James R. Ramey – Extreme Ultra Depth Hypnosis Process Program

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Three DVD’s which provide you with over four hours of clear and concise video instructions with full and complete demonstrations of all techniques and the entire process in a step-by-step format. You not only learn how to but why each technique works.


Author: James R. Ramey

James R. Ramey – Extreme Ultra Depth Hypnosis Process Program

James R. Ramey – Extreme Ultra Depth Hypnosis Process Program

Check it out: James R. Ramey – Extreme Ultra Depth Hypnosis Process Program

James R. Ramey
Extreme Ultra Depth Hypnosis Process Program
Versions 1.0 until 4.0

The training DVDs were filmed live, unrehearsed and unscripted in Sedona, Arizona.
The entire package includes the following:

  • Three DVD’s which provide you with over four hours of clear and concise video instructions with full and complete demonstrations of all techniques and the entire process in a step-by-step format. You not only learn how to but why each technique works.
  • Training Manual I includes: Two Pre-induction Exercises, Four Different Dave Elman Type Inductions, Effective Deepening Techniques, Somnambulism/Profound Somnambulism, Local Anesthesia, General Anesthesia, Esdaile, Catatonic and Sichort States, Powerful Progressive Inductions, the Mind-To-Mind Healing Technique, the Computer Console Technique, the Cellular Re-Education Technique, the SkyWalker Technique, the Hallway of Doors Technique and the Warehouse Technique©.
  • Training Manual II includes: Holmes-Rahe Social Adjustment Scale, Life Orientation Test, Eye Accessing Cues, the Braidism Induction, the Sidney Flower Induction, the Herbert Flint Induction, an Induction for Children, a Complete Basic to Advanced Regression Course which includes the Zed State, the Retention/Recall Technique and the UD-Assisted Birthing Course.
  • Training Manual III – Part One & Part Two – Ultra Series script Manuals includes: Astral Projection, Self-Esteem, Weight Control, Improve Sleep, Improve Self-Healing, Stress Management, Increase Motivation, Improve Concentration and Focus, Memory Enhancement, Sports Enhancement, Stop Smoking – script One, Stop Smoking – script Two, Stop Smoking – script Three, Awareness Integration, RD Longacher’s “Hypno-Depth Meter”, Self-Hypnosis Conditioning with imbedded fractionation, Self-Hypnosis Conditioning for achieving the Sichort State with imbedded fractionation.
  • Training Manual IV – is a total of 102 pages of information, scripts and techniques to complete the practitioners knowledge and tools. Included is Ramey Speaks, Sichort’s Fast Induction Technique, The Hypnotic Seal, Hypno-Sleep, TCT, Pretending for Working With Children, Rehearsal Method, Multiple Dissociation, Authoritative and Speed Techniques, Hands Rising and Falling, The Hand Clasp, Eye Catalepsy, Dave Elman’s Technique, Arm Drop Technique, Working With Refractory Subjects, Methods of Confusion for Induction of Difficult Subjects, Post-Hypnotic Suggestions, Achieving Various Effects, Short Progressive for New Subjects, Ramey’s Original Progressive Relaxation (supine), Some More Somnambulistic Effects, My Personal Experience With Mind-To-Mind Healing, The Ten Second Stress Diffuser, Working With The Hearing Impaired, Another Method to Create Simple Amnesia and Working With Clients Who Have Seizures. Plus, this includes an addendum of a fourteen page actual case history of a liver transplant that I was instrumental in teaching this woman how to use hypnotic anesthesia, because she could not have chemical anesthesia.
  • Exams: UD-01, UD-02, UD-03, UD-04, UD-05 and a three-part Final Exam which requires three case studies.
    ● Student independent study form, charts, card stock of techniques and other important documents.

