Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Power Of Integrity

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These are the rare men of INTEGRITY, and our program is going to break it down, step-by-step, what it takes to become a man of that caliber in the world.


Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Power Of Integrity

Authentic Man Program (AMP) - Power Of Integrity

Check it out: Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Power Of Integrity

Authentic Man Program (AMP)
Power Of Integrity
Women Know The Difference Between a ‘Good Guy’ and A ‘Great Man’:

A good guy is one who is compassionate, loving, and is liked by everyone, yet his positive impact upon women and the world is minimal.

A GREAT MAN (‘King’ Archetype), on the other hand, stands and speaks for what he believes in–whether it’s a life purpose, a simple truth or just a gut-feeling. He’s cultivated the emotional solidity to allow himself to be impacted by the world because he is unswayable from his center.

Being a GREAT MAN doesn’t mean that you’re FEARLESS, but it DOES mean that you don’t apologize for who you are. Great men don’t play the approval-seeking “social masks” game – they’re 100% authentic, live in full alignment with what they’re committed to, and their impact upon the world (and with women) ENORMOUS.

These are the rare men of INTEGRITY, and our program is going to break it down, step-by-step, what it takes to become a man of that caliber in the world.

I’ll Let You In On a Secret:
This Is About Waaaaaaay More Than Just Women.

We market this program as something that will improve your relationships with women—and it will. But the fact of the matter is, this program works by impacting ALL areas of your life. If you seriously take on the practices in this program, you’re gonna see a boost in your confidence and assertiveness with your FRIENDS, FAMILY and COWORKERS – EVERYONE.

Lots of guys who go through the “Integrity Phase” of our AMP Intensives come out and change their careers, clean up their lives, deliver withheld communications with people they’ve been holding back on for years…. It’s a GAME-CHANGER.

As you watch the AMP women testing these guys, and seeing their ability to take their intense emotional storms while staying open, without collapsing or posturing, you’ll be better informed, prepared and aware of how to handle that level of intensity yourself.

And, as a nice byproduct, when your Integrity is SOLID, your ability to create lasting attraction and connection with women will take off, as well.

Here’s just a taste of what’s covered in over 3+ hours of top-quality AMP Content in Power of Integrity:

How to stop placating or trying to impress women… without being an arrogant jerk (instead, learn to convey yourself as a man of who’s also got real inner depth and power). – Disc 2, 17:44

One common and deadly mistake “nice guys” make when they’re learning to be better with women that will kill your chances at building a deep relationship… yet most women will never tell you you’re making this mistake while you’re making it! – Disc 2, 4:20

How to remain solidly grounded in who you are and what you stand for, no matter what happens in your interactions (she wants a man who knows who he is… even when she’s pissed, sad, or feeling disconnected from you). – Disc 2, 25:00

One very common, easy-to-make mistake that could destroy your connection/relationship (and why she’ll do her best to tempt you to see if you’ll fall for this one!) – Disc 1, 7:16

If she’s “not sure” about you yet, here’s an ultra-powerful way to build trust in just seconds that will blow her away (Why? Because most men will never, EVER do this… yet this is exactly what she’s been waiting for). Disc 1, 14:06

How to take any conversation that’s gone wrong (or just plain boring)… and turn it into a heart-pounding, exciting adventure (she’ll not only enjoy the conversation… she’ll be amazed and impressed at how quickly you turned the conversation around). – Disc 3, 26:22

When she’s “acting up,” chances are she actually wants to feel connected with you. Here’s how to build that unbreakable emotional connection she’s longing for. – Disc 3, 9:27

What does it mean to ‘be creepy?’ Hear ‘creepiness’ broken down piece by piece so you’ll never make the mistakes that creep women out! – Disc 1, 23:30

Learn what women desperately want from men… but would never say to your face. Two gorgeous women reveal these little-known secrets to deep, turned-on relationships. (More importantly, she’ll explain exactly what women want from you.) – Disc 1, 6:55

Women are bored to tears with most conversations with men because of this BIG MISTAKE most men do without even realizing it… Here’s how to see it, understand it, and instead have powerfully connected, juicy, breathtakingly electrifying interactions! – Disc 1, 8:09

How ‘owning your truth’ can inspire heart-pounding intimacy… and a step-by-step process that works almost every time for creating enchanting, passionately connected moments. Disc 1, 12:45

Do your words have power? Learn how to infuse your words with authority and power (So that when you speak, she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she can trust what you’re saying.) – Disc 1, 28:43
Does ‘looking cool’ and nonchalant attract women? Discover why this myth can be a deadly connection/relationship killer (and learn how you can build an irresistibly powerful connection with her.) – Disc 3, 21:02

How to defuse nearly any ‘negative’ interaction (so you can enjoy a rewarding, exhilarating and deep connection instead). – Disc 1, 29:30
If you “run out of things to say,” here’s a proven method to recover in just seconds… And have her blown away and impressed with your spontaneity! – Disc 1, 31:30

If you find yourself ending up in the friend zone, you’re almost definitely making this mistake. Learn these practices that could create magnetic attraction and exhilarating sexual turn on in all your interactions with women from this point forward! – Disc 1, 52:30

Discover why it’s so magnetically attractive for women to find a man who has his own ‘code of values’ — find out what really, deeply matters to you. (This is one of the ‘big keys’ to deep connection, and sizzling hot relationships.) – Disc 1, 5:38

How and why women will test you and how to pass with flying colors every time… even if you had no idea that she’s testing you! (The best part is, she’ll feel more and more connected to you every time… Because now you’ve proven that she can trust you.) – Disc 2, 9:20

If she’s being cold or angry, here’s a surefire way to handle the situation almost every time (it works so well because you’ll address her real concern at its core). – Disc 2, 19:00

Why some men never get ‘tested’ by women… because women instantly know they can trust them. Learn how you can become this man – Disc 2, 21:50
An incredibly powerful exercise you can use anywhere to tap into your inner sense of power, dignity and strength. (Doing this in a crowded bar, before a date, or even in your relationship will immediately give you an irresistible sense of confidence and strength.) – Disc 2, 49:10

How deeply should you connect with a woman if it’s just a casual relationship? Learn to enjoy a hot, juicy, turned on relationship with amazing sex… Without causing a messy and painful breakup. – Disc 2, 78:20

Learn the difference between true power and ‘posturing.’ A truly powerful man is irresistibly attractive and instantly trustable to women… whereas a man with ‘false strength'(posturing) is an instant turnoff. Learning to develop your real inner power could completely change your interactions with women forever. – Disc 2, 70:13

How to design an emotionally and sexually intense roller coaster for her. (Most women turn to ‘bad boys’ for their emotional and sexual rides… here’s how you can create that exhilarating ride for her yourself without having to act like a jerk.) – Disc 3, 12:00

How to deeply connect with a woman and powerfully lead the interaction to where you want to go. – Disc 3, 18:00

If you want to inspire the undying love and devotion from a gorgeous, radiant woman who’s looking for a powerful man… You must develop THIS critically important personality trait. – Disc 1, 1:23

What’s the difference between being swayed by her, and being touched by her? One will destroy all her trust for you, the other will have her feeling honored and grateful to be with you. – Disc 3, 30:55

Build the foundations for hot, passionate sex by learning to bring out her full self expression and sensuality. – Disc 3, 21:27

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Authentic Man Program (AMP) - Power Of Integrity

Authentic Man Program (AMP) - Power Of Integrity

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