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If you choose to use one of the hybrid tracks, use it exactly four (4) loops per day, back to back

Subliminal Shop - Maximum Healing Speed

Subliminal Shop – Maximum Healing Speed

Check it out: Subliminal Shop – Maximum Healing Speed

Maximum Healing Speed 5.5G is a subliminal designed primarily to focus your mind and body on healing your physical body as much and as quickly as is possible, with as little discomfort during the process as possible.

It is ideal for:

  • Speeding up the process of healing physical damage to the body that it would normally heal.
  • Speeding up post-operative healing.
  • Speeding up the process of recovering from workouts and other physical stresses (like boxing matches, MMA fights, martial arts sparring, etc.) that cause soreness from micro-trauma to the muscles.
  • System detox, regular maintenance, optimization and cleansing – when you don’t have anything specific you need healed.

It is NOT intended for:

  1. Giving you an excuse to be careless with, negligent of or take poor care of your body.
  2. Healing, treating, diagnosing or curing anything that a medical doctor is normally required for achieving those things.
  3. Being an excuse to do anything you would otherwise not do as a matter of common sense, without this program.

The 5.5G version of this program is based on the 5.5G skeleton script and uses the technology set contained therein to enhance program function, speed and power.  It also has several secondary goals, including:

  • Replace any existing scar tissue with fresh, functional, healthy tissue of the original type.
  • Prevent itching during healing.
  • Reduce pain during healing.
  • Activate and use all of the natural healing and regenerative abilities of the body.
  • Optimize the immune system for maximum healing speed as necessary according to the current conditions.
  • Change beliefs that interfere with the program achieving its goals, into beliefs that cause it to achieve it’s goals faster and better.
  •  Calibrate and tune all physical parts for optimal health and performance.
  • Rebuild and regenerate any and all damaged or missing parts to whatever degree is possible, such that the result is whole, healthy and fully functional.
  • Detoxify the body in order to achieve the program goals faster and better.


First, choose your format.  There are three formats to choose from:

  1. Hybrid (Masked & Ultrasonic): The most powerful format, but not always the most appropriate format for use in public.  There are both trickling stream and ocean surf versions of this format.
  2. Ultrasonic: The second most powerful format, and typically what you will want to use in public if you use this program in public.
  3. Masked: For most people, the least powerful format; for some personality types that resist “being told what to do”, however, it is the most effective because the lower volume of the subliminal audio is interpreted as “being asked and having it suggested to do” instead.

Second, calibrate the volume.

To calibrate volume for hybrid format, simply turn it on and adjust it to a comfortable listening volume.  For masked format, the process is the same  To calibrate the volume for the ultrasonic format, select the hybrid format and adjust it to a comfortable volume; this volume should be what you want for the ultrasonic audio.

To get the desired results from this program, you must use it for the correct amount of time each day.

Hybrid Tracks: If you choose to use one of the hybrid tracks, use it exactly four (4) loops per day, back to back, without interruption.

Ultrasonic Track: If you choose to use the ultrasonic track, use it exactly five (5) loops per day, back to back, without interruption.

Masked Track: If you choose to use one of the masked tracks, use it exactly five (5) loops per day, back to back, without interruption.

This program uses a special technology known as the Audio to Silence Balance Ratio (ASRB) that builds in short periods of silence (in this case, 3 minutes at the end of every hour) so that your brain and mind can rest and catch up, which optimizes the effectiveness, speed and efficiency of the program.  If you introduce pauses between loops of the program, you will lose the benefits of the ASRB technology and the program will be less effective.  This is why you must use all loops back to back, without interruption each day.  (You can use the program while sleeping, if that helps.)

For healing specific damage to the body, you must use this program every day according to the instructions for as many days, plus one, as you are consciously aware that you still need healing. So add one day of use after you think that whatever you are trying to heal is fully healed.

