Matt Kahn And Julie Dittmar – Open Mind, Joyful Heart

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Discover the peace, joy, and harmony of being exactly where you are through this expansive and heart-opening transmission. This also explores the journey of life after getting everything you want.


Matt Kahn And Julie Dittmar – Open Mind, Joyful Heart

Matt Kahn And Julie Dittmar - Open Mind, Joyful Heart

Check it out: Matt Kahn And Julie Dittmar – Open Mind, Joyful Heart

Formerly known as retreats, this 5-day experience of consciousness explored the journey of the soul from the soul’s perspective. This is the most powerful and comprehensive recording they have ever offered to give you a direct experience of how Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar work together to inspire your highest potential.

These recordings are an uncut, uncensored, hilarious, and heart-centered offering of the life-changing insights and healing energies that celebrate Matt and Julie’s magnificent contribution to humanity. This is your opportunity to directly experience the most potent group healing event in True Divine Nature history. These recordings will redefine your soul’s journey and expand your awareness into a new dimension of ease, magnificence, and relief.

From embracing your inner lightworker, enhancing your intuition, clarifying your life’s purpose, understanding soul contracts, to unraveling the distraction of thoughts, reclaiming your power, tapping into the invincibility of your soul, and redefining your role in the awakening of humanity, Matt and Julie leave no stone unturned for the benefit of your evolution.

These downloads are your personal, powerful doorway to liberated joy. For those who are ready to enter a brand new paradigm of inspiration, passion, and excitement in the most honorable and loving way, this audio package is the perfect way to explore the open mind and joyful heart of the Universe in physical form.

Please join us for these 17+ hours of nourishing, uplifting, often hilarious, peaceful, and powerful teachings from this miraculous 5-day Soul Convergence.

This retreat package includes life-changing new teachings about:

  • Awakening the recognition of beauty
  • How to integrate darkness with simplicity and ease
  • Exploring the power of confidence
  • Embracing the importance of commitment
  • How to have a spiritual journey, AND how to “take care of business”
  • How lengthening your attention span is a catalyst for awakening
  • How to slow down, welcome, soften, open, and relax into life
  • The paradox of ascension


Track #1 – Embracing Your Inner Lightworker
As an introduction to this potent Soul Convergence, Matt Kahn helps you embrace your inner lightworker with hilarity, humility, authenticity, and ease. No matter the roles or responsibilities played out in everyday life, when your inner lightworker is honored, accepted, and acknowledged, your reality transforms into its highest potential throughout a play of time.

26 mins.

Track #2 – Julie Meditation #1 – Activating Your Senses
To prepare your energy field for the healing energies of Matt’s transmission, Julie Dittmar guides you through a meditation to be more present with your body, breath, and senses. This allows you to feel safe in your body so your energy field can ground into the Earth plane and fully integrate all the gifts of transformation the Universe sends your way.

10 mins.

Track #3 – The Grace of Liberated Confidence
Join Matt in unraveling misconceptions about intuition so you may discover the light of your inner guidance with greater clarity. When the exact, precise, and silent nature of reality is recognized, a clearer level of communication with the Universe is established.

1 hour

Track #4 – Julie’s “I Love You” Song
Join Julie in opening your heart to the truth of your Eternal Being through this deeply healing song. As your voice is used to sound the vibration of your highest intention, your most profound healing, awakening, and transformation is given permission to dawn. In addition to the spoken “I love you” practice of loving your own heart, singing “I love you” to yourself or others activates different pathways in the brain, and is another way to anchor it in your consciousness.

3 mins.

Track #5 – Julie Meditation #2 & OM
To further expand your energy field, Julie offers this guided meditation to help you unravel the overstimulated nervous system with elegance and grace. This track also includes the OM chant to assist you in unlocking the hidden insights and gifts of the Universe within you.

5 mins.

Track #6 – The Blank Teaching – Part 1
Free yourself from the limitations of disempowerment and reclaim the freedom of your Divine power through this profound and life-changing transmission. This track also includes unhooking from addictive patterns, clarifying the nature of soul contracts, and learning what it means to “be yourself” in brand new way.

59 mins.

