Billy Willson – 6 Figure Agency – 2019

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Welcome to 6 Figure Agency – What I Believe to be Fastest Way to a Sustainable Income. Start How to Join & Use The Private Mastermind Facebook Group,…


Author: Billy Willson





Billy Willson – 6 Figure Agency – 2019

Billy Willson – 6 Figure Agency – 2019

Check it out: Billy Willson – 6 Figure Agency – 2019

Course Curriculum

Preview Welcome to 6 Figure Agency – What I Believe to be Fastest Way to a Sustainable Income (17:22)
Start How to Join & Use The Private Mastermind Facebook Group (12:11)
Start How to Get The Most Out of This Program (27:33)
Start My Story (What to Expect) (20:08)
Start Action Steps – Getting Everything Set-Up
Step 1 – Build Your Foundations for Success
Start Design Your Dream Life Workshop (12:27)
Start How to Rewire Your Brain for Success (55:04)
Start How We Bring Businesses Customers on Demand (23:23)
Start Why Businesses Will Pay You $1,000-$10,000+ Per Month (10:39)
Start Why Facebook Ads Are The Best Way to Blow Up a Business Fast (15:28)
Start How We Use The Value Ladder to Generate Massive Amounts of Customers (6:55)
Start How to Guarantee Success with The Scientific Method (8:09)
Start Action Steps – Design Your Dream Life and Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
Step 2 – Find “Hidden Gem” Clients
Start How to Find Dream Clients & Avoid Time Wasters (22:12)
Start 13 Ways to Find Perfect Clients (32:51)
Start To Niche or Not to Niche? (41:15)
Start Action Steps – Choose Your Niche & Find Potential Clients (5:42)
Step 3 – Get Meetings at Will
Start Sales Mastery (44:53)
Start The 8 Outreach Methods Ranked From Worst to Best (14:43)
Start How to Get Meetings on Demand with Facebook (19:12)
Start How to Get Meetings on Demand with LinkedIn (6:36)
Start Steal My Cold Calling Scripts (30:17)
Start Getting Past the Gatekeeper (3:37)
Start Watch a Master Salesperson Close The Hardest Cold Call Ever (22:21)
Start How to Record Your Sales Calls (MUST WATCH) (13:02)
Start How to Get Meetings By Cold Email (24:23)
Start Objections & Responses to Memorize (14:56)
Start The Art of Setting Meetings (15:43)
Start Action Step – Create & Execute Your Outreach Plan (5:42)
Step 4 – Close Clients at Will
Start Turn Complete Strangers into High Paying Clients in 1 Meeting! (100:21)
Start Set Up Free Trials Seamlessly (17:50)
Start Closing The Client After a Free Trial (18:33)
Start How Much To Charge (6:51)
Start How to Followup (7:26)
Start How to Collect Payment Automatically From Clients (15:27)
Start Action Steps – Start Closing Clients
Step 5 – Get Ridiculous Results for Your Clients
Start How to Choose a Business Name & Create a Great Website in 7 Simple Steps (And a Business Email & Scheduler) (34:00)
Start Create a Facebook Page & Business Manager THE RIGHT WAY (28:23)
Start Facebook Business Manager Walkthrough (17:49)
Start Facebook Ads Manager Walkthrough (17:05)
Start How to Properly Onboard a Client (31:27)
Start 1 – Perfect Facebook Ad Targeting (29:55)
Start 2 – Creating the Perfect Offer (26:34)
Start 3 – How to Create Facebook Ad Creatives That Convert (34:40)
Start 4 – Become an Expert Facebook Ads Copywriter (65:39)
Start 5 – Creating Facebook Ads (96:55)
Start 6 – How to Deliver Leads to Your Clients (23:19)
Start 7 – Setting Up an Automated Lead Tracking System for Your Clients (6:08)
Start Creating Custom Audiences (7:13)
Start Facebook Pixel (Introduction & Installation) (7:22)
Start Optimizing Facebook Ads (9:34)
Start How to Diagnose & Fix Your Ads (31:24)
Start Split Testing In-Depth (23:03)
Start Ad Bank
Start My Case Studies
Start Client Monthly Report Template (optional)
Start Send Leads Emails with Active Campaign (optional) (4:39)
Start Set-Up Automated Text Messaging for Your Clients (optional) (10:15)
Start Action Steps – Set up your website, business manager, Facebook page, and start getting results for clients!
Step 6 – Automate & Scale Your Agency to 6 Figures & Beyond
Start How to Build a Team & Automate Your Agency (48:31)
Start How to Create a Case Study Funnel to Increase Appointment Quality & Automate Outreach (COMING SOON)
Start Scaling From Referrals (COMING SOON)
Start Scaling From 6 to 7 Figures (COMING SOON)
Start 6 Figure Agency Patch Updates (34:20)
Start Closing Words (4:33)
Bonus Resources
Start Get Access to $1,250 of Bonus Courses for Free!
Start Creating & Sending a Contract Agreement (9:24)
Start Creating an LLC (7:46)
Start Online Marketing Softwares I Use for My Agency
Start How to Pay the Least Taxes with Your Agency (25:06)
On Landing Pages
Start Lead Gen Form vs Landing Page (7:11)
Start Landing Page vs Website (1:28)
Start 3 Step Funnel Process (2:24)
Start Create a Landing Page From Scratch (11:34)
Start Complicated vs Basic Landing Pages (3:32)
Start Complicated Funnels (7:48)
Start Integrate Active Campagin w/ Click Funnels (4:15)
Start Optimizing Landing Pages for Mobile (5:43)
Start Split Test Landing Pages (1:28)
Learn Exactly How to Provide Results to Specific Niches!
Start Fitness (31:57)
Start Real Estate (34:57)
Start Chiropractic (23:54)
Start Dentists (15:55)
Start Car Dealerships (17:21)
Messenger Bots Bonus Section
Start Introduction to Messenger Bots (8:46)
Start Ways to Use Messenger Bots (8:38)
Learn From Other’s Mistakes With These Student Ad Critiques!
Start Massive Gold Nuggets Dropped in This Live Ad Review – Lawyer & Dental Client (35:18)
Start Reviewing Student’s Ads – DJ Client (42:40)
Start Reviewing Student’s Ads – eCommerce Clients (65:22)
Start Alex Mazin Student Interview – Breaking Limiting Beliefs (45:28)
Watch Me Close High Ticket Clients in Real Meetings!
Start Watch Me Close a $5,000 Client (68:04)
Start Initial Meeting With My New $2000 Client (41:22)
Start Watch Me Close a $2,000 Client (66:37)

