Igor Ledochowski – Successful Hypnotherapy Business Methods

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In the training program you will also be provided with something I’m most proud of, called: The Master Plan.

Igor Ledochowski - Successful Hypnotherapy Business Methods

Igor Ledochowski – Successful Hypnotherapy Business Methods

Check it out: Igor Ledochowski – Successful Hypnotherapy Business Methods

If you want to make a meaningful and lasting difference in people’s lives, then here’s…

How To Have A Highly Successful & Fulfilling Hypnosis Practice…Even If It’s Only Part-Time!

There’s nothing more rewarding or self-respecting than making the most of your abilities, helping people, and receiving a comfortable and steady income for being a force for good in the world…

From: Igor Ledochowski

On this webpage you will be shown a simple, proven and systematic 5 STEP process for helping as many people as you wish to through your own highly successful hypnosis practice.

The kind of integrity-based hypnosis practice that will be FUN to be involved in, financially stable and sustainable and…

Something You Can Be
Immensely Proud Of

If that’s the position you’d like to be in, then I’d like you to know it’s very possible for you.

All you need are the right systems in place to connect with the people you feel you can help most…

…and a structure around you that allows for you to be fairly remunerated for your valuable hypnosis services.

Systems and structures that make it possible and realistic for you to:

  • Connect with the type of people you would most like to help and who could benefit most from your hypnosis abilities – without you ever having to put yourself in an uncomfortable position of feeling like you’re “selling yourself”…
  • Create a steady stream of high-quality clients that keep you sufficiently booked up – you get to choose how busy you want to be (full-time or part-time it will be entirely up to you how many clients you bring into your practice)……
  • Get rewarded with high enough fees for your hypnosis services to make it a sustainable and profitable venture for you – and do so even if you’ve never before charged anyone for the hypnosis skills you have…
  • Strategically (and ethically) position yourself as “THE” hypnotist everyone will want to work with in your area – and do so even if you are up against a number of very experienced hypnotists who have years of experience and expensive ads smeared across the pages of local magazines…
  • Book people in for your hypnosis services without ever having to talk to them on the phone prior to them becoming a client – this takes all the scary-selling out of the dynamic so you never have to suffer personal rejection…
  • Set up a simple (systematic) referral network that makes it almost a “given” that plenty of people will eagerly send you high-quality referral clients – by the way, this has nothing whatsoever to do with “mingling” at those business networking meetings…
  • Advertise (if you want to) your hypnosis services in publications at substantially less – (as much as 50% off) – than what other hypnotherapists in your area have to pay – this enables you to “pay for the ad” from the revenue generated from new clients…
  • “Expand your value” (and therefore your positive impact, as the more your value expands, the more you’ll naturally attract happily paying clients) far and beyond what most every other hypnotherapist is able to provide – this has nothing whatsoever with being a “better” hypnotherapist or “stringing clients along”, you will actually be transforming more people’s lives in a way that is not dependent on face-to-face meeting time.
  • Create a balanced “lifestyle practice” that is perfectly suited to your unique characteristics, your unique values and the values of the people you would ideally like to work with – you don’t have to fit into a certain type of hypnosis practice; the practice will fit around you (where you can work full-time, part-time or any hours you choose).

That all becomes possible and realistic for you because of my association — and subsequent training program I have put together with Joe Homs.

Both Joe and I started our hypnosis practices from nothing, with no prior “toe-hold” into the hypnosis world.

And, Joe went through the same emotional roller coaster ride of self doubt and second guessing that almost EVERY hypnotherapist goes through before establishing a name for themselves in the hypnosis world (myself included).

He got stumped by the same problems (like how to attract enough of the right kind of clients, what to charge, how to best work with them etc)…

He was sabotaged by the same emotions (with thoughts of “Am I a good enough hypnotherapist?”, “Will people balk at my fees?”, and “What if I don’t get good results with a client?” etc), and…

Was faced with the same day-to-day issues every hypnotist must confront and move through (like, where to see clients, how best to work with clients, and how to manage the day-to-day running of the practice).

