Dr. Paul Dobransky – Wired to Wealth

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Chances are that you are in a creative career, or you wouldn’t be here looking at new ideas in psychology for your personal and financial growth


Author: Dr. Paul Dobransky

Dr. Paul Dobransky – Wired to Wealth

Dr. Paul Dobransky – Wired to Wealth

Check it out: Dr. Paul Dobransky – Wired to Wealth

Chances are that you are in a creative career, or you wouldn’t be here looking at new ideas in psychology for your personal and financial growth. And if you aren’t in a creative career, you ought to be, even if that means that you steer your organized, analytical career in a new, innovative direction.

And yet it is so true that in building a life, what men MUST face is that at the end of the day it’s not good enough just to “do work” or “go to work” or “to find your mission as a man.” The mission you find for your life DOES need to pay you back at the very LEAST to the degree of the amount of work you put into it.

In other words, there needs to be REAL VALUE coming back to you for the psychological resources that you put into it.

Some people don’t need or want all that much money. They want to be doing what they know they were meant to do, and it is in fact highly likely that they will prosper as a result. At least they absolutely will not “get in their own way.” When the reality is that they are ALREADY wealthy in “psychological resources.” It’s inevitable that they prosper.

There is an old mentor’s oft-cited advice about value, and as we are about to see – wealth itself – is about as candid and honest and dead accurate logic as I’ve ever heard from a mentor:

“You’re worth what people pay for your goods or services.”

He was saying that in an open marketplace of ideas, goods and services, the market tells US what we are worth (to the public)…

It is your own understanding of yourself that guides everything you do potentially, or else its absence lets the random forces of nature steer your path – which is NEVER in your best interest, and NEVER creates wealth.

In some of our other programs we lay out how it is that a man’s identity – and masculinity itself – is rooted in just two things:

How you do with women
How you do in career work

If this is true, and if in that same program we discover how one of the ways a man can actually measure his progress in the area – and in himself in general – is to QUANTIFY success relative to other men, and the most efficient, effective and accurate way to do that is through the dollar amount you make per day, month and year frankly.

It’s a hard lesson to learn, and we’d all wish it to be some other way – something that finds us valued as people for “what we have on the inside,” or something about how worthy of love we are, how many friends we have, and all the spirit of the film, It’s a Wonderful Life. “No man is a failure who has friends” is the moral of the film. And while these things are very true, we also know that it feels great as a man to have the kind of income that literally buys you the other things that make a man – the FREEDOM to travel and have adventures, the resources to protect what’s yours and expand your territory as a man, the funds to afford to support a large family if you so choose, and even to provide an education, nutrition, comforts of housing and health for a next generation we create if possible.

And hopefully with a woman who appreciates and honors how hard we work to afford those benefits and security as men and leaders of families.

Therefore the biggest “asset” you could possibly own is the knowledge of how YOUR own mind works, in a way that connects it to how the minds of OTHERS work.

This skill – a LEARNED skill – is a form of “intellectual property” of the highest order. It’s YOU understanding YOURSELF and others in a way which we call “Wealthy Psychology.”

VALUE. It’s fickle and variable and slips through your fingers. They even say in Hollywood that “you’re only as good as your last film.”


There is only ONE way in existence to produce THAT transformation – the thoroughly, deeply understand the psychology that generates value, contains it, channels it, and steers it to good ends – to further growth by way of making even more people happy, and without giving back less to you than what you will need to keep this wealth generation process building.

It doesn’t matter what your specific career is, or market, or dream – but they are likely CREATIVE or INNOVATIVE ones.

Which is why specific EXTERNAL trainings on specific fields, don’t work to create the most wealth for MOST attendees. Just a handful. And chances are, those folks were already well on their way to creating wealth anyway, WITHOUT THE PROGRAM.

Many people have a knack for psychology and politics, and the right “read” on their careers, the public, and ultimately, Wealth Generation through the containing, building, and growth of value.

Take Lady Gaga for example, or Oprah, or the Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world. It’s unlikely that these people have studied books on boundaries, psychodynamics, self psychology, Jungian Psychology and developed practical applications trainings for themselves out of them.

Instead, they “just know.” Which is why they are not just famous, but wealthy too.

This is what “Wired to Wealth” is really about – for the rest of us who may or may not have “the knack to just know.” But who have the passion and drive to really LEARN the working parts of that Wealthy Psychology necessary to turn value into something durable and growing.

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Dr. Paul Dobransky – Wired to Wealth

Dr. Paul Dobransky – Wired to Wealth

$65.00$657.00 (-90%)

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