Track #7 – The Blank Teaching – Part 2
Matt further explores the Blank Teaching by giving you space and permission to take a break from the constant need to fix, check, or maintain. This track also includes unraveling the agony and exhaustion of waiting for life to be different before bringing your best qualities forward.

48 mins.

Track #8- Reclaiming Your Power
Unravel patterns of vibrational co-dependency and learn the relationship between consciousness, imagination, and intuition through this thought-provoking transmission. When imagination has been honed into conscious expressions of Divinely-inspired intuitive knowing, you transition out of the mindset of victimhood to discover an eternal reality – beyond all barriers, boundaries, or beliefs.

33 mins.

Track #9 – Respecting the Divinity of All
Explore the foundation of love to awaken the deepest ecstasy in existence through this profoundly-healing transmission. As the Divine is embraced within you, in the most honest, honorable, and heart-centered way – all aspects of reality are given permission to transform on their own.

59 mins.

Track #10 – Julie’s “I AM Liberated” Song
Join Julie in declaring the liberation of your soul’s true peaceful essence through this heart-centered chant. By affirming the liberation that is already here, you invite the Divinity within you to be revealed. Om Shanti. Peace to all.

2 mins.

Track #11 – Julie Meditation #3 & OM
Through this guided meditation, Julie helps you cultivate greater awareness for all parts of the body, so you may raise your vibration through the power of gratitude. This track ends with the primordial OM chant, which assists you in grounding your energy field, so you may receive the grace of your infinite potential on a more intimate level.

27 mins.

Track #12 – Breaking the Cycle of Self-Abuse
Bringing to light one of the dirtiest secrets of the spiritual journey to free you from self-doubt, shame, guilt, inferiority, awkwardness, and self-hatred with heart-centered grace. This very personal, intimate, and deeply revealing transmission is your opportunity to heal lingering wounds and emotional debris for the benefit of your journey ahead.

50 mins.

Track #13 – Matt’s Golden Light Meditation
Join Matt on a guided exploration of the light within you. Throughout this journey, you are able to surrender the negative memories, harshest self-talk, and most hurtful judgments that has kept you held back, disempowered, and separate from the joy of your highest Truth.

20 mins.

Track #14 – Julie’s Aham Prema Chant
Beginning with moments of mindful breathing, join Julie in chanting Aham Prema, which is Sanskrit for “I AM Divine Love”. This chant assists you in opening your heart to the cosmic love that resides at the core of your being. It invokes and strengthens the love within you.

13 mins.

Track #15 – Discovering True Happiness
Discover the peace, joy, and harmony of being exactly where you are through this expansive and heart-opening transmission. This also explores the journey of life after getting everything you want.

52 mins.

Track #16 – The Gift of Renewal
Allow the deepest gifts that the Universe wishes for you to receive to be revealed through this restorative and rejuvenating guided exploration. During this moment of rest, allow the transmission of Matt’s words to assist your nervous system into greater relaxation, peace, and ease.

6 mins.

Track #17 – The Purity of You
Matt helps you distinguish the differences between purity and perfection through this clarifying and illuminating transmission. When a quest for never-ending perfection is replaced with an interest in exploring the purity that always exists within you, a life of self-judgment transforms into a journey of true self-acceptance. This track includes a very special inner child exercise (an excerpt from our “Sacred Heart Meditation” which can be found in the “Shop” on our web site).

1 hour, 4 mins.

Track #18 – Handle Your Business – Part 1
Redefine the intention and purpose of your soul’s journey beyond all degrees of superstition and self-judgment through this laugh-filled and poignant transmission. This track includes “the end of letting go”, along with examining the reality of entities and energetic vampires, as well as exploring the true source of energetic exhaustion.

1 hour, 19 mins.

Track #19 – Julie’s Jai Ram Chant
Beginning with a guided exploration of the breath, join Julie in chanting Jai Ram, which is Sanskrit for “Victory of the light”. With consistency and dedication, these sacred chants assist in opening up your energy field to provide a direct and living experience of your true unlimited potential. The drum serves as a healing connector of the heart to the Earth.

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14 mins.

Track #20 – Handle Your Business – Part 2
Beginning with behind-the-scenes stories about his life’s path, Matt helps you become as productive, grounded, and discerning, as you are liberated, loving, and expansive. This teaching also includes how to develop a strong work ethic while remaining heart-centered, the reality of living your life’s purpose, as well as clarifying the path of surrender for the energetically-sensitive soul.