For system detox, regular maintenance, optimization and cleansing – when you don’t have anything specific you need healed – use this program every day for 4 weeks (28 days).  This should be repeated once a year for light detox/maintenance/optimization/cleansing (DMOC), three times a year for standard DMOC and six times a year for deep, intense DMOC. If you use this program for detox/maintenance more than once a year, space out each use as evenly as possible: every 4th month if you use it 3x a year, and every other month if you use it 6x a year.

MHS uses In-The-Moment State Shifting, and is designed to shift your state of awareness to what is best for achieving maximum healing speed.  Therefore, do not drive, operate heavy machinery or do or use anything that is dangerous to do or use while in an altered state while you are using this program.

Do not use this program with any other subliminal, hypnosis, NLP or other form of mind programming.  Do not use this program with any form of recreational drug, as the program’s state shifting and goal achievement efforts will be damaged by the drug.  Please do not do anything on days you are using this program that damages, and/or pollutes your body, or otherwise contradicts the goals of this program, such as smoking cigarettes, using recreational drugs or drinking alcohol. Do not intentionally damage your body because you have this program to use for repairs, such as over-exercising.  This program is not a free pass for being careless with your body.  This program is not intended to, in any way, diagnose, prevent, cure or treat disease, disorder or any medical condition, or replace any medical care, medical treatment or medical drug. Always seek the care of a licensed physician when and if you need medical care or attention, and carefully follow your doctor’s instructions and advice.

“I’m essentially, back to normal. I know Shannon can’t make medical claims with this stuff, but this sub rocks!”
So, about the time when MHS 5G was released, I had some hemorrhoid problems. Every time I had to go “number 2”, I was losing a bit of blood. Not too much, but also not too little.
At first I thought it would pass and I didn’t pay much attention to it. This kept happening after every single “number 2” for about a week and it was starting to get serious. I was feeling lightheaded and I didn’t know what to do. So… right after one of the many “incidents”, I really started not feeling well and I decided to run MHS 5G.
I immediately felt a tingling sensation around my anus. Two hours later I dreaded the fact that I had to go “number 2” again… only this time I didn’t bleed at all. I never bled after that.
I was so impressed, I really didn’t know how to process what had happened. I guess my coping mechanism was to dismiss it as a “coincidence” and forget it, but now I know better and I know there’s no way it was a coincidence.
Wait, what day on MHS is it? it’s day nr 16 
 – I thought that I would have to wait until day 100 before there would be sth worth reporting
oh God, I love this sub! IT’S AMAZING 
. I wasn’t even on physioterapy session and some of my muscles that were so tense – they just relaxed and are rejuvenating – first they hurt as though I had sports massage and manual therapy, of course I had none of them! They just started to hurt and then heal, it’s f%&^ing awesome……………….
I was doing squats on today’s training, jumping higher than in many years, oh and I walk normaly (not like someone with muscle disbalance – which seems to be healing, reversing, getting back to normal, the way it should be….)
…Overall I couldn’t run in the past due to knee injury, now I’m jogging few miles once a week – no pain in both knees during jogging and afterwards.
I train a lot, from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is a day off. Seems like a have more energy during the workouts and recovery takes shorter time.
I love this sub, MHS 5.5G – I’m going to use it for the rest of this year, at least.
…I’ve also felt an interesting side effect; I have not felt actual, let’s say, ‘male vitality’, for a couple of months at least. Nor have I felt a full-body attraction towards a women. This woman was a fair bit taller and a bit thicker than I’m normally attracted to, but I was popping a full-on erection just looking at her. The weird thing is that she wasn’t that objectively attractive; but, there was nothing wrong with her either. She had a nice figure and was feminine. She was a volunteer at my work today. I spoke with her for a couple of minutes but I didn’t try to get her info (we are at work, after all).
I think that my body might be pumping a normal level of testosterone again. I’ve had moments where I felt like I was 21 again.

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Subliminal Shop - Maximum Healing Speed

Subliminal Shop - Maximum Healing Speed

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