Jason Capital – 6 Figure Accelerator Volumes 2

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Why being “creative” in your copywriting is the QUICKEST way to slow down and kill sales..

Jason Capital - 6 Figure Accelerator Volumes 2

Jason Capital – 6 Figure Accelerator Volumes 2

Check it out: Jason Capital – 6 Figure Accelerator Volumes 2

Dear Team Capital Member,

Jason Capital here.

And today, I’m going to do something a little special for you.

I’m going to be basically giving away special access to a completely risk-free, 60-minute interview
I had with someone I call “Mr. Make That Money”, that practically pays for itself after just one watch,
all from the comfort of your own home.

Because there’s technically no one I’m in awe of when I first meet them, but the kid who’s about to deliver a FVCK TON of value in the interview today comes pretty damn close.

The best part? You can take this entire interview for a “test-drive”, on me, risk-free for the next 60 days.

So grab a pen and paper, and get ready as we drop gem and gem, revealing to you our best tips, tricks, and secrets when it comes to writing PROFITABLE copy, making MORE money, securing STRONGER business connections, and living your DREAM life.

Before we go any further, understand something:

When I first met the kid, I didn’t think much at all.

In fact, I thought he was just another mediocre kid, wasting his life away on his iPhone.

But as I got to know him more and more, he grew on me more and more with his every move.

See, this kid has earned himself the nickname Mr. Make That Money and has earned a
multiple 6-figure income for himself because he’s made learning about making money
and growing a successful business his life’s MISSION.

He chose not to do what the 99% – the scared, the mediocre, the starving, the poor – are doing.

Nor did he follow the path society set out for him.

See, he dropped out of college, against his family’s wishes.

Just imagine the look on his parents’ face when he told him that, his mother was in utter shock, and his dad almost kicked him out of the house completely.

But now that he’s sending them a check every month, they’re not complaining one bit.

He’s even been let go from every single job he’s ever had, which was no fault of his own.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Despite all of this, today he’s swimming in multiple 6-figures in his early twenties, with the world ahead of him, living how he wants, with whom he wants, all with complete freedom.

His future income is UNLIMITED, and it’s on HIS terms.

And if you’ll stay with me here, I’m going to reveal to you exactly how he was able to do that with my help and expertise by his side, and how you can potentially do the same..

Because in essence, he’s just like me and you.

Which contrary to what the masses think – is an AMAZING thing.

Because the same things that made him unemployable are the things that made him successful.

See, the unemployable (myself, him, and YOU included) are a select group of people.

We are compelled to unleash our creativity, value, and leave our mark upon the world

We constantly go against the grain, even in the face of adversity and doubt.

We change the status quo, shift paradigms, and build empires in the process.

How do we do all that?

By creating companies and services that leave our mark on the world.

Because sure, he’s partner-able, growable, and learnable.

But he couldn’t stand:

  • Being told what to do, ordered around with no respect as someone’s employee..
  • Being forced to spend his valuable time making someone ELSE rich all the time..
  • Being someone’s puppet, pulled and tugged around like a little bitch..

Any of this sound familiar?

Because Mr. Make That Money knew that he was destined for more, the same way you do.

And he understood that he wasn’t going to get it by following what everyone else said, mindlessly living a life of quiet desperation, ridiculous rules, and social bigotry.

And my gut feeling is that you’re the exact same way.

Because if you’re anything like us, you demand MORE of yourself.

You feel it deep down every time you wake and go to bed.

You know that you’re meant for bigger, better, and more PROFITABLE things..

Making a fvckton of cash, while soldifiying your place in history, forever.

And you’re going to get exactly that, especially if I have something to say about it.

Because I’ve been doing this for years now..

Training, sculpting, and transforming young minds, creating millionaires in the process.

Mr. Make That Money and you are no different.

And if he can do it, so can you, especially with me by your side.