50 mins.

Track #21 – Julie Breaths & Ah’s
Join Julie in an exploration into breath that uses the power of your voice to inspire deep layers of healing through the modality of sound. As sound is used as an intentional catalyst of transformation, you are able to fully step into the Truth of who you are with greater power and renewed purpose. “Ah” is a bija mantra, a one-syllable seed sound that when said aloud, awakens the energy of the chakras (in this case, the heart chakra) to balance the body, mind, and energy field.

5 mins.

Track #22 – Julie’s Healing Bowls
Explore the tonifying, centering power of sound healing as Julie plays Tibetan bowls for the benefit of your journey. Whether your eyes are open or closed, this track allows the sound frequency gifts of each bowl to assist you in integrating the transmission offered throughout each track in this audio journey.

5 mins.

Track #23 – Julie’s Ganesha chant
Join Julie in chanting to Ganesha, the aspect of Divinity that acts as the remover of obstacles and activator of eternal grace. The more often the energy of Ganesha is invoked in your life, the more harmony, peace, ease, and bliss can be felt throughout your daily encounters.

Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

39 mins.

Track #24 – The Exploration of Thought
Unravel preconceived notions and limiting beliefs about thoughts through this lucid and expansive transmission. Matt’s transmission also includes redefining the power of intention, a journey beyond time, exploring the Akashic Records, soul contracts, and a new way of understanding the concept of reincarnation.

1 hour, 5 mins.

Track #25 – Julie Meditation #4
This track begins with series of slow mindful breaths and Ah’s that align mind, body, heart, and soul to provide the inner nourishment of rest, renewal and rejuvenation. This track also includes opportunities to invite greater self-acceptance into the aspects of self that feel ashamed or unworthy.

5 mins.

Track #26 – Un-know Yourself
Dare to meet yourself and others as if, for the very first time, through this illuminating and thought-provoking transmission. When attachments to the history and reference points of ego are set aside, a deeper exploration of reality can awaken within you from the inside out.

45 mins.

Track #27 – Unmasking the Ego
Explore life beyond the judgments, beliefs, and misperceptions of ego by reuniting with the light of innocence within you. As your innocence is reclaimed, your identity shifts out of someone in need of being rescued, and into becoming an angel in human form, who entered a body only to transform it for the liberation of all.

1 hr. 2 mins.

Track #28 – Julie’s Gayatri Mantra
Join Julie in chanting the Gayatri mantra, which is said to be the Mother of all Vedic chants (a prayer to the giver of light/life and that illumination within us).

Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

26 mins.

Track #29 – Just Move Forward
Learn how to adapt to the unpredictable and ever-changing nature of life and flow in harmony with the Universe under all circumstances, terms, and conditions through this potent transmission. This track includes Matt and Julie’s adventures in India, tapping into the invincible nature of your soul, being emotionally triggered by others, the calamity of grocery store samples, and a guided exploration to reclaim the power of your true immortal nature.

1 hr. 19 mins.

Track #30 – Julie’s “I AM Liberated” Chant
Join Julie in chanting the declaration of liberation that has always dwelled within you. The more often you affirm how liberated you already are, the more frequently the true freedom of your soul’s eternal essence can be confirmed throughout your experiences.

Get immediately download Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar – Open Mind, Joyful Heart

3 mins.

Track #31 – The Final Message
As a way of bringing the adventure of Soul Convergence full circle, Matt offers a final message to help you assimilate the healing energy you’ve absorbed, so it can be infused throughout all aspects of your life. This track includes a discussion about healing modalities for practitioners and light workers, staying true to your most authentic offering, the auspicious grace of destiny, and a heart-centered approach to fulfilling your life purpose.

44 mins.

Track #32 – “I Love You” Finale
Celebrate the evolution of your soul and honor all the gifts you’ve received through this uplifting and joyful experience of call and response. As your voice is used to sound your highest truths and intentions into existence, your power is reclaimed to guide you forward into the beauty, ecstasy, and perfection of a brand new reality.

4 mins.


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Matt Kahn And Julie Dittmar - Open Mind, Joyful Heart

Matt Kahn And Julie Dittmar - Open Mind, Joyful Heart

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