Burt Goldman – The New Supermind

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A detailed process to control, stimulate or dissipate any emotion instantly. Control your emotions and you find yourself in charge of your life.

 Burt Goldman – The New Supermind

Burt Goldman – The New Supermind


“What Would You Change About Your Life If You Could Use More of Your Mind?”

Here’s What’s Possible when You Learn How to Tap the Brilliance
That Already Lives Within Them [/b]

* Business owners find more customers.
* Couples heal their relationships.
* Victims of abuse feel more empowered.
* Employees move up the ranks faster.
* The chronically ill feel less pain.

CD 1  Tap Into the Power of Your Supermind

* How to overcome the real cause of stress? The medical community knows; so will you.
* Using more of your mind is easier than you think. Here’s the answer.
* Michelangelo shows us the way. A fascinating explanation of mind power.
* A 4,000 year old technique to get the things you want. You’ll be using this one a dozen times a day.
* Great golfers, tennis pros, football heroes, business people, and all those who have ‘made it’ in life have a certain rhythm. You’ll discover how to embody that same rhythm for yourself when you listen to this disk.

CD 2  Master Your 9 Emotions

* A detailed process to control, stimulate or dissipate any emotion instantly. Control your emotions and you find yourself in charge of your life.
* Fear removal. You want to keep the fear that helps and do away with fears that hurt. Illusory fears live in the imagination. Learn how to control your image making faculty and do things that rocket you to the top of your game.
* Developing and keeping a relationship is easy when you know the simple rules of filling needs.
* The ordeal of change can be controlled when you develop your Supermind.

CD 3  7 Keys to Developing a Super Mind

* 1. Mentalism to unlock your spiritual nature,
* 2. Polarity to change from one emotion to another,
* 3. Vibrations to control your energy,
* 4. Correspondence for better communication skills,
* 5. Rhythm to excel in physical activities,
* 6. Cause and effect to solve problems,
* 7. Gender to develop ESP.

CD 4- Imagination: The Bridge to a Supermind

* There are much better ways to use your great imagination.
* Visualization can be the key to your motivation and energy.
* Learn to create a Golden Image and the world becomes a brighter, happier place.
* Unleash the true power of love and control your relationships.
* Motivation is really just strong desire. Learn to enhance desire and instill a strong need to take action.
* What is the real cause of procrastination? It’s not what you think.

CD 5  A Super Mind is a Happy Mind

* 5 rules that guarantee happiness. Learn them and be in charge.
* You can heal yourself and others with Qi Gong using the vibrations of health and healing.
* The ultimate Physical, Mental, and Spiritual healing techniques. You can be a great healer.

CD 6  All the Worlds a Stage, So Be an Actor

* Controlling the insignificant causes that have major effects on your life.
* Detailed instruction on using the greatest goal setting device ever devised, Center Stage, the key to getting your wants and desires.
* Act “as if” could be among the most powerful tools for sustaining your new life.

CD 7  Distant Viewing & the Law of Receiving

* Open the right mental channel and information flows in to you. The secret of ESP and psychics in general.
* Distant viewing to heal. You can do it. Just follow along with the instructions.
* Strengthening the Law of Attraction with the power of Gender. Programming the two forces, the outgo and the inflow.

CD 8  Become a Money Magnet Using Your New Supermind

* Getting rid of limitations and self-sabotage.
* Automatic problem solving with subconscious solutions.
* Controlling past programs that cause problems today.

CD 9  Model the Rhythm of Success

* What is the cause of self-sabotage and limitations? The surprising answer.
* Find your rhythm of success and reverse any lingering poverty consciousness aspects.
* Meditation to access the universal bank.

CD 10  Smash Problems With Your New Supermind

Here is the technique to build a positive energy field with the power of Lancelot’s Armor.

* Overcome bothersome thoughts with a simple trick of the mind.
* The Daisy Pond, the greatest meditation of them all. In use by Supermind students for more than 30 years, this is the ultimate meditation exercise to overcome depression, stimulate sleep, bring about relief from stress and stimulate creative thinking.

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Burt Goldman – The New Supermind

Burt Goldman – The New Supermind

$55.00$297.00 (-81%)

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