easy and natural.)

I did your standard group theory approach, saying “Hi” to everyone, befriending the guy (he must have been a male model of some type. He was WAY better looking than me). I quickly got a read on the group and was able to isolate the blonde.

Once we were away from her friends, I began to use my rapport techniques to establish more connections and strengthen them.

When this happened, time literally seemed to fly by!

We were talking about everything, and it seemed like we had a great deal in common. She was a few years older than me, but we were both Virgos, born literally one day apart (I’m September 3rd, she was September 4th). We talked about TV shows, about Los Angeles, about her sick mother she was caring for, about her stunted career as an actress, and various other things.

As the bar started to close down, I asked if she wanted to join me at my place for a drink, since I didn’t live too far away. I offered to invite her friends as well, but the guy she was with had disappeared with her other friend, and as luck would have it, she had driven herself.

Because we had such strong rapport, she felt comfortable enough coming over to my place alone.

When we got to my apartment, we both sat on my couch and talked some more. I took this opportunity to start more rapport techniques to move into seduction. After about an hour, she asked for a “tour” of the place.

So I started showing her around, and of course, the tour ended in the bedroom. We ended up lying on the bed watching a rerun of Conan O’Brian I had on my TIVO, when suddenly she started getting naked.

We huddled under the covers and before long, it was on.

The whole thing was easy and natural, from the first meet, all the way into the bedroom. And this girl was a beautiful, blonde, LA actress! By all rights, the male-model dude she was at the bar with should have ended up going home with her! But it was me.

When I asked her about why she decided to take the plunge with me later on, she told me “You are just really cool. I totally felt comfortable with you. You made me feel good.”

And that, my friends, is where the real power of Renegade Rapport comes in. It makes the Seduction Process a NATURAL progression, rather than a forced interaction trying to fit into some type of “mold.”

Here’s Why Renegade Rapport Works So Well…

Unlike most other courses meant to teach “seduction” out there, Renegade Rapport doesn’t rely on pre-written memorized routines.

It is about creating GENUINE emotional connections with women.

Because of this, you don’t need to memorize tons and tons of routines and patterns.

Because of this, you won’t run out of things to say and suffer through those dreaded “awkward silences.”

Because of this, you don’t need to spend lots of money on clothes or hair care products.

Because of this, you don’t need to drive a fancy car, or make lots of money.

Because of this, you don’t have to be an outgoing party dude.

But most of all, because of this, you don’t have to be male-model good looking!

Understand: Women are EMOTIONAL beings. They are way more in tune with their emotions than men are.

When you know how to create strong emotional bonds with women, you are able to actually INFLUENCE the emotions they feel.

And emotions are the core of seduction. This is where Renegade Rapport shines!

What if I were to tell you that you could target any woman you wanted, find out what emotions she’s feeling, match it so your approach happens in a smooth, “natural” way, and then lead her to experience incredible states of comfort and arousal that are all directed at YOU?

Well, THAT is exactly what I can deliver to you. And this system isn’t hard to do. If you can understand a few basic concepts, and are willing to apply them, then you can do it!

Listen, Renegade Rapport is meant to re-create, in a way that’s easy to do, the process that naturals use to attract women.

Once you understand this system, picking up girls will not only become easy, it will be INCREDIBLY fun!

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Renegade Rapport…

Inside this one-of-a-kind audio course, you’ll uncover powerful techniques for increasing your success with women that you never believed possible.

