Bullet Proof Manager Programme

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Managers spend up to 80% of their time communicating, yet one of the most common reasons for managerial failure is poor communication. In this session, we try to change this picture.


Bullet Proof Manager Programme

Bullet Proof Manager Programme

Check it out: Bullet Proof Manager Programme

The course is accredited by ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) and it is supported by government funding to all companies with less than 250 employees

Creating leaders through mentoring
Featuring John Hersey
Top companies may lose up to half of their top executives to retirement in the next 5 years. In this session, John Hersey shares what we can do about it.

5 steps of effective mentoring
Permission Mentoring
The most important job of a leader

Developing a time investment strategy
Featuring Dr. Terry Paulson
Executives often complain about a lack of time, when in reality, they have all the time there is. Dr. Paulson offers helpful ideas about making more profitable time investments.

6-step time investment strategy
Avoid the Kiss of Yes
Identify problems, manage priority shifts

Increasing productivity through motivated people
Featuring Jim Cathcart
When executives were asked to name the most important quality for leaders to possess in hard times, their most common response was the ability to motivate people. We look at this topic here.

Keep purpose alive
Discretionary effort investments
4 modes of performance

Using strategic thinking to improve strategic planning
Featuring Marcia Steele
What sets top companies apart? Studies show that top firms set tougher goals, look more to the future, and top execs play more active parts in strategic planning.

3 steps to strategic thinking
Strategic posture
Align strategies to achieve maximum ROI

How to develop and maintain rapport
Featuring George Walther
25% of employees today would fire their boss if they could. Fewer than 2 out of 5 employees have trust or confidence in top leaders. George Walther shares how to change these trends.

Seek common ground
Active listening

Seven steps to effective delegation
Featuring Bob Johnson
It is said that managers do things right, while leaders do the right things. If this is true, then delegating the right things must be one of the biggest leadership skills.

Skills of effective delegation
Focus on the end result
Build trust, commitment and confidence
Remember and use names

Motivating through positive communication
Featuring Amanda Gore
Up to 75% of employees admit they could be more productive in their daily work. What’s stopping them? Amanda Gore says that what may be stopping them is you.

Reframe comments
Eliminate critical words
Make people feel special

How to deal with difficult customers
Featuring Lisa Ford
In spite of more spending on customer care and automation, research shows a continued increase in customer dissatisfaction or even fury. This session can help.

Deal with difficult emotions
Find agreement, present solutions
Gently confront difficult customers

Leaders make change work
Featuring Dr. Terry Paulson
Five change management strategies. Capturing heroic efforts. Unleashing the power of story. We look at these essential areas in this session.

Support heroic efforts
Change management challenges, responsibilities
Power of Story

How to connect: communicate at a higher level
Featuring Nido Qubein
Managers spend up to 80% of their time communicating, yet one of the most common reasons for managerial failure is poor communication. In this session, we try to change this picture.

Positive communication connections
5 traits of connected communicators
Law of Identification

How to help employees be their best
Featuring John Hersey
It is said that a little success can sometimes keep you from a lot of success. How do you help people to see their own untapped greatness? For the answer, we turn to John Hersey.

Look to Greatness
Contagious Leadership
Identify employee strengths

The 70-minute hour
Featuring Dr. Jim Hennig
Charles Bixton once said, “You’ll never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” Jim Hennig agrees. In this session, he shares how to do it.

12 productivity time locks
Eliminate nonessentials
Make time your wisest investment

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Bullet Proof Manager Programme

Bullet Proof Manager Programme

$142.00$1,858.04 (-92%)

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