Jamie Smart – Metaphorically Speaking

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Read on to discover THE secret pattern used by masterinfluencers, charmers and leaders throughout the ages…


Author: Jamie Smart

Jamie Smart – Metaphorically Speaking

Jamie Smart - Metaphorically Speaking

Check it out: Jamie Smart – Metaphorically Speaking

“When I Really Began To Master
The Ultimate Hypnotic Pattern…
Magic Started To Happen”

Read on to discover THE secret pattern used by masterinfluencers, charmers and leaders throughout the ages…

Top salespeople, great political leaders, wildly successful motivational speakers… they all have a secret.

It’s the same ‘secret’ used by the greatest hypnotherapists, the most elegant communicators, and the most effective coaches.

The advertising industry regularly uses this ‘secret’ to induce a powerful sense of desire and get people to buy the product.

It is used to influence us all the time, and yet, most people aren’t even aware of it!

Can Mastering One Little Thing Really Do All This?

Here are some of the things you can do with metaphors once you know the secrets of how to use them:

Instantly put people at their ease and quickly build rapport

Massively increase your ability to connect with whoever you’re speaking to (great public speakers, hypnotherapists and salespeople can all do this)

Help people decide to take action and make changes that count

Build a reputation as someone who can really help your clients
(do this and you’ll always be in demand which means higher fees and greater respect)

“Jamie. You have a fantastic ability to change people’s lives for the better, continue the amazing work”
Louise Hurdley Trainer and Coach

Effortlessly captivate people’s attention and get them to become utterly fascinated.

Speak directly to the unconscious mind – the source of so much power and possibility

Illustrate points effortlessly, allowing you to develop your reputation as a clear thinker and a superb communicator

Get people to take off their armour and open up their mind

Easily get rid of objections and close the deal – leading to better client relationships and greater prosperity

Change the meaning of literally anything

Covertly tell someone what to think about something, allowing you to guide their thought process very precisely (btw – this is the ultimate influence and negotiation technique – I once used it to get a 50% pay increase!)

Induce trance in your listeners to make them more suggestible and use this for anything from persuasion to helping clients learn more deeply

Have more satisfied clients, great word of mouth, and increased fees!

Do covert changework and healing, leading to much greater flexibility as a coach or therapist (as well the benefits that go with that kind of reputation)

Elegantly distract the conscious mind and say, “I want to communicate directly with your unconscious mind!” so you can guide the person’s attention in the direction you want to take it

Who Should Want To Master The Art of Metaphor?

While metaphors are incredibly valuable for anyone involved in management, communication or the area of influence, they are absolutely indispensable for coaches, hypnotherapists and other people-helpers.

Here’s what Steven Heller, Ph.D (top hypnotherapist) said in his superb book “Monsters & Magical Sticks: There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis”:

“It is my belief that all presenting problems and symptoms are really metaphors that contain a story about what the problem really is. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the therapist to create metaphors that contain a story that contains the (possible) solutions. The metaphor is the message…Hypnosis is, in and of itself, a metaphor inside a metaphor…”

It seems that Milton H Erickson MD (aka “The Miracle Worker”) had a similar view, and pioneered the use of metaphor in hypnosis. Any analysis of the ‘greats’ of NLP will show extensive use of metaphor throughout their work.

Metaphorically Speaking…

Recently, I decided to start sharing my knowledge of metaphor with other people, and created a one-day training course called ‘Metaphorically Speaking’. The training was sold out, and we made a high-quality audio recording of the day.

Every time I run a training programme, people often ask me: “What are the secrets of metaphor?” and I get many emails asking me when we’re going to be producing a product that can help you learn to use metaphors, quickly and easily.

So, I’m delighted to announce that:

“These audio-recordings are finally ready!”

Look, I know some people are glad to pay good money for the cutting edge information I’m sharing yet there are others who need to make every penny count. So I’m willing to extend my usual “no quibble” Salad Guarantee and make you a simple promise so that you don’t have to take a gamble.

If for whatever reason you are not absolutely delighted with the results you get from this audio then you can return it within 30 days for a full refund and you even get to keep the valuable ebook as my gift to you.

So you see, there’s no financial risk whatsoever which means you can invest in the “Metaphorically Speaking” audio programme right now with absolute confidence you’re making the right decision.

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Jamie Smart - Metaphorically Speaking

Jamie Smart - Metaphorically Speaking

$25.00$97.00 (-74%)

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