In this course alone, you’ll learn…

  • How to instantly create deep rapport with a woman within minutes when you first meet her (and in some cases, BEFORE you even meet her!).
  • How to quickly and easily initiate rapport with anyone you want.
  • How to establish rapport fast.
  • How to know if you really have rapport or not.
  • What to talk about with women exactly to build rapport.
  • How to “transition” into rapport, step by step.
  • How to keep rapport going throughout the encounter.
  • How to create rapport in a way that’s effortless and hard to detect.
  • How to create rapport without asking a lot of boring “interview” type questions.
  • How to create rapport – even if you’re painfully shy.
  • Why it’s just as easy to gain rapport with super-hot women as it is with average women?
  • How your environment affects rapport building – and how to avoid it’s pitfalls.
  • How to keep rapport with a woman you’ve been with for a long time, and even strengthen it if need be.
  • How you can actually use rapport to know what kind of a girl you are interacting with (this will help you spot “crazy bitches” from a mile away!).
  • How to use rapport to avoid the biggest frustration guys have when it comes to picking up women – Flaking!
  • How to gain rapport without coming off as needy or phony
  • How to use rapport to change a girl’s emotional state from a cold fish to one of intense lust and attraction.
  • Why you can’t have attraction without rapport.
  • How to move the interaction towards seduction once in rapport.
  • How to create rapport when you encounter a group, especially if one or more of them “challenge” you.
  • The exact mindset you should have when talking to a girl you’re interested in.
  • How to build strong rapport with a woman you feel is WAY out of your league.
  • How to build rapport without coming across as being a jerk.
  • How to “rebuild” rapport with women whom you had a failure in building rapport with before.
  • How to keep a woman interested in you while dating so that she doesn’t feel the need for male attention elsewhere.
  • How, and at what point, to shift the vibe to a sexual one when building rapport.
  • The stages of rapport a woman will go through, and the indicators for each.
  • How to initiate and build rapport anywhere – even in a loud and noisy bar or club.
  • The exact things women like to talk about when building rapport.
  • Getting past the initial “coldness” when dealing with women.
  • How to make someone feel like they’ve known you for a long time within a few minutes.
  • How to tell if you have rapport.
  • How to gain rapport without falling into the “Let’s Just Be Friends” category.
  • And much more…

Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg concerning what you’ll learn once you get this course!

Let Me Break It Down For You…

Renegade Rapport Is A MASSIVE Course. I made sure that it would be extensive and focused entirely on getting you to become a true, natural ladies man.

First of all, there are 10 High Quality Audios, all digitally recorded, to deliver you some of the best information you’ll find on dating and rapport. You’ll also get in-depth manuals and special bonuses!

Here is the entire course, laid out for you in a nutshell:

The Quick Start Handbook

Because this course is so massive, I’ve included a quick-start handbook to help guide you through the learning process. Know exactly what you have to learn, and in what order – and you’ll find your results will improve incredibly quickly!

Introduction To Renegade Rapport

In this audio, I lay out the entire system to give you a general overview of how Renegade Rapport works, and the importance of rapport in your attraction building. This is a great introduction to the methods laid out in the course.

The Essential Fundamentals Of Rapport 1 & 2

In these two Audios, I go into the core, fundamental skills and concepts you need to know to do rapport effectively. I break everything down in a simple, easy to follow way to make sure that rapport becomes a “demystified” process, and one that’s easy to follow and put into use.

The Secrets Of Powerful Rapport 1 & 2

In these Audios, I sit down and pick the brain of NLP and Rapport Expert David Van Arrick, who shares with us the secrets of gaining and deepening rapport with any woman you meet. We also talk about how to control your emotions, and exhort influence over other people. David is a man who’s seduction skills are LEGENDARY, and rapport has always been a huge part of his game. And in this interview, he spills his guts about how YOU can use his techniques to their fullest success!

The Rapport Process 1 & 2

Here, I interview Rob S., a super-successful businessman who has used his rapport skills to succeed in all areas of his life. Rob is a very smart, very powerful NLP practitioner who is able to break down rapport into a step-by-step process, leading you from point A, to point B, to point C when it comes implementing these vital skills. He completely takes the guess work out of what needs to be done to gain rapport with women, and how to use rapport for the purposes of seduction!

The Core Values Of Rapport 1 & 2

In my final interview, I sit down with one of the most powerful NLP Trainers I’ve ever met, a man by the name of Sarkis. Sarkis used to be quite the “Playboy” in his time, using his NLP skills to seduce some of the most beautiful women in the world. In this interview, he will reveal to you some of the core Values and Beliefs one must have to find happiness with women, and use rapport to enhance your life. Techniques will get you results, but without the proper values, those results won’t make you happy! Personally, I feel this is the most important part of this course.

Advanced Rapport Tactics

Finally, now that you’ve got the fundamentals and everything else down, I share with you some ADVANCED rapport tactics you can use to get some insane results with women! After listening to this Audio, you’ll be a veritable “Jedi Master” when it comes to meeting and dating women.

The Master Skills Workbook

Along with your course, you will receive a detailed workbook with actual exercises designed to help you master the skills you need to become a rapport expert. These are step-by-step instructions that will help you to control your own emotional sate, and the emotions of others as well. VERY powerful stuff!

Rapport Secrets Volumes 1 & 2

In these books you will get a detailed break down of everything we talk about in the audio series, for your own reference. If you don’t like listening to the audios, you’ll just need to refer to these books to get a look at the concepts and skills we cover.

