Dandrew Media – Distressed Commercial RE Triage Live

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Gain a solid foundation into the inner workings of the distressed asset. Intermediaries will learn why properties become distressed, how commercial foreclosures and bankruptcies work and the types of loan defaults (monetary vs non-monetary).

 Dandrew Media – Distressed Commercial RE Triage Live

Dandrew Media – Distressed Commercial RE Triage Live


Get your PhD in commercial real estate and learn how to create considerable wealth from distressed commercial assets.
Non-performing loans are some of the most lucrative deals you’ll close.
Follow our system and live the dream.

Our flagship product, Distressed Commercial Real Estate Triage Live, provides you with an incredible opportunity to learn how to quietly build an empire in commercial real estate by structuring deals using none of your own money or credit while taking passive equity stakes. Our comprehensive real estate investment banking system consists of 25 hours of video covering every aspect of the distressed asset and revealing deal structuring strategies only known to Wall Street’s inner circle.

Why spend countless hours struggling in the residential housing market when you can play with the big boys and make the real money? Dandrew’s commercial real estate system doesn’t just give you the basics, we provide you with a step-by-step process to close deals. Our in-depth tutorials are an advanced study of the inner workings of commercial real estate. Unless you have an MBA from Harvard, you would never have the opportunity to break through into this prestigious industry. Distressed Commercial Real Estate Triage Live will teach you industry basics, the inner-workings of distressed real estate, how to identify commercial bankruptcy opportunities and effective deal structuring techniques.

You’ll walk away from our tutorial smarter than the next guy, feeling motivated, prepared and have a strategic plan of action in place. We’ll outline the exact steps you should implement to begin your career and find the success you’ve been aspiring to achieve. There’s a reason why seasoned commercial real estate professionals are turning to Dandrew Media’s comprehensive learning system. Our financing tactics are some of the most innovative in the industry. We continue to stay abreast of this ever-changing industry supplying our Intermediaries with the latest, most successful business practices and financing techniques. Your future awaits. Let Dandrew Media lead the way.

Intermediaries Will Learn:

Introduction Into Distressed Real Estate
Gain a solid foundation into the inner workings of the distressed asset. Intermediaries will learn why properties become distressed, how commercial foreclosures and bankruptcies work and the types of loan defaults (monetary vs non-monetary).

Capital Structure Basics
Intermediaries will gain a comprehensive understanding of mezzanine loans, preferred equity loans, senior loans and super C loans. Loan principles and deal structuring techniques are shared giving Intermediaries insight into the different types of debt products in commercial real estate.

Banking Business Strategies in a Distressed Market
Discover valuable strategies that can take your career to the next level. You’ll learn the major types of lenders, questions to ask defaulted sellers and owners and how to uncover red-flags on a non-performing commercial note sale. Intermediaries will learn how to dissect a non-performing loan and know how to formulate the best loan structure for each property.

Deal Structuring
Become proficient in capital structure strategies used in commercial real estate. Intermediaries will know the exact process needed to successfully modify a loan that is facing maturity default.

Build a Solid Reputation
Don’t just talk the talk, we’ll show you how to walk the walk. It’s imperative that you not only know how to talk the industry lingo, but can follow through with what you say. With the help of our system, you’ll be able to communicate effectively with industry professionals and quickly prove to be a reliable source. We’ll provide you with the education you need to build rapport. Your contacts will turn to you because you get deals closed.

Bonus Material
With the purchase of Stabilized Financier, you’ll also receive SEVENTEEN bonus Infographics!

Dandrew Media’s Infographics were created with one main goal: To keep our Intermediaries organized by not just telling them “what to do” but to show them exactly “how to do it”. Specially designed to keep our Intermediaries working smarter not harder, each Infographic is the ultimate desktop resource that you need to keep your pipeline full, deals progressing and successful closes. Our colorful, user-friendly Infographics were designed to print out at an impressive size of 17″ x 11″ and hang on your office wall.

Why Commercial Real Estate Deals Go Bad
As you continue the loan process, it’s essential that every Intermediary remembers the seven main reasons why a commercial real estate deal fails. By hanging this Infographic on your wall, you can ensure that you won’t lose a deal by making one of these common mistakes.

Common objections and Answers for Dealing with Brokers & Borrowers
You have an investor on the phone. You have one chance to sell yourself, your business and land him as a client. If you mess up one question, your reputation and credibility will be ruined instantly. Know the questions, optimal answers and how to overcome objections. If you don’t purchase it today, I can assure you that you’ll be back after your next careless call.