For those of you new around here, allow me to reintroduce myself:


Here’s just a taste of what we’ll be revealing:

  • The step-by-step blueprint to how Mr. Make That Money was able to generate multiple 6 figures for himself, all in less than 3 months..
  • The sneaky way to scale and SKYROCKET your income at your current job so that you command MORE pay..
  • Why something as silly as pineapples could potentially make you millions..
  • The secret to being in complete sync with your customer so that you build instant trust right away without wasting any time on pointless methods that don’t work..
  • What the media won’t tell you: the dangers of being an entrepreneur explained (and exactly how to overcome them!)
  • The truth about creating your own productive environment so that you’re able to get more done in less time..
  • Mental Dominance 101: how to leverage something I like to call the “Power Of Proximity” to catapult productivity..
  • 3 of the best copywriting books you need to read right away (WARNING: they’re NOT what you think..)
  • The key to creating an aura around yourself that others respect so that they’re constantly playing YOUR game and not the other way around (this works with business, friends, and women..)
  • How to get an authentic, unbiased, and truthful look at your marketing, sales copy, and product so that you’re not stuck spinning your wheels for years on end..
  • Dan Kennedy’s secret to eliminating your ego when writing successful sales copy, time and time again (skip this, and you might as well have not started writing anything at all..)
  • How to rid yourself of time vampires – sucking away your precious time – throughout the day..
  • The “Steve Jobs’ Deadline Formula”, and how you can leverage the power of deadlines in your own business..
  • Mr. Make That Money’s famous “Metronome Trick” he uses that has exploded his productivity, sales copy, and overall revenue so that you can harnessing the same power for yourself..
  • A strange trick I’ve been using for YEARS to break bad habits, and form more profitable, new ones..
  • The secret to writing a good headline and why it’s the most important piece of your copy..
  • The #1 MISTAKE most beginners make when writing copy, and the exact step-by-step blueprint to fix it..
  • The headline is supposed to sell, right? WRONG! Find out it’s REAL job inside..

But wait, there’s more.

  • A copywriting blueprint and outline that has stood the test of time, year after year, that you can use every single time you sit down to write a piece of promotional material..
  • Dan Kennedy’s #1 secret to writing fantastic copy with LESS work so that you can stop spending hours and hours writing, and more time actually making money..
  • How to double your conversions, period..
  • The major pieces your sales copy NEEDS to have in order to make massive amounts of cash..
  • The hidden secret to finding good swipe for your offer, regardless of what it is, how narrow your niche is, and if you’ve had trouble before..
  • A beginner copywriter’s paradise: how to write a profitable headline, step by step laid out for you to use every single time you sit down to write anything at all..
  • Dan Kennedy’s 4-step sales copywriting blueprint you can start using today to make more sales, effortlessly..
  • The CORRECT way to use story in your sales copy to introduce problems and pain points in their life so that you can better connect, resonate, and build an unbreakable bond of trust with the prospect..
  • The simple trick to crushing your competition and other options that you customer might be thinking of so that you’re the only option they continue to purchase from..
  • Why good copywriters are usually good with women and money, and how you can potentially have the same..
  • The real reason why BIG promises make BIG money, and exactly how you can implement it into your business right away..
  • Why being “creative” in your copywriting is the QUICKEST way to slow down and kill sales..
  • The Eugene Shwartz Cardinal Rule for writing copy (understand this and you’re above 99 percent of other copywriters..)
  • The ONLY 2 THINGS you should be worrying about when starting your business (Mr. Make That Money, Dan Kennedy, myself, as well as every other successful marketer out there does this, do you?)
  • 7 proven ways to providing overwhelming proof for every claim you make so that you can instill trust between you and your prospect instantly leading to more rabid buyers..
  • Secrets Donald Trump used to influence the world and become the most famous man in politics (use this tonight..)
  • The quickest way to make a statement and have people take it as FACT, no mind trickery needed..
  • How Donald Trump leveraged Prince Charles to create MILLIONS, pay close attention to this, because this is something that you’re probably not doing right now that’s costing you money..
  • And much, MUCH more..

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Jason Capital - 6 Figure Accelerator Volumes 2

Jason Capital - 6 Figure Accelerator Volumes 2

$42.00$197.00 (-79%)

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