Joseph Riggio – Finding Your Essential Self

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Do you work with people professionally as a coach, consultant, counselor, therapist, health care provider

Joseph Riggio - Finding Your Essential Self

Joseph Riggio – Finding Your Essential Self

Check it out: Joseph Riggio – Finding Your Essential Self

Finding Your Essential Self

You can discover the unique sliver of space that is yours and yours alone where you are naturally magnificent, powerful and potent: 

Finding Your Essential Self goes beyond what most programs aim to deliver. Rather than focus on how to succeed or what you need to do to succeed, this two hour webcast will delve deeply into who you are when you succeed … and it will reveal why when you are like that you create the outcomes and results you desire effortlessly.

Joseph will be going deeper than usual in this webcast, looking at what it means to live a life filled with meaning, purpose and passion. Be prepared to explore your highs and lows … those times when you are most essentially yourself and are living in profound alignment with your mythic form, as well as those time when you deny who you are and experience the depths of your shadow form.

Just to be clear, you have always had complete and total access to your mythic form … it’s who you most naturally are … AND, your shadow form is also who you are from the point of view of what you cannot and do not know about yourself. Yet, when you know the mythic form, the structure of the story you are living, you will also know the nature of the shadow and in so doing shine some light into the darkness where what limits you dwells.
Get immediately download Haled Joseph Riggio – Finding Your Essential Self – Discover Your Mythic Form And Unique Sliver Of Space

This is a program about the story of your life, your autobiographical narrative, and how to bring it fully out into the open, to bring it to light. Joseph will lead you through the exact steps you need to discover the story you are living from and use some common and familiar stories from literature and film to illustrate the mythic form to make it unquestionably accessible for you too.

You will leave this two-hour program glowing from the sense of awakening to what had been hidden from you and also with a clear sense of where to direct your attention and actions. When you think about success after this webcast you will no longer wonder what that means, you will know because it will mean fulfilling your quest and becoming fully yourself.

Joseph Is a master of the art of story, and one of the first masters of using mythic form as a pathway and practice to becoming fully present and fully awake in your life. Whether you attend during the live broadcast or listen to the recordings, you’ll know that you’ve experienced something truly special in the presence of a master who’s passion and expertise are extraordinary.


Do you work with people professionally as a coach, consultant, counselor, therapist, health care provider, financial advisor, facilitator, trainer, executive, entrepreneur … or in some other professional capacity?

Mythic Form is the deep structure of human experience …

In this program, led by Dr. Joseph Riggio, you will come face to face with the patterns of mythic form and learn to recognize them as they play out in the lives before you … including your own.
As a result of learning about these patterns in a applied way you will be able to use them in your work as a professional … identifying the major forms quickly and with precision, and making confident decisions about what to be doing based upon them.
Joseph will  provide you with examples and live demonstrations during the webcast … using specific references from literature and film to help you begin to create a source file you can access as needed at will. .

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Joseph Riggio - Finding Your Essential Self

$42.00$147.00 (-71%)

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