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 Connor Pollifrone – Boiler Room Trading

Connor Pollifrone – Boiler Room Trading


TD-Ameritrade Think or Swim platform tutorial & set up

Think or Swim is a stock trading software used for charting analysis and placing trades, think or swim is arguably one of the most popular stock trading platforms. You will learn how to navigate and use think or swim trading platform like a pro.

Performing Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis plays a major part in the success of a trader, this course will show you hot to map out trend lines, support & resistance, how to use moving averages and much more.

buy and sell stocks using different order types

There are many ways to place a trade, and many reasons why you would place a trade. We will show you how to use different order types for trading and why you would want to choose a specific order type over another in a given situation

Bullish & Bearish Patterns

The market is made up of two traders, bullish (long/up) or bearish (sell/short/down). On a daily basis as traders we are looking for bullish long set ups, or bearish sell/short set ups. You will learn all of the most common bullish and bearish patterns to play

Trading Terminology

The trading vocabulary world is a big place: through out this course you will hear me use terms quite frequently that you may not know, but by the time you are finished with the course you will have picked up and learned a wide vocabulary of trading terms, and lingo.

Short selling a stock

Did you know you can make money if a stock goes down? It’s called “shorting”. Shorting is the same thing as buying a stock just the exact opposite. So if you thought a stock price was going to decrease in value,you would short the stock. This course will show you how to capitalize on a stock going down through the means of whats called short selling the stock.

How to read level 2

Level 2 is a very in depth tool to use, as traders we use this tool to track and watch incoming order flow in order to help us better understand the fast intra-day movement of a stock.

Trading Strategies

As you complete this course you will find we are not here to sell anyone on a quick simple trading strategy that will make you rich quick, but we do teach many trading strategies. This course covers various trading strategies, from long bias set ups to short bias set ups. Reversal trading strategy, gap n go strategy, first red day strategy here are just a few off the top.

Depth Of Market

Depth of Market is one of the most useful tools a trader can have at there disposal, yet its a tool that hardly any retail traders talk about or even use. Good thing for you this course dives very deep into Depth of Market, why it is so useful and how to read depth of market.

Risk Management

Risk management is arguably the most important lesson to learn next to trading psychology, risk management is a simple rule/concept traders must follow to succeed. Risk management is all about protecting your self from unnecessary losses/controlling your losses. We use whats called Profit/Loss Ratios to help us understand risk vs. reward on each trade. This is how we justify whether or not we are taking a good or bad trade. Proper risk management is key to staying alive in the stock market for all investors and traders.

Trading Psychology

This is the #1 most important subject for all traders, psychology, the game of emotion, greed, fear, and anxiety. You will face all of these emotions if not more on a daily basis as a trader, its inevitable. This is why trading is so hard, its not the technical side or a good understanding for stocks, but its the ability to control and cope with your personal emotions while trading. Emotions cannot be stopped, emotions can only be managed, this course will cover various tips and tricks that can help keep your emotions down. Bad Emotions lead to terrible decision making, and when money is on the line the last thing you need to do is make stupid trading decision.

Basics of option trading

This course covers a small bit on options trading to help kick start you in the right direction if you ever advance your trading to options, check out our elites trading program for more information on options trading.

(Elites Program Coming Soon)

Tips for Buying Gold & Silver

You will come to find this trading course is not your typical trading course, we do not just focus on penny stocks or large cap stocks, we focus on a variety of different plays and opportunities. We like to look at the market as a whole, a live breathing organism, and it moves in unison. We help reinforce the concept of buying gold and silver and why investors choose these precious metals, and how you can buy gold and silver.

How to Make Money in A Bear Market

As we stated before we do not only focus on one play, this course teaches very important lesson on the Volatility Index, and volatility ETF’s. These are ETF’s used to make money as the market is dropping or worst case scenario crashing. The Volatility Index measures fear in the market, this is what we use to help determine when the stock market is in uncertain times. We can use this to get a jump on the market when it is dropping.


Stock Watch Lists Emailed to Students Daily

Class Curriculum

Trading Brokers-Chart Set Up-Scanners

  • Trading Brokers (19:46)
  • Setting Up Indicators & Studies (21:43)
  • Linking Stock Charts & Watch Lists (13:27)
  • Pre-Market Scanner – Think Or Swim (9:29)
  • Momentum Scanner – Think Or Swim (5:46)
  • 3 Consecutive Candle Scanner (4:55)

Introduction to Candle Sticks

  • Understanding Candle Sticks (14:18)
  • Dojis Candle Sticks (8:15)
  • Candle Stick Talk (6:41)

Order Types & How To Use Them

  • How To Use Market Orders (11:07)