Today (and for many years now) Joe enjoys positively impacting and enhancing many people’s lives through his hypnosis practice. He is truly making a positive difference to many people through his hypnosis practice.

Joe is very grateful to be in that position. And his clients are very grateful to Joe.

It is a meaningful relationship that is based on a true exchange of value. Joe helps his clients improve their lives through his client-focused hypnosis practice, and his clients together…

Reward Joe’s Hypnosis Practice With A
Well-Earned 6-Figure Annual Revenue

And that’s an income-revenue level Joe can now fairly easily maintain for years to come.

So what does Joe know that you don’t (yet)?

How come Joe gets paid an annual income-revenue that’s roughly 8-times higher than the average earning hypnotherapist?

The refreshing answer is that it all comes down to Joe’s simple, proven and SYSTEMATIC 5-step process for building a “from-the-ground-up” client-focused and financially sustainable hypnosis practice.

It’s a structured (and highly focused) system that is easy to “map out”, simple to follow (either on a full-time basis or a part-time basis) and can be mostly self-financed from the value-based fees generated from paying clientele.

And most importantly…

How To Have A Successful & Fulfilling Hypnosis Practice:

“Make A Positive Difference In People’s Lives Through Your Own Highly Successful Hypnosis Practice”

The training program outlines and details all the nuances of Joe’s 5 step system process for creating (from scratch) a very successful and self-sustaining hypnosis practice.

In fact, below are the 5 systematic practice building steps Joe and I show you how to properly execute in the training program:


What is meant by infrastructure?

I asked Joe that very question, and here’s the way he explained it:

“Infrastructure is like the motherboard of your hypnosis practice. It is the foundational framework upon which all other aspects of building a successful and profitable practice rest upon, and feed into.

“Unfortunately nearly all practice building experts and marketing guru’s seem to gloss over (or even totally ignore) the setting up of the proper infrastructure in their trainings.

“I don’t, and I don’t because if the infrastructure of a hypnosis practice is not correctly set up then virtually no other technique, tactic or strategy can save it”.

So Joe and I will cover exactly what you need to have in place to ensure you have a rock-solid infrastructure (foundational framework) upon which to build and support a hypnosis practice that can:

a). Make the most positive difference in the lives of many people

b). Provides you with a sustainable and very healthy and fair-value yearly income.

Now, although the critical elements of a rock-solid infrastructure will be the same for everyone – the great thing is we’ll teach you how to “construct” your infrastructure around your unique characteristics as well as the unique characteristics of the type of clientele you want to connect with.

In other words, you are not going to be forced into a hypnosis practice “straightjacket”.

You’ll Be Able To Mold The Practice
Around You… Not The Other Way Round

Like Joe says:

“From my previous experience as a venture capitalist, management consultant and as a business coach – the most successful, ethical and balanced organizations (the type I’d recommend for investment) ALL have had an infrastructure that has been “custom designed” around the individual values of the practitioner(s) and the common characteristics of their subjects. If the infrastructure is wrong – it is only a matter of time before the practice stumbles and falls”.

Infrastructure is the rock upon which you build your hypnosis practice.

Anyway, once you have your infrastructure (“launch pad”) set up the next step you will need to move your hypnosis practice thorough is:


As you probably know – a hypnosis practice is a venture based on trust.

There are, of course, many ways to convey that trust to potential clients (the most effective of which will be covered throughout the training) — although the fastest, cheapest and most natural way for the necessary level of trust to exist in someone is if they have been referred to you by another person they already know.

I’m guessing that’s not a revolution to you, right?

But here’s the thing:

Joe and I both know only too well it’s not enough just to expect people to send you referrals because you do a “good job”.

Also, most hypnotherapists who do politely ask their clients, friends and family members for referrals still don’t get any referral clients.

Is that because the hypnotherapist didn’t do a good job? Is it because the client was less than happy with the results (positive changes) they received from their hypnosis session(s)? Or was it because the hypnotherapist didn’t attend and “mingle” enough at one of those business networking events?

