Hypnotica – Mythos Of Masculinity – The Magician Archetype – Days 15-22

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Tested and experimented with every method, theory, and practice drawn from psychology, neurology, confidence, self-esteem, neuro-linguistic programming and beyond…


Hypnotica – Mythos Of Masculinity – The Magician Archetype – Days 15-22

Hypnotica - Mythos Of Masculinity - The Magician Archetype - Days 15-22

Check it out: Hypnotica – Mythos Of Masculinity – The Magician Archetype – Days 15-22

Hey guys,

It’s Eric Von Sydow, AKA Hypnotica…

And I want to transform you into a powerful, masculine man who makes his own rules…

ESPECIALLY in the midst of this soft and mediocre society.

I want to help you break free from the brainwashing designed to neuter you as a man and castrate your masculinity.

…so you can start living your life on YOUR terms.

EXACTLY how you want.

Imagine joining a program that cultivates confidence into every area of your life.

Step by step.

Every single day.

Consistently reinforcing your ability to attract more money, more power, more respect…

And lifestyle you want with little to no effort…

Imagine having the strength to blast through any challenge life throws at you…

And making the universe bend to your will.

I’m talking about fully enhancing your unconscious mind…

And tapping into a power so masculine – that even ALPHA men envied you.

You will become a man that gets what he wants, when he wants, with who he wants.

And here’s the best part?

You don’t have to do much…


I Want To Hack & Redesign Your
Unconscious Mind FOR YOU!

That’s right.

’ve taught men how to unlock the hidden masculine energy within themselves for the last 25 years.

I’ve read all the books…

Did all the research…

Tested and experimented with every method, theory, and practice drawn from psychology, neurology, confidence, self-esteem, neuro-linguistic programming and beyond…

And to this day, I’m STILL doing more research and testing new methods…

And every day I’m finding and creating new and proven techniques that are almost guaranteed to work.

In other words…

I’m doing all the hard work for you.

So I know what works and what doesn’t.

And now, I’m taking the most effective, most powerful processes, power-ups, trances, brain exercises and more…

Each of them almost guaranteed to directly enhance your masculine presence…

…and spoon-feeding them to you on a DAILY basis.

All I need from you is just 15 minutes a day to let me work my magic.

While you sit back and witness your transformation with your own eyes!

To put it simply…

I’m Going To Personally Transform Your Unconscious Mind
FOR YOU In Just 15 Minutes A Day.

With very little effort, your confidence will gain quantum leaps and bounds…

Enhancing every ounce of your masculine being.

Because right now there’s an existential crisis in both boys and men.

The missing element that’s both essential for a boy’s growth while defining a man’s purpose…

There’s No Rites Of Passage For The Modern Day Man.

Think about it…

In ancient times:

  • The Spartans threw 7-year-old boys into the wilderness to start training as warriors…
  • The African tribes sent young boys to hunt lions…
  • And Brazilian amazon tribes had young men put their hands in mittens filled with killer bullet ants to endure numbing pain for up to 10 minutes.

These rituals transitioned young boys into manhood.

Turning them into real-life heroes of their villages, communities, and societies.

And allowing men to walk tall with pride as they imprint their mark on the world around them.

Get immediately download Hypnotica – Mythos Of Masculinity – The Magician Archetype – Days 15-22

Because with a rites of passage comes a sense of purpose.

What comes of the modern day man?

Today, our culture is missing our rights of passage.


That Missing Transition Into Manhood Negatively Impacts Men On A Deep, UNCONSCIOUS Level.

Every day, thousands of young boys grow into weaker men.

They struggle with uncertainty, self-doubt, and passivity…

And they suffer alone, day-in and day-out, living lives of quiet desperation.

Because he never knows when the right time is to become a man.

Because of this confusion, millions of young boys struggle in life as adults with uncertainty, self-doubt, and passivity…

They suffer alone, day-in and day-out, living lives of quiet desperation.

Because inside, they never made the transition in their minds that they’re a man.

And the biggest indicator of this…

… is his severe lack of confidence.

And this is EXACTLY what this feminized agenda in our society wants for men.