Support & Resistance

  • Basics of Stock Support (11:41)
  • Stock Support on Multiple Time Frames (6:34)
  • Basics of Stock Resistance (17:36)

Moving Averages

  • Introduction to Moving Averages (9:16)
  • Importance of the 9 Moving Average (13:11)
  • Moving Average Cross Over (6:58)
  • VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) (20:23)

Understanding & Drawing Trend Lines

  • How To Draw Trend Lines (30:23)
  • Drawing Trendlines To The Down Side (7:24)

Various Types of Bullish Trading Patterns

  • Ascending Triangle Pattern (25:38)
  • Ascending Triangle Pattern 2 (6:11)

Various Types of Bearish Chart Patterns

  • Double Top Pattern (7:47)
  • Stock Trading Terminology
  • Trading Terminology #1 (38:04)

Short Selling

  • Pressure Short Strategy “Advanced Trading” (20:46)
  • Confirming Tops of Uptrends (Short Strategy) (13:00)
  • Understanding Short Squeezes/Profit Taking In Down Trend (20:02)

Mastering Level 2

  • Level 2 During Trading Halt (26:20)
  • Level 2 In Depth & Re-Routing Orders (76:48)

Mastering Penny Stocks

  • Penny Stock Introduction (1:43)
  • What Is A Penny Stock? (13:32)
  • Are Penny Stocks Risky? (4:04)
  • How To Find Penny Stocks To Trade ( Pre-Market Scanners) (21:22)
  • How To Find Penny Stocks To Trade ( After-Market Scanner) (20:22)
  • Introduction to Trade Ideas Scanners (2:17)

Guide Line to Join Trade Ideas & Download Boiler Room Trading’s Scan Clouds

  • Reviewing & Understanding Pre-Market Scanners with Trade Ideas (25:14)
  • Reviewing & Understanding How To Use Low Float Momentum Scanners With Trade Ideas (42:13)
  • Starting To Tie It All Together (1:15)
  • 1. Mastering the Penny Stock Process. ( Continuation Plays ) (52:40)
  • 2. Mastering Penny Stock Process. ( Pre-Market Plays ) (12:57)
  • 3. Mastering Penny Stocks Process ( Pre-Market Down Gappers ) (7:51)
  • Start Understanding The flow Of Penny Stocks! (2:46)
  • 1-5 Step Process All Good Penny Stocks Follow (59:49)
  • Understanding The Flow & Trading Behind Penny Stocks (65:27)

Mentor Session Re-Caps

  • Level 2: Session 1 (61:06)
  • Trend Lines/Scaling In and Out of Orders (60:00)
  • Understanding Penny Stocks/Gap N Go/Float (61:58)
  • Reversal Trading (79:13)
  • Level 2 Stacking/Time and Sales Block Orders/Short Squeeze (68:23)
  • Building A Short Watch List Using A Biggest Gainers List (64:55)
  • Creating A Watch List Using Finviz & Biggest Losers (65:36)
  • First Red Day Strategy (Short Selling) (69:17)
  • Live Trading Re-Cap 1 (60:49)
  • Institutional Trading Tips (30:37)
  • Depth Of Market & Understanding Short Squeezes (48:19)
  • Head & Shoulders Patter / Ascending Triangle Pattern (93:17)
  • Ascending & Descending Triangle Pattern (68:31)
  • Wash Out Long Strategy (72:12)
  • Understanding Gap Down & How To Trade Them (57:16)
  • Rule of 72 & Compounding Interest (Roth IRA”S & IRA) (75:09)
  • Trading Reversal Tops & Bottoms (71:52)
  • Trading Psychology “Revenge Trading” (65:16)
  • Reviewing Level 2, Depth of Market, and Trade Ideas Momentum Scanner (72:51)
  • Trade Recaps & Depth Of Market (62:00)
  • Trade Re-Caps 6/21/2018 (53:03)
  • Support & Resistance On Different Time Frames (55:37)
  • Understanding Gap Down Shorts & Key Level Resistance Short Selling (60:33)
  • Option Trading For Beginners Class 1 (83:34)
  • Option Trading For Beginners Class 2 (65:17)
  • Bullish ABCD Pattern Strategy (48:42)
  • Customize Your Charts To Best Suit Your Trading (51:11)
  • Chinese Bear Market & ADR Stocks (30:11)
  • Buying Gold & Silver During Bear Markets (42:15)
  • Reviewing Key Levels On Stocks (42:44)
  • Live Trade Reviews (51:48)
  • Trading Psychology (64:14)
  • Holding Winners (47:44)
  • Reviewing Trades & Psychology (59:57)
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Connor Pollifrone – Boiler Room Trading

Connor Pollifrone – Boiler Room Trading

$42.00$149.00 (-72%)

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