Project Meditation – Lifeflow Meditation

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Get The LifeFlow Delta Pack Today For $197Plus FREE Bonus Gamma Tracks Awaken & Nirvana!
LifeFlow® Frequently Asked Questions


Project Meditation – Lifeflow Meditation

Project Meditation - Lifeflow Meditation

Check it out: Project Meditation – Lifeflow Meditation

Experience the peace and tranquillity as you relax or meditate while playing LifeFlow®. In the beginning, you may experience the peace and tranquillity for only seconds, or it may last for many minutes. Even just a few moments in this state carries with it tremendous benefits.

As you progress, this feeling of peacefulness can follow you throughout your normal daily activities for longer and longer periods of time. Whatever the duration of time you remained in tranquillity, your mind and nervous system were afforded some much needed rest.

Peace and calm will begin to assert themselves in your life. In short, you can reap the rewards on every level of your being, and these rewards will carry with you out into your daily life.

Each LifeFlow® level incorporates a different beneficial brainwave frequency to greatly enhance your happiness, well-being, learning abilities and much more…

You will have to experience it to believe it!
LifeFlow 10

Here’s a meditation audio track that guides your brain from the harmful High Beta state to the peaceful and relaxed Alpha state in as little as 8 minutes.

So instead of pumping out excessive stress hormones, your brain is lulled into the frequency associated with Seratonin, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of well being and happiness.

Endorphins are also released which inhibit pain and generate feelings of euphoria. This meditation track that soothes away stress and anxiety on a biological level is called LifeFlow® 10.

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LifeFlow Alpha Pack

Training your brain is much like training your body. You achieve peak performance by starting with basic fitness activity and increasing the intensity as your body adapts. Brainwave entrainment works the same way that’s why you start with the LifeFlow® 10.

The LifeFlow® Alpha Pack takes your brain from “basic training” to a whole new level (but equally as easy… just press play, relax and enjoy).

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LifeFlow Theta Pack

Enter the Theta State for Deep Meditation, Creative Insight, Immune System Support and more.

Theta is a state of deep meditation where your brainwaves slow to frequencies of 8Hz – 4Hz. This is the relaxed stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

Although you may not fall asleep during these successively deeper meditation tracks, immersing yourself in the Theta state enhances your creativity, insight, immune system and more.

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LifeFlow Delta Pack

Now, with the remaining tracks in the complete LifeFlow® Program, you can go beyond the Alpha and Theta states and enjoy all the blissful and regenerative benefits of the DEEPEST states of meditation known by modern science.

With no effort on your part… by simply pressing play and relaxing to soothing sounds… you can let the deepest LifeFlow® tracks carry you into the peaceful Delta and Gamma brainwave states.

In these states, your body and brain unlock additional endorphins, hormones and neurotransmitters (many of which diminish as we age).

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Get The LifeFlow Delta Pack Today For $197Plus FREE Bonus Gamma Tracks Awaken & Nirvana!
LifeFlow® Frequently Asked Questions

q-iconDo I have to listen to the whole 40 minutes?

Each LifeFlow® track is 40 minutes, beginning and ending at the same frequency so you can reach your targeted brainwave state and rest there for the time you decide suits your personal lifestyle. You may feel that a few minutes a day is all that you want or have time for, still you have the option to meditate or relax for longer if you prefer or time allows.
q-iconDo I have to meditate to get results?

Meditation is only one activity that may be enhanced by brainwave entrainment. Meditation has its own unique benefits, still, listening to entrainment while simply relaxing can enhance your experience of relaxation which, in turn, can enhance your sense of well-being, reduce stress, improve immune system function and have a host of other beneficial effects.
q-iconDo I need to use headphones with LifeFlow®?

Monaural and Isochronic waves do not require headphones to work. And when used over open speakers, you gain the added benefit of their sound waves penetrating your entire body (not just your ears).

So whether or not you use headphones, Instant Tri-Wave Technology™ provides superior results over any other type of entrainment product.
q-iconHow do you know when to move on to the next level?

Once you become comfortable and familiar with LifeFlow® 10 and begin to experience benefits in your daily life (Feeling calmer etc.) you will be ready to move onto the next lower frequency. We recommend you stay with each level for at least 30 days, though some prefer longer.

Each level of LifeFlow® will guide you gently and naturally into an extremely beneficial brainwave state that builds a solid foundation for the next deeper level. Each step is equally interesting, equally unique and equally valuable.

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Project Meditation - Lifeflow Meditation

Project Meditation - Lifeflow Meditation

$42.00$197.00 (-79%)

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