Commercial Quick Start Intensive : 2 Pay – EARLY BIRD

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Simply put, This course is the country’s #1 event for commercial real estate investors…  No matter what your level of experience!



Commercial Quick Start Intensive : 2 Pay – EARLY BIRD

Commercial Quick Start Intensive : 2 Pay – EARLY BIRD

Check it out: Commercial Quick Start Intensive : 2 Pay – EARLY BIRD

What Is Commercial Quick Start Intensive?
Simply put, it’s the country’s #1 event for commercial real estate investors…  No matter what your level of experience!
This is the event where you’ll get the tools to help you become a highly paid:
Deal Maker ∙ Intermediary ∙ Consultant ∙ Wholesaler

Hard Money Lender ∙ Hedge Fund Manager ∙ Matchmaker
Commercial Deal Making… On ALL Levels
No matter what your level of experience or expertise…
No matter what your passion or strengths…
Whether you’re looking to invest full time or part time…
Commercial Quick Start Intensive LIVE delivers EXACTLY what you’re looking for!

This is the place to be to jumpstart AND explode your commercial investing business.
We’ll cover all 3 of the major aspects of Deal Making, from the foundation up…
Capital Placement
How to structure and
finance ANY deal
Capital Formation
How to raise debt, equity,
and syndicate capital
Asset Arbitrage
How to find and wholesale
commercial properties
We’ll cover deal analysis, deal structure; negotiations; how to find great properties; pitching investors to raise capital for your hard money fund; positioning yourself as the #1 authority in your market; how to buy distressed notes; buying bulk REO; and SO much more.

AND…you’ll leave with all the tools and blueprints you need to command $25,000 per client for your intermediary and consulting services.
For 3 solid days, you’ll be immersed in a “bootcamp style” training that will leave you excited, prepared, and happily exhausted.
What You Can Expect When You Attend
100% Content, 100% Education, 100% Training
3 Days of Solid Step By Step Action Formulas
Unlike other real estate events out there where you get a parade of speakers hawking their wares and potions, I’ll be your main speaker and trainer for the entire 3 days.

That’s exactly what you’ll get… TRAINING. Hard core, no nonsense commercial real estate education. Tactics, strategies, and implementation intel direct from the hallowed boardrooms of Wall Street.
This is a full on, nose to the grindstone WORKSHOP. 
No wasted time, no bloat, no fat, no twiddling your fingers.
Which means you’ll get all my Wall Street investment banking “dirty little secrets” that my partners and I use, and our students use to negotiate multi-million dollar deals on a daily basis. Wall Street comes to Main Street.
A word of caution: This training is NOT for the faint of heart or lightweights. It’s for grown-ups. It’s for serious investors, deal makers, and intermediaries hell-bent on success and making an indelible mark in their local market.
On February 22, 2017 You’re Going To Walk Away
With These EXACT BLUEPRINTS In Your Hands
  • Analyze and structure ANY deal in minutes
  • Leverage 1000’s of private equity firms for capital
  • Pocket $10k-$25k PER CLIENT as a highly paid consultant
  • Get instant access to institutional capital…for all your deals
  • Easily create consistent deal flow
  • Establish INSTANT credibility…without being a transactional poo-flinger
  • Position yourself as “The Don of Dealmaking”
  • Tee your deals up on a silver platter…for irresistible acquisition
  • Become the #1 Authority in your market
  • Buy non-performing notes…at pennies on the dollar
  • Start a hard money fund…and be the “go-to” lender for all your local rehabbers
  • Raise capital at the snap of a finger
  • Flip commercial properties for BIG profits
  • Insert yourself into the deal WITHOUT buying or selling a single asset
  • Pitch investors like the pros…and raise $1 million in just 23 minutes
  • Build a high-dollar consulting business…with ZERO overhead
  • Identify distressed assets that other investors miss
  • Tell a deal from a dud…the QUICK and EASY way
  • Rake in $30k in 30 Days…using this simple step by step formula
  • Take full advantage of stabilized, unstabilized, and opportunistic properties
  • Fund ANY approved deal with minimal risk and maximum profit
  • Build a qualified buyers list hungry for your deals
  • Syndicate capital…using this one simple tool
  • Become a trusted advisor to raise equity capital
  • Create a coveted “Pitchbook” for investors…and pocket $15k per client
  • Finance deals using debt, mezzanine, or preferred equity capital
  • Help troubled owner-operators by refinancing debt…and bank a tidy profit
  • Insert yourself into the deal…simply by adding great value to the transaction
  • Find the best sources for every type of property…no matter where you live
  • Identify QUALIFIED sponsors BEFORE you fund the deal
  • Get access to over $1 Billion in capital
  • Access secret private equity funds
It makes no difference whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned 7-figure pro.
At Commercial Quick Start Intensive LIVE you’ll discover how to tap your “intellectual capital” so you can play in the same sandbox as the big boys.
And believe me when I say… You know more than you think you do!
Your Path To Commercial Real Estate Investing Success
DAY 1: Setting the Foundation
This is probably the most important day of your training.We start off fast and furious, we have too much to cover to
“ease into it”Here’s where we set the stage so you can instantly:

  • Identify the different types of commercial properties in the blink of an eye
  • Qualify ANY deal in 90 seconds
  • Analyze ANY deal in 90 seconds
  • Find deals in your own backyard…no matter where you live
  • Use your intellectual capital to create and command authority
  • Finance your deals using debt, mezzanine, or preferred equity (Capital Placement)
  • Raise capital (Capital Formation)…syndicate debt or equity to buy assets
  • Wholesale commercial properties (Asset Arbitrage: “Crossing the Trade”)
  • Identify ALL distressed asset scenarios…so you can pounce on the opportunity
  • DAY 2: Deal Making Mastery
Now that you’ve got the basics nailed, we’re going to do some real world deal making.

We’re going to crunch the numbers on actual attendee and student deals so you can see for yourself how it’s done. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, hit the streets, and get your hands dirty.
  • Determine IMMEDIATELY if a property is a deal or a dud [Deal Calculus]
  • Buy non performing notes at pennies on the dollar
  • Structure ANY deal from the asset side AND the funding side
  • Generate meaningful and CONSISTENT deal flow
  • Control property with little to no out of pocket
  • Transact wholesale commercial properties…start to finish
  • Source deals from the players…so you don’t waste your precious time with flakes
  • Minimize risk, maximize profits
  • Slice and dice the four major asset classes…so you can pick the winners and junk the losers
  • Pick the perfect sponsor…and know how much skin they MUST put in the deal
  • Buy assets with assumable CMBS loans…(like taking candy from a baby)
  • Take ownership of properties by “wrapping” mortgages…and create instant cashflow
  • Identify the best assets to assume… and avoid the assets that will sink you
DAY 3: Launch Your Business
It’s time to dive deep into the business you want to build… and then implement.

Don’t sit and wait on the sidelines… get in the game TODAY.
Screw theory. Screw ‘let’s suppose’ scenarios. You’re going to fast track your learning curve so you know how to:
  • Pitch your hard money fund…and raise unlimited capital
  • Negotiate with institutional financiers and hedge funds with confidence
  • Talk to owners and operators so you can seal the deal
  • Position yourself as THE #1 Deal Making Authority in your market
  • Create a Wall Street grade Pitchbook…and get your investors to say “YES!”
  • Effectively use “Gamesmanship”…the language and positioning of a deal maker
  • Structure a 5-figure per client in-demand consulting business
  • Generate massive income as a fund manager using these 7 key investment structures
  • Set up your virtual office in just hours…where others do all the heavy lifting
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Commercial Quick Start Intensive : 2 Pay – EARLY BIRD

Commercial Quick Start Intensive : 2 Pay – EARLY BIRD

$90.00$997.00 (-91%)

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