Seduction Mind Hacks Program

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The authors (Josh & John) don’t just tell you what to do. They show you what to do with more than 200 hours of hidden HD camera footage of the authors in action!


Seduction Mind Hacks Program

Seduction Mind Hacks Program

Check it out: Seduction Mind Hacks Program

Can you seduce a girl and take her home in less than five minutes? If you’re like most guys, you probably answered “no”. But what if I told you that by mastering a few mindhacks, you can pick-up the woman of your dreams and take her home with you?

With the Seduction Mindhacks (SM) program, you’ll learn the secret to getting inside her mind and triggering her emotional brain – the emotional brain that wants to get physical with you.
IN SUMMARY, Here Is What You’ll Discover in This Review:

What Is the Seduction Mindhacks Live?
Thing You Have to Know Before You Buy This Course!
How Does It Work? + Detailed List of Course Modules and Parts
John, Josh & The Efficient Pickup (EP) Company
Tricks and Techniques You Just Have to See!
Detailed Look at the Members-Only Area
Final Verdict
Further Resources That Will Help You!

What The Heck Is Seduction Mindhacks?

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Seduction Mindhacks is a no-BS guide to picking up women. You’ve probably heard of – and maybe even read – other seduction guides, but SM takes things to a whole new level.

The authors (Josh & John) don’t just tell you what to do. They show you what to do with more than 200 hours of hidden HD camera footage of the authors in action!

These guys can seduce a woman and take her home in 5 minutes flat. The authors, John and Josh, show you exactly how to pick up ladies. And you don’t have to be the best looking guy in the room to make these tricks work. So, who are dudes behind this new program?
John, Josh & The Efficient Pickup (EP) Company

John and Josh are two ordinary guys who didn’t have much luck with ladies until a few years ago. In the last year alone, John has picked up – and taken home – over 200 girls!

Josh isn’t too far behind him with 170 women. And guess what? These dudes are average on every level! Josh and John took tips from the top seduction efforts and put them into action.

They captured everything on film, so they could share their secrets with guys – like you – who have a hard time picking up hot chicks. The Efficient Pickup Company is a world-famous boot-camp that teaches men the EP Method. Josh and John founded it and they help dudes learn the secrets to picking up women with live training courses.

Keep in mind: These two guys spent years developing their system. It’s efficient, easy to learn and even easier to put into action in the real world.
The Special Way This Program Work!

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Seduction Mindhacks is based on the Efficient Pickup Method. It sounds complicated, but the basic idea is very simple. And it all comes to down to female psychology.

Women are an entirely different species. They’re emotional creatures by nature. What SM does is teaches you how to exploit a loophole in her psychology to make her putty in your hands.

Ladies have both a rational and emotional brain. It’s the rational part that attracts them to successful, good-looking guys. But it’s the emotional part that’s instinctive and responsible for her sex drive!

By using just a few mind tricks, you can bypass her rational brain and trigger her emotional brain – one that will make her want to get physical with you. And when you master these tricks, you can get ladies to go home with you in five minutes or less.

Keep in mind: It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you do for a living or how much money you have. By hacking into her emotions, you can make her yours!
The Techniques You Will Be Able to Learn

The methods Josh and John use aren’t exactly new. These are tried and true sales techniques that have been used for decades, but re-purposed for seduction.

Mind hacking, as they call it, doesn’t involve memorizing pick-up lines.
And these guys remind you that you should treat women with respect!
None of the methods will ask you harass or treat a girl with disrespect.
And you won’t be getting her drunk either.

With the Seduction Mindhacks program, you’ll learn the secret formula for picking up hot chicks of your dreams. And you’ll discover a thing or two about how to boost your confidence, so you can walk right up to her and put these techniques to use.

Pay attention: You can use these for one-night stands, or to get a girl to become your girlfriend or wife. Whatever your priorities are, these will work for you!
All The Stuff That Is Included Within Your Purchase

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The Seduction Mindhacks program comes with more than 200 hours of video footage of Josh and John putting these techniques into action. Plus, you’ll get access to the method training lessons. And if you purchase premium access, you’ll also gain access to new stuff every two weeks including:

Mindhacks – Here you will find bonus seduction talk & infield videos including categories such as pulling girls home (20 videos), near pulls (6), hired guns (3) and solo (13), group (25) & mixed sets (9).
Efficient Mastermind – Including the efficient pickup method instructions, 2 monthly clips with 16 lessons, pickup theory movies & day 2s.
30 Day Challenge – Divided into 4 week intervals.
Daygame Expansion – Including demonstrations from solo (12) and group sets (5) as well as hired guns (10) & instadates (11)!

The best part? You can come back to these videos any time you want. Replay them as many times as you want, and learn at your own pace! Plus, you’ll gain access to the member’s area forum where you can interact with other guys and harvest their personal experiences!
Exclusive Members Area

seduction mindhacks members area
User Feedback & Experience

Does this program really work? What are other people saying about it? Guys all over the world have tried these techniques, and are successfully taking home the hottest women every night!

The Member’s Areas is chuck full of testimonials from men who put all this stuff to use and are getting hot chicks they want! Just check out 2 videos below and see what they have to say about their personal experience!
Just $47.00 Pre-Payment + Monthly Costs!

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So, how much does all this cost? Well the answer is not that simple. You will need to pay one-time fee of $47.00 to gain instant access, however, to maintain it you will be required to pay the same amount each 30 days.

So my advice is to learn all the stuff they share with you as soon as possible to minimize your costs! If you’re struggling to pick up women, this is a small price to pay to learn the secrets to seducing hot chicks of your dreams!

Guarantee: Josh and John are so confident in their methods, they’re offering a 60-day money back guarantee. If the program doesn’t work for you, you’ll get a full refund – no questions asked.

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Seduction Mind Hacks Program

Seduction Mind Hacks Program

$70.00$564.00 (-88%)

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