Get started now!

Proven Process

We have taken the guesswork out of starting your social media marketing agency. All you have to do is follow the steps and take action. We have this so systemized, people have considered 6 Figure Agency to be like buying a franchise.

Rewires Your Brain For Success

Most people don’t realize success is not possible being the same person they are now. That’s why most fail. In 6 Figure Agency I show you how to rewire your brain for success, and become a new you, highly capable of success.

Community of Like-Minded People

It’s hard to change when you’re surrounded by the same old people. When you surround yourself with successful people, you naturally work to get on their level. All of us will build you up, and we are all on this journey with you.

Expert Mentorship

It’s normally impossible for the average person to afford expert mentorship. 6 Figure agency changes that. We have twice weekly live group consulting calls and 24/7/365 access to me and my team of experts on Facebook and email.

Every Single One of My Agency’s Documents

Perfect Meeting Demo Template
Monthly Advertising Report Template
Client Outreach Sheet
9 Proven Cold Outreach Scripts
Objection Handling Scripts
Facebook Ad Campaign Template
Contract Agreement Template

All My Client Systems

Sales scripts for your clients
Automatic Lead Notifications Texts to Your Clients
Automated Follow-Up Text Scripts for Your Client’s Leads
Automated Lead-Tracking System
Automated Email Follow-Up for Your Clients

Twice Weekly Group Consulting Calls

Every Monday at 6pm and Thursday at 11am CST you will have the chance to speak with me personally to get help with any questions, any ads you’re creating, or any challenges you face.

Recording of a $5,000 Close & More

Watch me close a $5,000 client and other high ticket clients on real sales calls from start to finish. You’ll be able to directly see how I implement the perfect meeting script in real life scenarios.

The Perfect Meeting Script

My exact, word for word script to turn complete strangers into high paying clients in a single meeting. Comes with my 1 hour 40 minute walk-through of the script and how to achieve The Perfect Meeting. Plus an additional version for free trial meetings.