Soft, Docile Men Are Easier To Control By The Government, Media, Corporations, & Even Women.

They want men today to be powerless.

And they’ve brainwashed the masses to punish you for being as masculine as you want to be.

And you can see this through how they treat powerful men like Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump,

So that you don’t make the money you want..

Or attract the women you want…

Or live the lifestyle you want.

And the biggest indicator of a lost man…

… is his severe lack of confidence.

If you’re a man in today’s modern society, your masculinity is being attacked from all angles.

From the shows you watch on TV…

…to the music you listen to on the radio…

From the movies playing in theaters…

…to the content you consume on social media every single day…

Even CARTOONS mock and jeer at the essential idea of what it means to be a man.

These days it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE for men to find reliable confidence boosters living an anti-male society.

To avoid the constant messaging of “toxic masculinity,” most guys either:

  • Binge-watch hours of motivational videos on Youtube…
  • Waste time reading countless motivational memes on social media
  • Read hundreds of self-help books…
  • Or spend THOUSANDS of dollars on men’s coaching or therapy…

These things will help your conscious mind…

But what about your UNCONSCIOUS mind?

Imagine amplifying your attractiveness towards the opposite sex…

And supercharging your self-esteem…

While your confidence compounds every single day…

…without thinking twice about it?

Because here’s the truth…

If you’re having NO success with women…

If you’re financially not where you want to be…

If you’re not achieving your most desired goals in life…

And If you’re dealing with loneliness, anxiety or depression on a daily basis…
Being “lazy” has nothing to do with it.

No matter how many self-development books you read…

How many journals you write in…

Or how many affirmations you memorize…

It’s Your UNCONSCIOUS Mind That Controls Your BEHAVIOR.

And unless you’re strengthening your brain on an unconscious level every single day…

You’ll fall back into old thought-patterns of low confidence and self-esteem…

You’ll go back to negative habits like procrastination, negative self-talk, and self doubt…

And you’ll NEVER give yourself the chance to develop the confidence you need to take control of your life.

We both know that’s NOT what you want.

Think Of Your Confidence Like A Compounding Penny…

You can’t buy much with just 1 cent.

But if you doubled that same penny every day for 30 days…

…that same penny turns into $5,368,709.12!! And your confidence works the same way!

The KEY to Bullet-Proof Confidence Is Daily Consistency.

And the best way to stay consistent?

I call em, Confident-Boosting Power-ups.

And the best way to stay consistent?

These power-ups will consist of:

  • Hypnotic Metaphors: Which make it easy for powerful yet subliminal positive messaging to alter your thoughts and self-talk.
  • Mental Hypno-Processes: Which enhances your thinking to manifest more abundance in every area of your life.
  • Daily Meditation: Which programs your mind to cement the new, powerful neurological rewiring taking place in your mind.
  • Daily Reminders: Which keep you accountable for doing the MINIMAL work it will take to strengthen your unconscious mind.
  • Progress Pods: Which will keep track of your progress from the beginning to the end of the week.

…and much more.

I found that performing just ONE power-up a day CONSISTENTLY doesn’t just boost your confidence…

It strengthens your unconscious mind at a rapid rate.

Case Study 1: Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss, author of the New York Best-Selling Book, “The Game,” was one of the first students I implemented power-ups with.

In fact, he even featured me in the book as a “Thank you,” for helping change his life.

Before the women, fame and influence…

It was his CONFIDENCE that he mastered every single day.

…And the rest is history!

Case Study 2: David DeAngelo

Then, there was David DeAngelo.
The author and creator of the “Double Your Dating” book and video series.

With these power-ups I watched David transform into one of the most legendary dating coaches of all time!

After hacking into the minds of David and Neil with these quick power-ups and watching them transform into giant successes…

As well as thousands of my other students…

The answer was made clear:

These Daily Power-Ups Allow Me To
Hack And Redesign Your Unconscious Mind To
Compound Your Confidence.

…and these daily power-ups lead to more confidence…

And more confidence leads to more success.

In ANY area of your life.

It’s that simple.

That’s why, with my new membership program you’ll experience your confidence grow stronger on a daily basis…

…starting with your unconscious mind.