The Blueprints

Along with the course comes three “Blueprints” you can refer to for easy access. These blueprints break down the course for you in a simple, straight forward way.

The 7 Bonus Chapters

Finally, you’ll also get access to seven bonus chapters on rapport. These contain some in-depth strategies and tactics that you can use to make any interaction with women a success!

  • Chapter 1: The Importance Of Rapport
  • Chapter 2: The Power Of Intent
  • Chapter 3: Getting Her To Take Action
  • Chapter 4: The Non-Verbal Aspect Of Rapport
  • Chapter 5: Building Rapport By Matching Language
  • Chapter 6: Putting It All Together
  • Chapter 7: Building Rapport By Matching Paralanguage

The David Van Arrick Teleseminar

In this 2-hour teleseminar, rapport expert David Van Arrick and I break down the secret of rapport, and tackle all your questions about rapidly creating strong rapport with any girl you desire.

Because David is a master NLP practicioner and trainer, he is able to share some of the exercises necessary to perfect your rapport skills in this audio. I also pick David’s brain and get him to share with you some of his most powerful methods.

The Rob S. Teleseminar

In this 83 minute teleseminar, we get rapport expert Rob S on the phone and get him to share more insights on his step-by-step rapport process. More than that, however, is Robert’s ability to answer the tough questions posed by students who are running into trouble generating rapport!

All the most common sticking points students typically run into are covered in this audio, with full answers and solutions given by Rob S. and myself. If you have any problems at all with the techniques in the course, this is the audio you’re going to want to listen to.

But I could go through the course all day. The reality is, until you actually get this course, and listen to it in it’s entirety, you won’t be able to appreciate the full impact it will have on your life.

Undeniable PROOF That Renegade Rapport WORKS!

One of the great benefits of operating online is that my students can have direct access to me through email. Check out some of the feedback I got from some of the students who have used Renegade Rapport to achieve amazing success…

All these emails were taken from my actual email account. And as if that weren’t enough, here are some more kind words about Renegade Rapport from other students…

“Not only is this system easy to use, it’s also damn effective!”-Paul M.“I used to completely SUCK with women! After going though your course, I have more dates than I can handle!”

-Vince G.

“This is definitely one of the best courses on generating attraction with women I’ve ever found. Excellent work!”

-Jack B.

“Killer materials, man. I used to get stuck on comfort building and rapport. Now it’s a piece of cake.”

-Jim J.

“Your course is amazing. Not only is it comprehensive, but it’s also easy to learn. Four stars and two thumbs up!”

-Kelly O.

“I started using your tactics a week after getting the course, and the results were incredible. Five dates and one lay! And this after a six month dry spell!”

-Hudson A.

Here’s Why If You Don’t Know How To Create Rapport – You Will FAIL With Women!

I hate to keep harping on this, but I need to make it absolutely clear…

If you don’t have rapport, you have NOTHING!

Let me ask you something: Have you ever been talking to a girl, and things seem to be going really well, and then suddenly a “shift” occurs, and she gives you the cold shoulder?

Guess what? That’s because you BROKE rapport with her!

Not only that. But let’s say you approach a girl and get rejected right off the bat. Ever wonder why this happens?

No, it’s not because you’re ugly, or “not her type.” What really happened was you didn’t CREATE rapport, and therefore gave her no reason to talk to you.

Understand – this is how important rapport is! Having the ability to quickly establish rapport with any woman you desire will ENSURE that you never get rejected, OR blow it with a girl you’re seeing.

This is why rapport skills are so essential to success with women.

“Okay, So Am I Going To Have To Take Out A Second Mortgage To Afford This Course?”


Let me be more precise: HELL NO!

Let me ask you a question – what’s it worth to you to be able to naturally attract any woman you choose? Without having to spend hours and hours memorizing useless routines and patterns where you can easily run out of things to say?

What is it worth to you to have ultimate power and choice in your love life?

What is it worth to you to attract the kind of woman you’ve always DREAMED of?

I’m willing to bet it’s worth a lot more than what I’m asking for this course! I know some men who’d be willing to give up EVERYTHING they own to have that kind of skill with women.

So I’m going to go against the grain and offer this course for only $147.

Special Trial Offer For Today’s Customers Only!

If you order before Midnight, Monday, December 23, 2019 – you’ll qualify for a special discount.

