Colin Theriot – Televangelist Email Templates And Training

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And these templates are great – a little but of rapport, branding, content, motivation, and yes – an offer – in every single message. Every single day.


Colin Theriot – Televangelist Email Templates And Training

Colin Theriot ,  Televangelist Email Templates And Training

Check it out: Colin Theriot – Televangelist Email Templates And Training

Daily Email Tactics Approved by The Almighty Lord himself!

As some of you know, I started a project this summer to collect and study the marketing tactics of the most financially successful televangelists. They rake in millions upon millions.
These guys are unbound by things like advertising regulations because they are churches.

They don’t sell products – you get “gifts” in exchange for donations, etc.

And they have some of the slickest and most innovative marketing I’ve seen in a long while.

For example: it is a HUGE issue for many marketers to first DECIDE to email their lists an offer every day like the pros do. But even if they decide to, people can struggle to come up with what to write. And they can have trouble coming up with a way to pitch every day with burning the list out.

These guys have that problem beat. Among others.

What I have done is collected and broke down the sequences several multi-million dollar mega-church moguls send out. From those, I have created templates that any marketer can use to put together similar sequences themselves.

To join me on a live training webinar where will go over, break down, and share these templates, use this link below:


The live webinar will be recorded on Thursday, November 19th at 2PM Eastern. It will be at least two hours, but maybe more. We will go until we finish. If you have to leave, or you can’t make it live, don’t worry – the download is included with purchase.

Until we record the session, cultists can get it for only $100. Once the recording is done, the price doubles to $200 just like our other products have. You get the training video, and the mind map templates, plus some layout diagrams I am working on, too.

And these templates are great – a little but of rapport, branding, content, motivation, and yes – an offer – in every single message. Every single day.

Here are the ones I thought you could use (because I hope to put them all to use myself soon):

1. The “Joel” – a daily email template that combines continuous motivation and value while making a subtle, almost stealthy daily pitch, for a product you rotate weekly or monthly. This is the slickest and most polished of the bunch – and it hits a very elegant landing page WITH a logical immediate upsell. We have a template for both. This audience is very laid back and just looking for a little bit of reliable value day by day that accumulates over time.

2. The “Joseph” – a variation of the template above that differs slight in approach. It’s a but more aggressive and assertive. It focuses on driving results instead of just motivating. And the landing page on the daily offer includes multiple, aggressively positioned upsells. We have templates for both. This audience is built of highly engaged fans and action takers, and the more assertive angle suits them well.

3. The “Jake” – yet another variation of the above (I think they cannibalize each other for ideas like marketers do). The difference in this one is that it’s a lot simpler and less polished and judging from the earnings of the guy using it, it still works fine. If you’re looking for the quick and simple version of the above, use this. This one I think works well for the “aw shucks” persona that promotes keeping it simple and humble.

4. The “Joyce” – this one is not daily, but focuses on great variety. We have one template for a straight product launch email. We have a template for a monthly newsletter that promotes other media properties. We have a template for a Pinterest-like collage promo for multiple products (like an introduction to the catalog for new subscribers). We have a template for a live event online participation promotion. And even a really neat 1, 2, 3 step subscription promotion template. This list is focused on women and empowerment, too – so it’s well suited to that sub specialization within a market.

5. The “Jim” – this one is suitable to either daily or sporadic use. It would be particularly suited to an agitated market that has an element of ongoing pressure and stress. Maybe even fear. Now, you don’t have to be talking about the impending end of the world (like this guy does) but for things like investing or tech or security – where the info comes fast and furious and the stakes are high, this format is great.
Anyways, for “Jim” we have a template for the regular “news” emails and the “special event” email template used to promote video contents. But we will also talk about the media and marketing model this email strategy works with. If you do a video channel or a podcast – anything with recurring multimedia, this template works great for that.

What this IS NOT:

These are not swipe files. They don’t include copies of other people’s emails or anything. These are templates you can use without subscribing to dozens of TV preachers, or reading their emails for months, looking for patterns and analyzing for tactics. If you WANTED to, you could do that yourself. I encourage you to if you find this interesting. I know I learned a lot.

But this training is for people who want to cut straight to the benefits of knowing how to imitate what they are doing and hopefully garner the same results and finally be able to put together a daily email strategy that works for you. It sure works for them!

If this is up your alley, I can’t wait to share it with you, along with my own ideas on how I will be implementing these to promote the Cult of Copy brand myself in the coming year. That’s the real reason I did this research project. But I know you can all get some benefit, too.

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Colin Theriot - Televangelist Email Templates And Training

Colin Theriot - Televangelist Email Templates And Training

$42.00$200.00 (-79%)

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