And you won’t have to put much thought into your transformation…

Because I’ll personally strengthen your unconscious mind MYSELF.

I call it…

The Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program

The Mythos Of Masculinity is the 5-month, gamified, modern day rights of passage for men.

This membership program is so powerful, it’s the ONLY one offer today.

Inside, I provide you with ONE new confidence power-up to practice every day, 5 days a week.

So I can help transform your confidence to new, untapped levels every day.

These power-ups are simple, but massively effective..

And they take only 15 minutes to download into your unconscious mind!

These power-ups will be unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever created.

And even though they only take 15 minutes to perform, they will dramatically improve the power of your unconscious mind!

Just put aside 15 minutes a day to listen to your daily power-up…

And watch as your confidence, your presence, and your masculine energy leave you glowing like never before!

And that’s why I say with the utmost conviction..

There’s No Other Program That Directly Transforms The Unconscious Mind Like The Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program.

As of now, I’m the ONLY one who offers this unique membership.

Sure. There are programs that will tell you how to be confident…

While other programs will give you affirmations to repeat to yourself 100 times a day when you wake up and before you go to bed…

But these other programs are not rewiring the neuroconnections in your brain…

They’re only scratching the surface.

They do nothing more than ENTERTAIN your conscious mind…

But they don’t DIRECTLY INSTALL confidence inside you.

The content you’ll be receiving from The Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program connects directly to the source of your unconscious mind…

And downloads powerful, raw, alpha-dominant energy and confidence into your natural essence.

And they’ll do so in a structured sequence that implements your daily power-ups safely and step-by-step.

Transforming the way you walk…

The way you talk…

Your eye contact…

Your posture…

And more importantly – the way you THINK.

…on a DAILY basis!

That’s why it’s safe to say there’s no other program like The Mythos Of Masculinity that exists today.

And that’s because…

The Mythos Of Masculinity Takes You Through Your Own Personal Hero’s Journey To Manhood.

Think of your favorite superheroes growing up

Superman, Batman; The Avengers…

Each has an origin story behind how they became superheroes.

They were each given a call to act in a world that needed them.

They went through obstacles that would mentally and physically break most men.

And they had a guide that helped them transform into the heroes we know and love today.

The Mythos of Masculinity is the start of YOUR origin story.

And I, Hypnotica, am your Yoda who guides you to greatness.

But instead of life-threatening trials and tribulations…

Your only challenge will be to complete these 15-minute Power-ups on a daily basis.

This program’s game-like experience, grows your confidence while strengthening your masculinity.

In just 5 short months, you can become the KING you were always meant to be…

While finally connecting with your purpose.

This program is so unique and exclusive…

You Won’t Find A SINGLE One Of The Power-Ups You’ll Learn In This Membership Program ANYWHERE on the internet!

That’s right.

You can search high and low on Youtube and you won’t find squat.

Not even in MY videos.

Everyday, I’m creating new powerful anchors, techniques, metaphors, and processes SPECIFICALLY for this program only.

Each of them, different from the day before!

And solely designed to bring out your dominant, raw, primal masculinity.

And because I stay in my lab creating new content for you to consume on a daily basis, it’s nearly impossible to duplicate!

Plus I’m working with Denver Clay, one of the pioneers in how sound affects consciousness.

And together, we’ll make sure you get nothing but the best tools for your success every day.

The Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program will put you LIGHT-YEARS ahead of the procrastinators who waste time looking for inspiration on YouTube all day…

For most guys, building confidence on your own will always seem like an impossible task.

That’s because…

You’re Being Hypnotized Everyday And You Don’t Even Realize It.

So even if you DON’T believe in hypnosis…

Lemme ask you:

Why do you think social media is so addicting?

Why is it that so many people are helplessly glued to their smartphones or the TV?

How is it that PORN can grab hold of a man’s mind like a leech and drain him of his life force?

…while feels there’s NOTHING he can do about it?

It’s because anything that puts you in a trance is hypnotism!

Up until now, you’ve been hypnotized with distractions by everything around you.