Just sign up right now for the discounted price of $67. Preview the course for an entire 60 days, and if its not for everything you hoped it would be, send us an email detailing how you tried the tactics and the results you got within the 60-day trial period, and you’ll get your money back.

As soon as you sign up for the Reengade Rapport course, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the course materials and my proven techniques. No waiting around for anything in the mail! This mean’s you’ll be able to start wooing women into the bedroom right away.

As you can see, you get an incredible price break – for a limited time only! These methods are worth their weight in gold, and I won’t be making this offer available much longer – so take advantage of it right now.

Face It: There’s No Reason NOT To Buy This Course!

Look, this course reveals one of the most effective techniques for quickly creating strong emotional connections and attraction with women. When you get Renegade Rapport, you will learn:

  • How to increase your confidence with women.
  • How to quickly get women interested in you emotionally.
  • How to build strong feelings of trust and comfort with the girls you like.
  • How to rapidly escalate feelings of sexual attraction.
  • How to get “inside the mind” of any woman you want and know exactly what she is feeling.
  • How to make any woman you desire feel the emotions you want her to.

The secrets in this course will dramatically improve your results with women. And if you order before Midnight on Monday, December 23, 2019 , you can try them for yourself for $80 off the full purchase price!

There is nothing to lose here, and everything to gain. You simply CAN NOT GO WRONG by investing in this course!

But You Need To Act Fast!

Listen, if your dating life is on life-support it is IMPERATIVE that you gain access to these tactics RIGHT NOW.

No other course out there will give you the tactics you need to get amazing results with women this fast!

Not only that, I cannot guarantee the special $80 Discount will NOT be available for too much longer! At any time, I may have to raise the price back up to its full $147 price tag.

So you need to take action right this second if you want to learn the secrets of Renegade Rapport.

And I’ll Even Throw In Some Last-Minute Bonuses For EVERYONE Who Gets A Copy Of Renegade Rapport Today!

The reaction I’ve been getting from this course doesn’t just come from students – but other seduction gurus as well!

In fact, I have three amazing teachers who practically BEGGED me to let them in on the action, and I was more than happy to oblige.

As a result, they are letting me GIVE YOU some of their best products for FREE when you buy your own copy of Renegade Rapport.

They include:

SPECIAL BONUS #1 – “Get What You Deserve” by Scott McKay: Scott McKay is one awesome guy, and an even better teacher! In his ebook Get What You Deserve, you’ll learn how to get the type of woman you feel you should have – and how to stop settling for what you can get!

SPECIAL BONUS #2 – “Call The Girl” Phone Game Secrets Revealed, by Mehow: Mehow is one of the most innovative new pick-up artists on the scene, and in this special ebook AND audio, he’s going to teach you how to act on the phone to get girls to go out with you time and time again, without fail!

SPECIAL BONUS #3 – “The Attraction Handbook” by Sebastian: Sebastian is an incredibly skilled workshop teacher who is GIVING AWAY his complete ebook on how to attract women as a special bonus to everyone who buys Renegade Rapport. In this book, Sebastian reveals ALL his tricks and techniques on how to generate powerful attraction with any woman (and when you combine these methods with Renegade Rapport, the resulting outcome is LETHAL!)

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  • The Quick Start Guide
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  • The Rapport Process Audio
  • The Core Values Of Rapport Audio
  • Advanced Rapport Tactics Audio
  • Renegade Rapport Master Skills Workbook
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  • Rapport Secrets Volume 2
  • 3 Rapport Cheat Sheets For Quick Reference
  • 2 Hour Teleseminar With Rapport Expert David Van Arrick
  • 83 Minute Teleseminar With Rapport Expert Rob S.
  • Bonus Chapter 1 – The Importance Of Rapport
  • Bonus Chapter 2 – The Power Of Intent
  • Bonus Chapter 3 – Getting Her To Take Action
  • Bonus Chapter 4 – The Non-Verbal Aspect Of Rapport
  • Bonus Chapter 5 – Building Rapport By Matching Language
  • Bonus Chapter 6 – Putting It All Together
  • Bonus Chapter 7 – Building Rapport By Matching Paralanguage
  • Special Bonus 1 – Scott McKay’s “Get What You Deserve” eBook
  • Special Bonus 2 – Mehow’s Phone Game eBook and Audio MP3
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In Renegade Rapport you’re going to learn the most advanced technologies for meeting, dating, and attracting women available anywhere.