Three CDs included are:
● UD-Assisted Birthing Relaxation CD – instrumental
● Bonus Item – Ultra Depth® Relaxation CD – by James Ramey
● Bonus Item – Self-Hypnosis Conditioning CD – by James Ramey

If you have taken the training in the past and would like a great reference video with all of the training materials, this package supplies everything. The DVD’s show the entire process, as James works with several individuals and conditions them. He then demonstrates both simple (partial) and complete amnesia, analgesia, local anesthesia and general anesthesia. James demonstrates how to stage individuals into profound somnambulism, Esdaile State, Catatonic State and the Sichort States. He shows and explains the entire process step-by-step, as you progress throughout each of the DVD’s and follow along in the Ultra Depth® Process Training Manual I.

The Ultra Depth® Process Training Manual II offers more tools for working with clients to determine their level of stress so you can better assist them; their personality either pessimistic or optimistic to help determine possible difficulty factor; NLP eye accessing cues which is very helpful in determining the viability of facts during a regression; additional four different induction techniques; a complete basic to advanced regression course. Regression with the actual surfacing of the past personality, their eyes completely open, which I call the Zed State and the process of how to achieve it is included. Retention/Recall Technique that when executed properly will increase an individual’s ability to focus, apprehend, retain and recall information so they increase exam scores astronomically and the complete UD-Assisted Birthing© course to help mothers-to-be experience a pain-free delivery and have choice of being total aware with local anesthesia, semi-aware with general anesthesia or no-awareness and general anesthesia with rapid healing and without the use of dangerous drugs.

Training Manual III – Ultra script Series Manual is a two-part manual which 12 of the 17 scripts are designed around the Ultra Depth® Relaxation script that I developed over ten years ago and have been using successfully with my personal clients. Completing my research with these scripts I decided that it was time to release them and include them in the Ultra Depth® Process Program. At the end of each script is additional information on how you may use each of the suggestions within that script for use with your clients. I have included the following scripts; Astral Projection; Self-Esteem; Deep Sleep; Deep Healing; Stress Control; Motivation; Concentration and Focus; Memory Enhancement; Sports Enhancement; Stop Smoking – three scripts; Awareness Integration; two powerful self-hypnosis scripts with imbedded fractionation; RD Longacher’s, “Hypno-Depth Meter” technique that can be used to gain feedback from your client as to how deep he may be. The two new advanced self-hypnosis conditioning scripts that have fractionation imbedded within them for using with difficult subjects. Each script teaches an individual not only to respond to but also use himself the keywords, “Deeply Relax” to enter hypnosis. Plus, one script will condition the individual when responding to or using those keywords himself to enter the Sichort State.

I was once told in the past by a colleague of mine that, “Progressive Relaxations are not all that great because you cannot use fractionation with them to gain depth.” Well, I decided to demonstrate how to do it with an adult hypnosis class class we were teaching at a local community college in Virginia since it was my turn to lead the final exercise that night. When I finally emerged everyone completely, their overly positive responses left my colleague speechless. As we left the college that evening I jokingly said to her, “You’re right, you cannot do fractionation with a progressive.” Her response was, “Alright smarty, so you proved me wrong.”

I am delighted to share these scripts with you, they work extremely well. The training manual III gives you an additional 199 pages total, of scripts and powerful information to have even more success with your clients. The training manual IV gives you an additional 97 pages of information, scripts and techniques. This is now finalized and is truly the Extreme Ultra Depth® Process Program.

Training Manual IV – Is another important manual composed of 102 pages of information and techniques such as TCT, Arm Drop Technique, Hypno-Sleep, Hypnotic Seal, Working With Clients Who Have Seizures, Working With The Hearing Impaired and much more.

Training Manual IV Addendum – This important addition includes the Strokvis Method, Trash Can Technique and a easy method to give yourself or teach others to use autosuggestion during self-hypnosis. This straight forward technique is very simple and effective for anyone to use. James has taught this simple method to his clients and they all have reported remarkable success

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James R. Ramey – Extreme Ultra Depth Hypnosis Process Program

James R. Ramey – Extreme Ultra Depth Hypnosis Process Program

$25.00$97.00 (-74%)

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