And society is set up that way, so you don’t unleash the powerful masculine energy inside you.

With this program, you’ll make hypnosis work FOR you instead of against you.

Lucky for you…

It Takes More Time Scrolling On YouTube, Facebook & Instagram Than It Does Installing These Power-Ups Into Your Brain Every Day…

Because according to Broadband Search, a person spends 40 minutes on average on Youtube.

While spending an average of 58 minutes on Facebook…

…and an average of 53 minutes on Instagram.

That’s a total of 151 minutes people spend a DAY on these platforms…

Which is 2 ½ HOURS wasted on social media EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Imagine if you spent that time downloading powerful anchors in your unconscious mind…

With each of them automatically transforming you into a man brimming with confidence…

You’d be redesigning your unconscious mind with 10 of these power-ups DAILY!

But I’m not asking for 151 minutes…

And I’m not asking for you to download ten 15-minute power ups in your brain every day…

I’m only asking for 15 minutes to redesign your unconscious mind!

With ONE power-up a day.

Which means I’ll hack your brain faster than your aimless scrolling on social media!


These Power-ups Allow You To Compound Your Confidence From Anywhere In The World, Including In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

There’s nowhere in the world that can stop you from powering up your unconscious mind.

You can listen to it from your phone, your tablet, or your computer.

And it will always be at your disposal.

That’s why…

This May Be The Easiest Membership Program You’ll Ever Follow (Because The Hard Work Is Already Done For You)!

Think back to when you were in high school or college…

And imagine if you only had ONE 15 minute class a day.

And your PROFESSOR did ALL your homework for you!

How EASY do you think it would be to Ace your class if there were…

  • No more late-night studying… Because it’s already done.
  • No more quizzes and testing… It’s already done.
  • No more GOING to class…Because you can install the lessons in your brain from home, or anywhere you want…
  • And no more memorizing theories or facts… Because they’re automatically downloading in your brain after only 15 minutes!

Well, it gets even easier…

I’ll break down each 15-minute power-up step-by-step to ensure your success.

All you’ll have to do is check in and listen to your updates every day.



You Can Do LITERALLY ANYTHING For 15 Minutes A Day… Including LETTING ME Rewire Your Unconscious Mind For You!

These power-ups were made short and easy so you can stay consistent in your transformation with NO effort.

Just check for your daily updates for your power-up of the day…

And listen until your 15 minutes is up!

And to make sure you’re checking in for your updates…

Our program even sets off reminders every morning to make consistency even EASIER.

And don’t forget: I’m sending you these power-ups to personally hack into your brain myself.

Because I know if it’s ME in your brain, I’m almost TOO confident I’ll make these power-ups work for you!

After all, I have been doing this for a quarter of a century.

And if you’re still uncertain about how easy The Mythos of Masculinity is for you…

I’ve made it EVEN EASIER…

Twice A Month, I’ll Answer Any Question Or Concern You May Have On A LIVE Call!

Throughout your transformation, you will NEVER be alone.

Because even though these 15-minute power-ups will work overtime for you, you’ll still have access to me every step of the way.

Any question or concern you have can and will be answered in my LIVE call twice a month.

Plus you’ll be surrounded by a community of guys who want nothing but success for you on your journey to more confidence.

Together, we’ll make sure you don’t have a choice BUT to succeed!

Which means redesigning your unconscious mind has never been simpler…

And your masculine transformation is just around the corner!

But as simple as this all may sound… you’re probably still wondering…

“How do I know The Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program will work for me?”

Listen man…

Any Man Who’s Even Slightly Curious About Rewiring Their Unconscious Mind WILL Benefit From This Program!

Look I know I’ve spent the last 25 years mastering the art of hypnosis…

But don’t just take my word for it.

Get immediately download Hypnotica – Mythos Of Masculinity – The Magician Archetype – Days 15-22

Even Celebrity Hypnotist Kimberly Friedmutter admitted in an interview with Forbes that:

Kimberly Friedmuttter,

Celebrity Hypnotist.

“Reportedly, hypnosis has a 93% success rate with less sessions than both behavioral and psychotherapy, according to research studies.