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Check Out These In-Depth User Reviews…

“I have gone through the Renegade Rapport course and I found that it really laid out everything in an easy to follow format, as well as using examples and in-depth theory to solidify the techniques. This course followed the trend of “The Art Of Approaching” by providing practical methods for practicing and applying the theory which was outlined. For me personally, this course has helped me to gain a more positive response from the majority of women who I “target.” I have tested the theories a lot while on the bus and at a bar and I am amazed at the responses, especially how open women open right up with me.”

-Reggie C.

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Of Renegade Rapport Today!

“I remember being so hyped up about the course when I got it, and you mention that it was an intensive course, but I really had no idea. I had to listen to it, read it, and listen to it and read it so many times. There is just so much information in those audios.

In the beginning when I bought the course, I was using the techniques in school, and women would open up to me very easily, it was great.

Now on to the things that have completely changed the way I communicate and see people, and just my life in general. Now, what I’m about to say is probably the biggest thing of all, that has totally changed everything. The cardinal, #1, A, golden rule of rapport. What you feel, she feels, when you’re in rapport. Well, I was on a date a couple months ago and I remember sitting there feeling attracted to the girl. So what did I do, I went in for the kiss, being confident that she felt it too. We made out 30min into our first date, all because I followed that #1 ground rule.

What is more intense however, is that I have just started an exclusive relationship, and during that period when I couldn’t stop thinking about her, I knew she couldn’t either. I knew that she missed me as much as I missed her, etc. When I finally told her I loved her, I knew she felt the same way. I could literally feel the strong emotional connection I shared with her. I know this all because of what I learned from Renegade Rapport.

It’s hilarious because now when I talk to someone, I immediately begin matching and mirroring them, and am aware of eye accessing cues, match their overall tempo, it’s crazy. This stuff takes time, and really complements everything else out there. So many guys get hung up in the banter, and that’s just part of it. The real meat is feeling that strong connection. Laughing the same way, at the same stuff, and really being enjoying each other. That only exists when the connection runs deep, and Renegade Rapport explain this.

Another thing that helped me tremendously. The last interview about core values was amazing. After listening to that, I began journaling, which really helped! I actually had a written conversation with myself on paper, convincing myself to go make an approach I really wanted to do.

The bottom line is, this course runs deep, and integrates well with so many things. Fair warning, you must listen, and read, over and over again, to really get the full benefits of this course. I didn’t do that for a while, so my progress was slow. But the more I came back to it, the higher quality women I brought into my life.

Lastly, the message said over and over again: LEAD. We as men must be leaders. Leaders are naturally attractive to women, so they will follow you if you confidently lead.

Anyway, keep up the good work Joe!”


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Of Renegade Rapport Today!

“I bought the course because it sounded interesting and plausible—plus it had a money-back guarantee, so my risk was not too great.

There was one particular girl I wanted the first time I saw her, on stage performing. I felt a guilty that I wanted her, because I am 50, while she is 25, generous, funny, brilliant, supremely sexy, and stunningly beautiful.

I prefer younger women, because I want to get married and have children. However, my success rate with women in their 30s was low. I only succeed with woman in her 30s after she had known me as a friend for several years. Women in their 20s? I did not even try that! In this conservative town, you don’t see such pairs too often. Some women in their 30s explicitly would reject my advances and explain that obviously I was too old.

Anyway, despite seemingly insurmountable odds, I wanted to try my best to win her. If not, maybe I would learn something useful for a more reasonable attempt with another young girl. A few days after just one time listening to the material in the course, I found a way to talk to her and ask her out, and we dated several times. At first, she was dubious about me, but intrigued, because she always felt good around me without really understanding why (your tactics at work!). She is extremely cautious about men, so we went slowly at first.

A month later, in late April, she called herself my girlfriend. Now, we are making our marriage plans. She says she will be my trophy wife, and says our getting married is inevitable. She is really perfect for me, and I have become almost perfect for her. It is a dream come true—we are both so happy!

Obviously, I am totally pleased with the course!”


Click Here To Get Your Copy

Of Renegade Rapport Today!

“Before Renegade Rapport:

One (quit) job and one (failed) marriage after undergrad, I decided to start off fresh by moving to a new city and entering grad school. During those couple or so idyllic years of school, I somehow managed to maintain a fairly steady stream of dates and girlfriends. But, just the same, I wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire with my mad pickup skills. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that I was not doing as well as I might considering the target-rich environment I was in. And once I graduated, my suspicions were confirmed. A combination of fewer opportunities along with a lower success rate began to take a toll on my zest for life. And, yes, it’s all just a negative spiral from there.

