Russell Brunson – Microcontinuity 2.0

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Mentoring Program. So rst he teaches you how to get the infrastructure nailed

Russell Brunson - Microcontinuity 2.0

Russell Brunson – Microcontinuity 2.0

Check it out: Russell Brunson – Microcontinuity 2.0

In case you’re not familiar with the term Continuity, it’s a fancy way of saying the word recurring or over and over. A Recurring Program in Internet Marketing is a program where you will get billed on a regular basis. The most popular type of Recurring Billing Program is once a month, but people also do once a week and you can actually make it anyway you want. It’s actually very easy to set one of these up, just as easy as a one time payment. If you’re using 1 Shopping Cart and just about all gateways will allow you to easily setup recurring payments. The possibilities are unlimited, where you can even setup a system that bills a 3 day $1.00 trial for example and then bills them $29.95 per month every 30 days.

What Micro Continuity is by denition is a Continuity program that has a denitive start and nish date. For example a program that oers 12 videos over 12 weeks and charges recipients on a recurring basis is a Micro

Continuity program. A service that charges a monthly fee until they cancel isn’t a Micro Continuity program, it’s just considered a regular continuity program.

This concept has already been applied broadly in situations like Mentoring Programs, specialized training it are making hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars that consistently apply this Internet Marketing

Strategy. Russell Brunson is oering a Mentoring Program based on Micro Continuity and says that you can actually implement one within 24 hours.

One of Russell Brunson’s students A.J. Brown did 3 million in sales online because of similar techniques taught in a similar mentoring program. A.J. makes his money in the Stock Market teaching thousands of people how to make money in the Stock Markets, so the principles in Russell’s mentoring program applies to all markets, not just the Internet Marketing Niche. A.J. can sleep well at night knowing his students received real value. Another one of Russell Brunson’s students Jamie Wartol had a stay at home Vinyl Business where she was cutting Vinyl Lettering. Now she’s teaching a lot of other stay at home moms how to do start the same business she’s doing
and making a lot of money teaching others this business.

Now I need to add that Russell Brunson’s Micro Continuity program oers more than just the concept of Micro Continuity. His system also teaches the principle that giving a physical product away free rst is the way to go, then back ending the customers on your Recurring Program. He’s not just speculating this will work, he’s done thousands in research and has proven over and over that this concept works. He’s also very realistic about how many people will stay in your Continuity Program and that the average is just 3 months.

So what Russell did was go through gures on how much someone can make oering a $1.00 trial verses giving something away totally free and just charging for shipping. His hard data resulted in consistently 10x the conversion rate. His pitch is that if you can give just one CD away for free, you’ll earn over $20,000 per year and if you can give away 5 CD’s a day that’s roughly a six gure income.

The Micro Continuity Program starts by breaking down each step of the system in detail and shows you how to set it all up. It starts with a Squeeze Page oering someone a Free Video oering them some information of value. Step 2 after they subscribe to your newsletter you give them the secret in the 2nd video. Then after this you oering them a list of 7 more secrets on a Free DVD or CD, all they have to do is pay shipping and handling to receive it. Then after they receive this CD/DVD is when you try to back end market them on your Limited

Get Microcontinuity 2.0 – Russell Brunson download right now.

Recurring Program.

Also explained in this mentoring course are awesome secrets people use to get more and more people to request these free CD’s. There are a number of cutting edge Internet Marketing Strategies Russell teaches to train you from giving out one CD per day to many per day, if you apply the techniques he teaches you in his

Mentoring Program. So rst he teaches you how to get the infrastructure nailed, then he goes on and teaches you how to scale it. I watched the video and I must say I learned a lot of great techniques for ramping up the system and I already know a lot about SEO. My favorite tip was to submit RSS feeds to dierent directories.

I’ve already written over 2000 articles on various niches and each article directory I write for has it’s own RSS feed as my name for the author. I didn’t even realize there were places I could submit my RSS feed to, so I really ate up that tip and plan on trying that soon myself. It could quadruple our article business overnight! Plus he has Craigslist Software that will let you safely mass advertise to people on Craigslist after you enter certain keywords. This is probably the most information packed video I’ve ever received for free. Russell Brunson charges $3000.00 for participation in this program and as of this writing the program is closed, but he said he may open it again in the future.

Let How To Get Rich Gurus Brian Garvin and Je West teach you more about Micro Continuity today.

This program includes the following modules:

  • Finding and Filtering Your Niches
  • Your Ask Campaign
  • Creating Your System Outline and Trial Oer
  • Creating Your Microcontinuity Website and Content
  • Creating Your Squeeze Page
  • Creating Your Sales Letter
  • Hooking it all Into Clickbank
  •  Finding Your Target Market
  • Becoming a Website Parasite
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Getting Aliates and JV Partners

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Russell Brunson - Microcontinuity 2.0

$32.00$112.00 (-71%)

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