And from learning new confidence and masculine power-ups 5 days a week…

After a whole year, you’ll have had almost 250 confidence-boosting power-ups downloaded into your brain!

And besides…

Any Man Can Enter The Modern Day Rites Of Passage, No Matter How Old Or Young They Are.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager going on 18…

A middle-aged man well into his prime..

Or a seasoned man who’s well into his 60’s or 70’s.

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to a man grounding himself into his masculinity.

And more importantly, your age will have no effect on the impact these power-ups will have on your unconscious mind.

Which means, you’ll feel like a stronger, more dominant, and more confident man who gets what he wants out of life REGARDLESS of his age.


These Power-ups Will Transform ANY Type Of Man REGARDLESS Of His Stage In Life

These 15-minute Power-ups were designed to rapidly elevate ANY man who listens to them.

  • If you feel lost with no sense of purpose: you’ll feel an increase of confidence, dominance, and purpose.
  • If you’re already successful: you’ll be led to more success on levels yet to be seen.
  • If you’re single or going through a breakup: these power-ups will turn you into a sexually irresistible man that women can’t say “no” to.
  • If you’re entering a new relationship: You’ll morph into a man who successfully leads your woman while maintaining her attraction for you.

No matter what stage in life, any man who listens to these Power-ups everyday will reach higher levels in his life.

That’s why I did EVERYTHING in my power to make sure that…

This Is The Only Masculinity Program You Will EVER Need

See, when I created this program, I wanted to make sure it was a one-stop-shop for everything you need to develop into your most masculine, confident and dominant self.

Once you join The Mythos of Masculinity Membership Program you will NEVER need to invest in another confidence program again.

Because these 15-minute daily power-ups will do more than just permanently and automatically boost your confidence…

  • They’ll enhance your dating life.
  • Excite your social life.
  • Flood you with lucrative business opportunities, passion projects and endeavors.
  • Help you manifest your dream lifestyle…

And more importantly, help you get clear about your life’s purpose.

So you can leave an unforgettable dent in the world.

To prove it to you…

Here’s How You’ll Know The Membership Is Successfully Redesigning Your Unconscious Mind…

And I know this because thousands of my students from all over the world all have confessed to experiencing similar incidents…

You’ll notice a slight, positive mental shift in your thinking…

Your language patterns will become more empowering, direct, and more assertive.

You’ll start to walk with swagger that’s charged by unshakeable confidence.

Your warm, attractive aura will be noticed by everyone around you.

You’ll catch women staring at you from across the room.

And you’ll notice how openly receptive and friendly they are when you approach them.

Your presence will demand respect and admiration from others…

And life will feel like “easy-mode.”

You may not notice these incidents right away…

That’s why you’ll have me keeping tabs on you.

And taking notes on your progress as I continue to tinker with your unconscious mind every day.

I’ll keep implanting these powerful power-ups inside your mind.

And as a result, your reaping of the rewards will seem automatic!

Now if ALL that I just described sounds great to you…

Here’s How The Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program Works…

  1. 5 DAYS A WEEK: I’ll Be Actively Searching, Testing, and Giving You New Content, Never-Before-Seen Trances & Power-Ups – 5 Days A Week!
  1. EACH DAY: I’ll send you 1 exercise. You’ll spend 10-15 minutes completing the tasks of the content you’ll receive daily.
  1. EVERY TWO WEEKENDS: We’ll review your progress in our exclusive Confidence Curriculum group, where we go over feedback, suggestions, and more. You’ll also have access to past week’s power-ups to review and reinforce.
  1. TWICE A MONTH: You’ll have access to a 2-hour LIVE CALL With me, Hypnotica, where I’ll answer any question and concern you may have. We’ll even talk about new programming ideas for ANY specific challenges you’re facing.
  1. EVERY 25 DAYS: You’ll move up the ranks and unlock new power-ups that rapidly accelerate your confidence, presence, and mental strength…

To give you an inside scoop, here’s what you can expect in this powerful 5 month program:

In Month 1: You’ll Be Listening To The 25 Power-Ups Of The WARRIOR Archetype.