Student Ad Critiques

Learn from other’s mistakes by watching me personally critique my students’ ads, helping them turn from no-results to high-converting ads.

What’s Included?

Lifetime Access to 25+ Hours of Hand Held, Every-Step-Covered Training With Action Steps ($2,000 Value)

Private Mastermind Group with Twice Weekly LIVE Q&A’s ($1997 Value)

Every Single One of My Agency’s Documents & All My Client Systems ($1,250 Value)

The Perfect Meeting Script ($1,000 Value)

Niche Walkthroughs & Ad Bank ($1,000 Value)

Recording of a $5,000 Close & More and Student Ad Critiques ($300 Value)
6 Figure Agency Workbook ($200 Value)

Total Value: $8,994 | Actual Price: $1,997

How Helpful Would it Be If…

While building your agency you had the ability to reach out at any time to a mentor who’s already been where you’re at, and has succeeded in getting clients results and building a successful agency?

How much do you think your chances of succeeding would go up if anytime you ever faced a challenge or had a question, you were able to directly reach out to someone who’s already faced what you are asking?

Honest Student Review
$5,000 in 2 Months – Cameron Blas

Honest Student Review
Closed $3,500 Client in 4 Days – Zachary Boyer

Honest Student Review
From Losing Clients to Bringing Consistent Leads in 1 Week – Justin Jordan

Honest Student Review
$5,000 in JUST 2 Weeks After Joining the Program – Adam Harder

Honest Student Review
$2,500 in 3 Weeks – Danakin Seah

Honest Student Review
$2000 client closed on cold walk in using perfect meeting script – Joe Ruiz

“I’m in Billy’s course and it’s worth 10x more than the asking price. Anyone that joins will love this!”

– Justin Perras, Facebook Ads Agency Owner

“Wow Billy Willson so this is why you are so different and this programme is so different! You actually take the time to figure out what your students need and then you make sure they get the best chances of success. You actually care!! This value will come back at you in bucket loads cause your creating fans now that will promote your programme whenever we can. Can’t thank you enough for all of this mate. ”

– Harry Jackson, UK Facebook Ads Agency Owner

“With Billy’s help within 5 hours I got 5 leads for about $12 spent total (Chiropractor Client), if you are on the fence about purchasing his courses they brought me immediate results.”

– Joey Michalski, Facebook Ads Agency Owner

“The best thing about Billy is that he is willing to walk you through the process step-by-step and he’s willing to give you 1 on 1 help. I went from some campaigns getting no leads after $50 ad spend all the way to leads $10 and below. I even had a few campaigns that were $3-$4 Leads.”

– Justin Lam, Facebook Ads Agency Owner, Real Estate Niche

“I had some clients drop me from before because of the results, with Billy’s help I was able to get 16 qualified leads for a gym client, half of those leads turned into real customers, and we ended up to go on a plan!”

– Aaron Vu, Facebook Ads Agency Owner, 16 Years Old

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the student testimonials are real?
You can find and contact anyone who created a testimonial and have a conversation with them if you think they are faked or paid off. I don’t tell or ask anyone to say anything besides to tell their story and share their honest results so I have nothing to hide!
How long do I have access?
6 Figure Agency comes with full lifetime access to the course, updates, private mastermind, and twice-weekly live Q&A’s.
Will this work outside the United States?
Yes, we have students all over the world and I have seen people have success in this business in every country across the globe. Even if you feel local businesses in your area can’t afford this type of service, you can still obtain clients in other countries using the methods I go over in the course since this is all done online.
Can I do this part time? (In school or have a job)
Yes, That is actually how I and many other students have started. You can spend off-time gaining clients until you are making a sustainable enough income to live off of.
How often is the course updated?
As I strive to create the best course that is available, I tend to update and improve it on a weekly basis. My goal is to make it as perfect as possible. By actively collecting feedback from my students, I am able to tweak and improve it very fast. I have no doubt that the course will continue to be updated for a long time, as much as my students require.
What happens if I am not happy with the course?


**Earning and income representations made are aspirational statements only for your earning potential. Theses results are NOT typical and results will vary. This is NOT “Get Rich Quick”. It will take hard work and effort, and even then you may not necessarily achieve any results.

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Billy Willson – 6 Figure Agency – 2019

Billy Willson – 6 Figure Agency – 2019

$90.00$1,997.00 (-95%)

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