Asset Class Review
Don’t settle for being familiar with commercial real estate practices, become an authority in all aspects of the industry. Asset Class Review is your go-to blueprint comparing the four main asset categories. If you don’t know these assets and their differentiating factors, then you need this informative Infographic hanging in your office.

Commercial Mortgage Wraparounds
If you need creative financing solutions, then you’ve come to the right place. Dandrew Media is the industry leader in providing commercial real estate training and education. You’ll walk away with the same knowledge-base as those working on Wall Street. Commercial mortgage wraparounds are a clever form of seller financing allowing novice investors to purchase real property. It’s time to add this method to your deal structuring arsenal.

Commercial Non Performing Note – Issues to Consider
There are many issues that Intermediaries must consider when purchasing a non-performing commercial note. This informative Infographic was developed to ensure that you don’t drop the ball and carelessly make a mistake during the purchase. If you’re working with non-performing notes, you can’t afford not to have this Infographic. Effective due diligence is the key to every deals success.

Common Distressed Transaction Scenarios in Commercial
Financing distressed assets will be some of the most lucrative projects you’ll ever close. Do you know the intricacies of these profitable assets? It’s imperative that you ask the right questions on the first call. If you drop the ball, someone else will step in and close the deal. Infographic: Common Distressed Transaction Scenarios is a must-have.

Deal Book
We say it over and over: Get Organized! You will never be successful in commercial real estate if you can’t keep your contacts and files organized. Everything needs to be documented and information stored in a systematic, time-efficient manner. If you need to improve your time management and organizational skills; you need Infographic: Deal Book.

Different Types of Commercial Real Estate Transactions
You have a commercial project. Now what? Laying the foundation is critical as you begin a career in commercial real estate. Your knowledge of these basics will have a direct correlation to your success and ability to prosper in this line of work. Understanding the different asset classes and financing transactions is where you need to begin your education. Take advantage of this detailed chart and kickstart your commercial real estate career today.

Funding Lifecycle of a Commercial Real Estate Deal
This is the king of all Infographics! Every Intermediary needs this hanging on their wall. The funding lifecycle of a commercial real estate deal is extremely complex and forgetting one essential step could destroy your deal. From every last detail, this Infographic will take you from pre-qualifying your deal to the closing table.

How to Analyze Any Commercial Deal in 90 Seconds
When you’re on the phone trying to land a deal, time is of the essence. Our best Intermediaries are able to analyze any commercial deal in 90 seconds. Can you?

How to Determine Which Markets You Should Target
It’s essential that every Intermediary knows which markets to target. So, what are the criteria that most industry professionals follow to locate these cities? You may be surprised by the answer.

How to Qualify Any Commercial Deal in 90 Seconds
After you’ve mastered how to analyze a commercial deal in 90 seconds, it’s time to qualify the deal in 90 seconds. This is one blueprint that will save you a great deal of time. Work smarter, not harder. Invest in the resources to maximize your time and get the results that you’ve been seeking.

Lifecycle of a Commercial Deal
One of the biggest reasons to learn the Dandrew Media System is that we won’t just tell you how to close a deal, but we’ll literally help you close them. All of our Intermediaries have access to Dandrew Partners. That’s right. You can submit pre-qualified deals directly to us for funding. This Infographic gives you the step-by-step process for working directly with Dandrew Partners. Don’t just work our system. Work with us.

Search & Rescue or Destroy Marketing
Calling a potential client is far more effective than sending an e-mail in this competitive high-dollar environment. How do your phone skills measure up? This Infographic gives Intermediaries a thorough sales training offering industry-tested closing techniques that’ll exponentially increase your closing ratios. Need a call script that’ll actually work? Yeah, it has that too.

Triage Where the Best Opportunities are Uncovered in CRE
Here you go! Come and get it! You know we love to reveal the industry’s best deal sourcing strategies
and this Infographic discloses the top six methods for finding distressed commercial properties. If you aren’t using these techniques, then you’re throwing money out the window.

Types of Commercial Loan Defaults
Why do commercial loans default? What are the two main types of default? If you don’t know the answers to these fundamental questions than you need, Infographic: Types of Commercial Loan Defaults.

Understanding the Transaction and Sales Strategies
It’s essential that Intermediaries understand that there is more to commercial real estate than just learning how to structure deals and create clever financing options. Taking the time to develop strong sales techniques is the key to your success in this industry. This Infographic not only helps you understand the transaction but gives you unrivaled sales strategies when marketing to investment sales professional and leasing brokers.

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Dandrew Media – Distressed Commercial RE Triage Live

Dandrew Media – Distressed Commercial RE Triage Live

$197.00$1,997.00 (-90%)

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