Here, I’ll be redesigning your brain with the attributes, attitude, energy and essence of the warrior within you.

Equipping you with deeply-rooted resilience to withstand any obstacle in your way.

In Month 2: You’ll Be Listening To The 25 Power-Ups Of The HUNTER Archetype.

This archetype is so powerful it trains your brain to always find a way to get what you want in life…

Even if what you want seems impossible to 99% of the world’s population.

The truth is, you’ll NEVER hear about the hunter masculine archetype anywhere else.

Because so far, I’m the only one who knows about it.

However, without this archetype, your masculinity can never be completed.

In Month 3: You’ll Get 25 Power-Ups For The MAGICIAN Archetype.

These power-ups will install in you the ability to cultivate your own reality.

So you can witness the manifestation of your dream life with your own eyes.

All thanks to the new power wielded by your unconscious mind.

In Month 4: You’ll Get 25 Power-Ups For The LOVER Archetype.

These power-ups will train your unconscious mind to attract only the finest pleasures of life.

From the women you meet, to the food you eat…

From your outer environment, to your inner passions.

These power-ups will activate ALL your senses to fully all areas of your life.

Allowing you to submerge in every dimension life has to offer.

In Month 5: You’ll Get The Final 25 Power-Ups For The KING Archetype.

These final power-ups will transform you with the attributes, attitudes and essence of a king.

You’ll command respect from the people around you, who will sense your presence the moment you enter a room.

You’ll carry yourself with conviction and purpose. And people around you won’t be able to submit to the very aura of your being.

You reign over the kingdom of your life. And experience a sense of freedom like never before…

This all just a FRACTION of what you’ll learn in the Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program.

But I’m not stopping there…

BONUS #1: Lightning Integration Trance

Each power-up already absorbs into your unconscious mind quickly as it is…

But with the Lightning Integration Trance, your brain absorbs your weekly power-ups at lightning speeds.

And the faster your brain processes these power-ups, the faster you’ll start applying them.

Which means the faster you’ll start to become more confident, more dominant, and more masculine.

Listen to this super-learning integration trance at the end of each week.

So your brain absorbs every power-up even faster than you would without it..

BONUS #2: Sleep Subliminal Program

Listen to this bonus at night before going to sleep.

This will program your mind while you sleep as extra reinforcement.

So the effects of your power-ups become more potent throughout the night.

The next bonus is essential to your masculine growth…

Get immediately download Hypnotica – Mythos Of Masculinity – The Magician Archetype – Days 15-22

BONUS #3: The Masculine Milestone Map

During your journey to reclaiming masculine confidence, you’ll need a surefire way to track your progress.

The Masculine Milestone Map does just that.

This map will allow you to witness the rooted foundation of masculine confidence taking over your very essence.

Here’s how it works…

Every day you finish listening or performing a power-up, you’ll mark it in your milestone map.

And as every day passes, you’ll be able to accurately measure the levels of confidence building up in your unconscious mind.

While many of my students claimed they could FEEL the confidence rising within them after the first day…

Consistency is everything.

Which leads me to my next bonus for you…

BONUS #4: Medal Of Masculinity + Initiation Bonus Masculine Archetype Trances

Once you’ve completed 25 days of The Mythos Of Masculinity you’ll receive an honorary medal for your dedication and consistency.

You’ll also get a new and INCREDIBLY powerful trance that centers on one of the masculine archetypes.

From then on, every month you’ll be receiving a new bonus archetype trance.

So your confidence can soar even higher than before.

And so you can transform faster into the man inside you that dominates his life on his terms.

But again…

The ONLY way you can get access to these bonus trances is to complete 30 days of the program.

Now the next bonus you’ll receive is called:

BONUS #5: The Masculine Mythology 5-Pillar Mandala

As mentioned before… every 30 days you complete, you’ll receive a bonus masculine archetype trance…

Every time you unlock a new trance, you’ll mark it in your mandala until all 5 pillars are filled.

Once you’ve filled out all 5 pillars, you’ll have reached the pinnacle of masculinity.

Things like insecurities and low self-esteem become non-existent.

And your confidence permanently locks into your unconscious mind at its highest level.

