Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch 2.0

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My online course made 7-figures… Never did I even dream I’d make it here. This was a moment I read about in books that seemed like a fable. Yet here I was, a 5’ 3” girl from Palmdale, CA living it IRL.


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Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch 2.0

Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch 2.0

Check it out: Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch 2.0

Create & launch your online course

I see you. You’re ready. Say hello to the #WFA (Work From Anywhere) life.

There are people right now who will pay a premium for the knowledge you have

because what makes you different is what makes you valuable.

Keep reading because I’m addressing all your “What ifs…?” around creating & launching a course. I’ll show you my proven approach.

It’s your time to create now. Launch now. Get results now. Because you’re ready now.

I’m inviting you to work with me… so I can help you uncover your unique voice, create your course in record time, and make money in a way that works for you.

It’s an amazing feeling when you SAY you’re gonna do something and actually DO it. I’m inviting you to enroll in Course From Scratch (CFS) and be the version of yourself who says I DID IT!

I had a huge “I DID IT!” moment in June 2018…

“Holy sh*t. I did it.”

My online course made 7-figures… Never did I even dream I’d make it here. This was a moment I read about in books that seemed like a fable. Yet here I was, a 5’ 3” girl from Palmdale, CA living it IRL.I watched my account pass $1 million, leaned back in my plastic, white IKEA chair, staring at my laptop, and exhaled.

“I did it… I really did it…”

Do you know what it feels like to SAY you’re gonna do something and actually DO it?

This online course had humble beginnings. In 2016, it made $18k… in 2017 it made $84k. And then 2018 was insane… $2.9 million.

And my email list and Instagram have

grown to more subscribers and followers than I ever thought possible.

It’s crazy to think, this milestone started with my word—with me recording a video of myself saying: “My online course will make a million this year.”

Imagine all the crazy things we can accomplish in this world, when we KEEP OUR WORD TO OURSELVES.

And listen—if you’re thinking this sounds over the top, know that I started from zero.

This is me in 2011, with no job, no savings, loads of debt, living with my mom in her apartment in Redondo Beach.
A friend sent me two videos that changed my trajectory—a whiteboard video with Brendan Bruchard and an episode of MarieTV.My major takeaway? I could create an online course to reach & teach people all over the world and have the freedom to WFA (Work From Anywhere) with no earning ceiling!

#WhatCeiling?! became my mantra.

In 2012, I launched my first online course based on my experience helping plan & hosting a sponsored 13-city tour.

I did #alltherightthings, everything the “pros” told me to do and it was a complete #fail. I enrolled 1 person, and #alltherightthings quickly turned into #allthewrongthings.

This is when I started to see there’s a simpler way to create & launch online courses that the everyday, busy, newbie person could execute without fail—it was the beginning of my MVC (Minimum Viable Course) Method.

It was based on my training as a Lean Startup Ambassador and working at startups in Silicon Valley. And it didn’t involve the complicated course outlining, video recording, custom website building approach that I was taught.

In Fall 2012, I joined the team full-time at Udemy.

It was the largest online course platform, and I immersed myself and learned from other course creators.
I worked there for almost 3 years as a Course Launch Coach—speaking to and advising dozens of experts on their course launches.Then I was recruited by a beauty startup and created my third online course—we launched it to over 40,000 beauty professionals.

7 months later, I was unexpectedly laid off – the Universe had other plans for me.
In my first 30 days of being laid off, I earned over $10,000 and booked over $35,000—all because of the online courses I’d already created. People saw me as an authority and paid me a premium for my knowledge!That was 4 years ago. I’ve spent the past few years creating and growing Course From Scratch, once I learned how unique & valuable my experiences in online courses was.

And last year, I kept my promise to myself and brought in over $1 million from my online course. I moved into my dream home, took my dad on vacation, flew my family out for Thanksgiving, and spent almost a month in Europe living that WFA (Work From Anywhere) life.

And this past year, I had my dream wedding (a 5-person ceremony on our private rooftop) marrying my husband and favorite person in the world. The day after our wedding, we left for Santorini for our honeymoon and then spent a week sailing the Greek Isles. This was the exact honeymoon I envisioned when I was 19 years old… and here it was!


I continue to be surprised by the dream life I’ve been able to create because of just ONE online course. And I’ve made it my commitment to teach others how to do it, too.

We are all valuable. And we are ready now.

Are you ready?

I have a new “What if” question for you—

What if you knew you could not fail? What would you do?

Better yet, if you knew “failing” was part of the process?

This is not a rhetorical question.


And this is not a drill.


Here are some people who asked themselves that same question, and leaped. They joined my Course From Scratch program (which I’ll tell you about in a second) and made it happen.


Are you ready to meet them?

Meet Alysha Price

Alysha is a single mom who was co-parenting her son. She created a healthy, thriving relationship with her son’s father and realized she could teach other single moms how to successfully co-parent. In fact, she’d grown up in a co-parenting household, so this ability to create healthy household was in her DNA.

Alysha created a program that helps other single moms successfully co-parent, and she made over $13,000.

Are you seeing what’s possible when you lean into your story and use it as a starting point to teach others?


I’ll introduce you to someone else who’s done this…

Meet Cindy Goodson

Cindy joined CFS and thought she wanted to teach people to start fitness businesses. As she completed the Culture Add Canvas to uncover story, she discovered her true calling: Teach women how to heal themselves from fibroids naturally, with no surgery or medication. When she zeroed in on her story and Culture Add, she made $2500 from her course that weekend and escaped eviction.

She then went on to make almost $20,000 and has helped 20+ women heal themselves from fibroids.

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Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch 2.0

Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch 2.0

$120.00$1,997.00 (-94%)

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