It was during this period of floundering and searching for a better way that I stumbled upon the seduction community. I read all the Websites and subscribed to all the email newsletters I could find. Eventually, I started buying e-books, audios, and DVDs from a variety of sources, including Mystery Method, David D. and others. In fact, I probably went a bit overboard on the information acquisition. At the same time, however, I feel like I learned something of value from just about everything I studied.

My skills improved over the next 3-4 months, but my theoretical knowledge continued to outpace my field experience by a wide margin. Mostly, I was able to use my newfound knowledge to amp up the attraction with a few girls I already knew, which resulted in make-outs with a couple of girls and sex with one. I never was much into the bar/club scene, however, so I wasn’t getting the kind of experience I needed to perfect my cold approach skills and improve the consistency of my escalation skills. Plus, some of the stuff I was learning, such as many of the canned openers (I didn’t really care about the answers so it usually came off badly) and negs (I never did get those right and ended up pissing off a few girls in the process), just didn’t feel congruent with my personality.

Why Renegade Rapport:

About five months into my journey, I learned about RR from Joseph Matthew’s email list. When I read the description of the program, I felt like it was describing an important missing piece of my game. I thought back to many of my past successes and realized that I was often able to move things forward with a girl because I had pre-established some kind of rapport – but usually built up over an extended period of time, like a semester at school. I was definitely interested in learning how to accelerate that process, and I was more than a little intrigued with the idea that I could generate rapport with a girl before I even approached her!

My thoughts about Renegade Rapport:

First of all, I was impressed with the appearance and quality of the materials, particularly the soft cover printed volumes. I have purchased other, more expensive products where the printed materials were hole-punched pages in a three-ring binder — kind of cheesy in my opinion, especially when something costs over $100 and isn’t hundreds of pages long (like a technical manual or something).

Overall, I was very happy with the quality and quantity of information in the course. Some of the more basic NLP stuff (e.g., matching and mirroring) I already knew, but I learned a ton of stuff I didn’t know.

My favorite sections of the course were the interview with David Van Arrick, where you talked about state control and pacing and leading; and the interview with Sarkis, where you discussed the core values and ethics of using rapport technology.

In case it’s not obvious, one of the things I like most about this course is that it doesn’t require a bunch of memorization. Only the understanding and application of some basic principles. That is not to say, however, that rapport skills don’t require practice and experience to master. Which is where the workbook comes in perfectly. The exercises are detailed, easy to follow, and are clearly designed to help develop and hone core rapport skills. It is evident that a lot of thought went into making this course very informative on the one hand, and practical application-/field-oriented on the other. Well done.

After Renegade Rapport:

I have to admit that I started strong out of the gate, but have slacked off as other aspects of my life began to overwhelm me. I will say, though, that after my first pass through the material, I was very excited, not only because I wanted to get out there and apply the rapport concepts immediately, but also because it was actually possible to apply some of the concepts immediately.

Like I said, I am not big on going to regular bars and clubs, so I thought I would try my stuff out on some strippers first. It was a Wednesday night, and the strip club was pretty dead. Not many patrons and not many dancers. But, my waitress was cute (and a total sweetheart I discovered), so I decided to try some matching/mirroring, pacing/leading with her. I started out simply enough, just talking to her and trying to match her energy. There were some extra waitresses and not many customers, so after awhile, she started to get comfortable just sitting with me. Eventually, it just felt very natural to put my around her shoulders. I wanted to try pacing her breathing, but it was kind of dark and we were both pretty relaxed at this point, so it was very hard to see her breathing. I gently placed my free hand over heart (not her breasts), which she didn’t seem to mind, and used my hand to match my breath with hers (and to feel her heart energy). Very quickly, I started to feel a strong sense of connection. It was actually kind of a freaky. I started to stroke her hair, face, and neck. By now, her eyes were closed and she didn’t say a word or make any moves to stop anything I was doing. I felt like I could have gently turned her head and kissed her, but I didn’t want to push my luck. Plus, I later found out that she was engaged, so I was glad I didn’t try to escalate things any further.

I actually have another story that happened about a month later (same club) where I used similar rapport techniques and actually got a waitress (a different one) out of the club. We started making out in the club, and then, to my surprise, she invited me to her place!”

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