You will be recognized by your peers as a master of your masculinity.

And you’ll be forever amazed at how you’ll unconsciously attract the women, money, health, and lifestyle effortlessly.

In other words, you’ll be transformed into an elite, masculine, confident YOU.

With the power to tap into unlimited, raw power and energy from within, whenever you want.

Now I could’ve easily stopped at these 5 bonuses.

Hell, each and every one of them is more than powerful enough to help you achieve unmatched confidence and masculinity alone…

But I decided to take things another step further…

You’ll Also Get 25% OFF ALL HYPNOTICA PRODUCTS ONLY If You Join The Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program Today

For years, thousands of men have paid enormous amounts of money for my programs.

But if you join The Mythos Of Masculinity today, you’ll get a 25% discount on any of my products.

So you can take your transformation to a whole new level!

Now if all this sounds good…

Here’s How To Get Started:

A monthly subscription to The Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program normally costs $69 per month.

That’s what hundreds of people have paid.

But if you take advantage of this opportunity today, you can get instant access to the program for just $49 per month.

Your subscription will include:

  • Instant & Unlimited Access To The Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program
  • 15-Minute Daily Power-Ups To Download In Your Unconscious Mind 5 Days A Week.
  • 2 LIVE Zoom CallsA Month With Me To Answer Any Questions Or Concerns
  • Requests For Me To Personally Design Power-Ups For YOUR Specific Inner Challenges
  • Archive Vault To Access Any Passed Zoom Calls, Power-Ups & Other Content You Missed
  • Access To The Exclusive, Members-Only Confidence Curriculum Group, Where You Can Review Your Progress With Other Badass Members
  • BONUS #1: Lightning Integration Trance
  • BONUS #2: Sleep Subliminal Program
  • BONUS #3: The Masculine Milestone Map
  • BONUS #4: Medal Of Masculinity + Initiation Bonus Masculine Archetype Trances
  • BONUS #5: The Masculine Mythology 5-Pillar Mandala
  • 25% Of ALL HYPNOTICA products

Of course, once you activate your trial subscription, you’ll begin receiving your daily power-ups immediately.

PLUS you’ll get access to a zoom call twice a month with me, so I can answer your questions, concerns and feedback.

Each Power-Up comes with a step-by-step plan so you don’t have to think about it.

Just check in and listen to your update every day.

That’s it.

Since this is my lifestyle, I’ll even show you screenshots and live examples so it’s crystal clear how I’m doing it with the SAME content I’ll be sharing with you daily.

And again, you are agreeing only to TRY this program to see if it’s right for you.

If not, you can cancel your subscription, no questions asked.


You Don’t Have Much Time

The Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program IS an experimental project.

So this offer may or may not be here next month.

The truth is, even if you joined us for ONE MONTH, you’d be way ahead of the game.

That being said, this offer ends at midnight…

After that, the price is going to shoot back up to S67…

And honestly, this may be the only time the price will be this low again.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Now it’s your turn to stop living the life the media and society brainwashed you to live…

And start living the life you deserve.

Join me, Hypnotica, and the rest of the newly confident men who are getting what they want, when they want, with who they want, now!

Now, if you’re still on this page understand one thing…

No matter what society or the media tells you…

A world without strong, dominant, CONFIDENT men to protect it is a doomed one.

And deep down, you know it’s true.

Ask yourself:

COULD YOU HANDLE: Attracting almost anything you want out of life from the magnet of your unconscious mind?

COULD YOU HANDLE: the overwhelming respect that causes men to want to be you and women to want to be WITH you – any and every way you like?

COULD YOU HANDLE: TOTAL control over every faucet of your new life of TRUE freedom as a powerful, dominant, confident masculine man?

I think you know the answer to these questions…

Click the button below to join the hundreds of others rushing in and get started right away.

Join The Mythos Of Masculinity Membership Program today!

See you on the other side.

Eric Von Sydow

AKA Hypnotica

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Hypnotica - Mythos Of Masculinity - The Magician Archetype - Days 15-22

Hypnotica - Mythos Of Masculinity - The Magician Archetype - Days 15-22

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