Graham Stephan – The YouTube Creator Academy (The Real Estate Agent Academy)

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even triple!) youtube ad revenue within weeks. And none of this requires any ad spend.

Graham Stephan – The YouTube Creator Academy 

Graham Stephan – The YouTube Creator Academy


Learn how to grow your YouTube channel from 0 to 100,000+ Subscribers – and how to turn it into a Six-Figure Income Generating Business

Learn the EXACT strategies and SEO growth hacks which took me from having ZERO social media presence, and ZERO prior video, editing, or YouTube experience…to now having over 370,000 YouTube Subscribers, 21,000,000+ views, 31,000+ instagram followers, and a $50,000 PER MONTH online income from YouTube…completely organically, starting from scratch, within 24 months.

These are the step-by-step strategies I used to grow my entire YouTube audience and online career PART TIME, while still working a full time job during the day. I’ve learned these techniques I’ve learned through YEARS of trial and error, failing, watching YouTube videos on SEO, going on YouTube forums, figuring out what actually works, and speaking with other 100,000+ subscriber channels who have experienced viral growth.

From this information, I’ve been able to narrow down and pinpoint specific techniques that help ORGANIC growth on YouTube, and several super easy “hacks” to double (or even triple!) youtube ad revenue within weeks. And none of this requires any ad spend.

This program took me 3 months to put together, with over 8 hours of content for you to watch and enjoy..I don’t think any other YouTube how-to course is as comprehensive and nuanced as this. I made this to cover EVERYTHING – just take a look at the program video topics and check out a few of the public lessons!

You’ll be able to take an inside look into my entire blueprint of making YouTube videos and turning it into a highly profitable business…part time. Whether you’re a total beginner who’s never made a video before, or if you’re an established YouTuber who’s frustrated you haven’t had your “big break” yet: This is for you. Sometimes it’s the smallest, simplest tweaks that make the biggest difference…all of that is right in here!

Class Curriculum


Aseel Soueid – 96,000 Subscribers (2:27)
Jake Tran – Finance 101 (3:15)
Viktoriya Tolkaneva – 1000 subscribers in 3 weeks (2:04)
Donte Walker – Making Money Online (2:17)
Peter Chan – Print On Demand (1:54)

Introduction to The YouTube Creator Academy!

How I got started: from 0 to 370,000 subscribers in 2 years (18:40)

Why YouTube:

Before you begin making videos: (9:55)
Advantages of YouTube over ANY other platform (9:00)
YouTube won’t tell you this (6:54)
What this program covers: (2:29)

Before you start:

How long will it take to make a video? (7:16)
Getting over the fear of posting (8:15)
How to handle hate comments (13:33)
How to handle criticism (4:24)

What Camera Equipment to use

What Camera To Use? (7:25)
What Camera Lens to use? (3:59)
How much does quality matter? (3:24)
Getting the perfect audio (6:01)
The Best Lighting Setups (4:47)
Buying the perfect Tripod (1:34)
Creating the IDEAL Backdrop for videos (6:52)
Editing Software for your videos (2:42)
The Best Equipment for Every Budget: $0 to $3000+ (9:26)

Planning Your Videos

How to decide on a niche (3:39)
Growing niche video topics (5:35)
Do you need to show your face on camera? (1:39)
How to pick a channel name (7:32)

Creating your videos

The BIGGEST SECRET when making content (9:11)
The BEST way to plan the PERFECT VIDEO (7:31)
The BEST way to plan the PERFECT VIDEO – Part 2 (7:31)
The BEST way to plan the PERFECT VIDEO – Part 3 (5:23)
Does Length Matter? (Video Length) (7:27)
How to come up with viral video ideas (5:05)
The best type of video to build a connection with your audience (6:22)

How To Edit Your Videos

My iMovie Tutorial (14:43)
Adding End Screen Videos + End Card Tutorial (4:29)
How to add playlists to boost the algorithm (3:52)
The BEST Editing Tricks To Increase Watch Time (6:25)

Creating you channel

Techniques to choosing your Thumbnail – Banner – And About Me (5:57)
How to arrange your channel for more views (3:13)
Channel Keywords: Most people don’t do this! (1:14)
Why you need a channel intro video (1:41)
Should you make your videos flow together? (4:15)

NINJA SEO Techniques To Rank FIRST

Ranking Your Title On The First Page (16:15)
How to Rank On the FIRST PAGE with your Description (7:23)
How to pick the PERFECT Tags (5:54)
Creating the PERFECT Thumbnail to grab attention (13:07)

Ninja Tactics to Grow Your Channel

Finding the BEST time to post (10:59)
Why you should schedule your posts (3:18)
Here’s how often you should post! (9:34)
What to do IMMEDIATELY after posting (10:39)
How to get monetized! (9:51)
How to get VIEWS AND SUBSCRIBERS (12:54)
You won’t grow unless you ASK for THIS! (8:16)
Should you livestream? (2:47)

Beating the YouTube Algorithm

How to use Social Proof to Gain Subscribers (Plus Should you buy Views + Subscribers) (11:32)
How to Collab with Larger Channels (12:37)
Decoding The YouTube Algorithm (13:50)
How videos get OVER 1M VIEWS (8:11)
The blueprint to making viral content (11:42)
Search Bar Algorithms (4:37)
Qualities that make a video viral (5:01)
Two Life Hacks to GROW FAST (7:05)
Should you Premier your videos? (3:33)

YouTube Growth Hacks + Monetization Techniques

The TWO types of videos to grow a channel (11:08)
Monetization Secrets To Improve The Algorithm And Make More Money (14:34)
What YouTubers Get Paid (CPM’s on every industry) (9:53)
How to make $100,000 Per Year From YouTube (9:15)
How to turn your YouTube Channel into a Career (17:27)
What to do if you get Demonetized (8:40)
YouTube Creator Support: All you need to know (3:31)
Dealing with Copyright Claims and Issues (4:01)
Should you join an MCN (5:08)
Why you NEED to diversify! (8:02)


Actual YouTube Coaching Call – Part 1

Actual YouTube Coaching Call – Part 2

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Graham Stephan – The YouTube Creator Academy 

Graham Stephan – The YouTube Creator Academy (The Real Estate Agent Academy)

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