Actually it’s got little (and in most cases nothing) to do with any of those things.

In fact, when I was discussing the topic of referrals with Joe, he said something very insightful:

“Most hypnotherapists who attempt to generate referral clients do so in a very haphazard way. That’s nowhere near good enough. What they absolutely must have – if they want consistent and predictable results – is a systematic referral process in place.

“And that systematic referral process must be designed and implemented in such a way that not only do people refer people to you, they also refer the type of people who meet your criteria for a high-quality client”.

That, in a nutshell, is exactly what we’ll be training you and showing you how to do on in the training program.

This way you’ll know how to consistently and predictably get an influx of referral generated clients.

And those referral generated clients will cost you nothing (or as close to nothing as you can get) to attract into your hypnosis practice.

The point:

By simply following Joe’s “recipe” (his proven system) you’ll be self-financing your hypnosis practice (growing your capital right off the bat) and have the required funds to invest (if you want to) in:


Here’s the problem most all hypnotists and coaches run into: They pay-through-the-nose for advertising… that…

Doesn’t “Speak” To The Heart Of
The Emotional Problems Their Potential
Clients Are Experiencing &
Want To Escape

You absolutely must be able to do that if you do any advertising and you want your advertising to deliver suitable clients to you.

This is in no way suggesting your advertising has to be “tacky” or filled with the type of over-the-top hype you’d be embarrassed to be associated with.

Not at all.

In fact, in the training program Joe and I will show you how to put together your own professional, reputation-enhancing, integrity-based advertising that effectively communicates your real value to the people who could most benefit from your hypnosis services. Joe and I call this…

Service-Based Advertising

It is highly ethical.

Extremely simple to put together (you don’t have to hire any expensive advertising consultant).

And most importantly it is very effective at generating high-quality clientele for a professional service practice (such as your hypnosis practice).

Bottom line:

It Will Cause People To Feel Good About
Contacting You To Either Learn More About Your
Services… Or… Book Up A Session With You

You don’t even need to be very good at writing to produce a service-based advertisement.

In fact, in the training program, Joe and I will show you real examples of ads (and promotions) that you will be free to “copy and paste” (with some very minor modifications) for your own use.

Plus, in the training program, Joe and I will show you…

  • How to negotiate the lowest advertising rates with newspapers and magazines.
  • How to position yourself in your advertising as THE ONLY hypnotist a potential client will contact (even if your area is flooded with well-established competing hypnotists who regularly splash out on expensive ads and are used “ruling the roost”).
  • How to make your advertising pay for itself before you get invoiced by a publication your advertisement is appearing in.
  • And even how to get other establishments in your area to gladly pay for the privilege of sending your advertisement (promoting you) to their own customers/clients.

Now, if that’s all Joe and I taught you about effective advertising you’d be miles ahead of any other hypnotist competing in your area.

In the training program, however, Joe and I will also teach you about (and demonstrate examples of) effective advertising that even most advertising professionals remain unaware of.

For example:

  • We’ll show you how to legally and ethically advertise your hypnosis practice for free – no expense whatsoever.
  • We’ll show you how to generate fee paying clients by not advertising your hypnosis services. Yes, you did read that right!
  • And we’ll show you how to combine different forms of advertising as well as different advertising media…

To Increase Your “Reach” And Get Interest
From More People Than You Would Otherwise

Again, there’s nothing tacky or underhand about any of the advertising strategies we’ll be teaching and demonstrating to you in the training program.

To be clear: everything Joe and I teach, everything Joe and I stand for, and everything Joe and I strive to do when conducting your practice can be summed up in…


An important point (which hopefully resonates with you):

The purpose of the training program is not just about making an income from hypnosis (although we’ll certainly show you how to do that to a higher degree than most hypnotists experience) – it’s really about connecting with people who could most benefit from your help and then you making a meaningful difference in their life.

That’s the biggest, most satisfying “payoff”.

After all, the most valuable thing you can ever do in life (and the thing that makes you feel best) is when you are able to make an impactful and transformational difference in the life of another person.

In essence, Joe and I will be teaching you how to make an impactful and transformational difference in the lives of MANY people – and make it a viable undertaking for you.

Needless to say, the more people you can connect with and the greater (or more lasting) the transformational change you can facilitate in their life…

The More Valuable You
Become As A Force For
Good In The World

On a practical level in the training program, Joe and I will teach you (and demonstrate to you) various ways to “expand your value” as a hypnotist.

  • We will show you how to connect with more people who are in need and are deserving of your services…
  • We will show you how to reach out to make an impact in the lives of people all over the country (and even outside your country of residence)… and…
  • We will show you what the best ways are to “package” your services to reach and help more of the people who you most like to have an impact on.
  • We will even reveal to you an exciting “value-added invention” that will make groups of people want to come back to you week after week because of the wonderful transformative benefits they continue to receive from your work.

Put simply:

Our goal is also to open your vision to the multitude of possibilities available to you — (when you go beyond thinking like a traditional hypnotist) — for quadrupling your value and in turn quadrupling the impact and quadrupling your income.

By knowing about these expanded value-added possibilities — you are able to solve more problems in people’s lives… have more of a lasting impact… and… expand your network of people who have the capacity to refer other people to you. And, of course, the natural extension of all that is…

Your Perceived Value… As Well As
The Revenue You Are Able To Generate…
Will Increase As Well


This is an area both Joe and I have a lot of experience in, and if you get this component right (which you will do with our step-by-step training) you will no longer “see yourself” as just a hypnotist or coach providing hypnosis services.

Of course you will be providing hypnosis services to clientele who will financially reward you – BUT, you will also be able to…

Now, don’t let the term business strategist scare you off. Really it’s just a fancy way of saying…

See & Navigate Of Your Practice From 30,000ft Instead Of Trying To Work It Out From The Bottom Of A Ditch

Figuratively speaking of course.

Anyway, here’s the point:

A HUGE “secret” of hypnosis (and indeed, coaching) practice success is to spend just as much time (if not more time) working ON your practice, as you do IN your practice.

Working IN your practice is doing all the day-to-day operational stuff that you need to get done (like taking phone calls, responding to email and seeing clients, etc). All that is, of course, necessary.

However, what is also necessary (but which most often gets overlooked or neglected entirely) is to work ON your practice. And working ON your practice is all about “mentally stepping away” from the day-to-day operations in order to “see” how well your systems – including infrastructure, referral systems, advertising, and value creation – are working for you.

That is something Joe and I will show you how to do.

We will show you how to break out of the thought patterns of an employee (which will not serve you well when setting up a hypnosis or coaching practice) and transition you into the more expansive mindset of a strategist.

Then (from the vantage point of a strategist looking “over” your hypnosis practice) we will show you…

How To Smoothly Leverage ALL Your Hypnosis Practice Systems So They Are Each Firing On All Cylinders

That’s when running a hypnosis practice becomes FUN. Streamlined. And highly satisfying and lucrative, too.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, either.

In fact, it’s all rather straightforward.

You just need certain hypnosis practice success formulas (which Joe and I will provide you with in the training program – including the powerful LOCUS Formula) to quickly see where areas (systems) could be improved and optimized.


In the training program you will also be provided with something I’m most proud of, called: The Master Plan.

What’s The Master Plan?

Put simply: It’s a step-by-step plan that you can follow to create and implement all the 5 system components you will have learned by going through the training program.

The Master Plan lays out each step you need to follow and in what order. It will even show you how to slot in your hypnosis practice building tasks into specific “pockets” of time. For example, you will be able to say, “Right, on Monday 7th at 10am to 11am I’ll be doing this” and on “Tuesday 8th at 2pm to 4pm I’ll be doing that.” And so on.

In short, The Master Plan

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Igor Ledochowski - Successful Hypnotherapy Business Methods

Igor Ledochowski - Successful Hypnotherapy Business Methods

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