Dr. William Baldwin – ART-Spirit Releasement Therapy

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A term coined by William Baldwin who has done pioneering work in this area and whom I congratulate.
Sadly Dr. Baldwin passed away on April 24th, 2004.


Dr. William Baldwin – ART-Spirit Releasement Therapy

Dr. William Baldwin - ART-Spirit Releasement Therapy

Check it out: Dr. William Baldwin – ART-Spirit Releasement Therapy

A term coined by William Baldwin who has done pioneering work in this area and whom I congratulate.
Sadly Dr. Baldwin passed away on April 24th, 2004.
This work unifies the spiritualist and shamanistic perspective back into psychotherapy and spiritual healing and has brought psychology forward on it`s next important and fundamental development phase.

Spirit Releasement is a therapy, not a rite. Unlike exorcism, it comes from a position of compassion, not confrontation.
Spirit Releasement aims both to free the client and to assist the attached spirit to continue its evolutionary journey.
Past Life Therapy and Soul Retrieval, as well as being established therapies, are often usefully combined with Spirit Releasement Therapy.
Spirit Attachment

Entity AttachmentDescriptions of life after death and the process of what happens to humans after the passage called `death` are scattered throughout the world’s literature.
Several books have been written and experiences reported in recent years recounting the “near death experience,” or NDE, in which a person “dies” and is consequently brought back to life.
After recovering from such an experience, many people can accurately describe events that occurred while the body was clinically dead, including the activities of the medical personnel during the resuscitation efforts.
It seems as if the consciousness separates from the body, remains fully aware and notes, everything going on in precise detail, usually from a vantage point near the ceiling.
Many report being greeted by friends and relatives who are no longer living.
The implication is that the personality survives physical death, fully aware and conscious, as a distinct entity in spirit.
The phenomenon of vastly different “personalities” or behaviours contained within one physical body or the possibility of spirit possession, that is, full or partial take-over of a living human by a discarnate being, has been recognised, described and understood in different ways in healing communities throughout time and throughout different cultures and in different parts of the world through the ages. A disembodied consciousness seems to enter a person`s psychic space and attach itself and merge fully or partially with the unconscious mind of the person, which then impairs the individual’s mental and physical health – exerting some degree of control on the mentality, as well as the physical body.
In some respects, the possession state appears similar to Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Disorder or Schizophrenia and Hysteria.

Spirit Releasement Therapy SRT

Earthbound spirits, that is, the surviving consciousness of deceased humans, are by far the most common possessing or obsessing entities to be found.
The emotions and feelings connected with a sudden, traumatic death can become the force which attaches a spirit to the earth plane. Anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, guilt, distress, even strong ties of love, can interfere with the universal transition into the Light. If a person dies by drug overdose, the newly deceased spirit may attach to someone who uses drugs or alcohol in order to maintain the sensations of the habit.
Sometimes at death a spirit or soul is confused or simply out of fear does not return to where it belongs.
Spirit gives us a choice even at the moment of our death.

We’re free to return home to the Light or remain on earth and rove around.
If we are a victim of murder, we also have a choice to attach ourself to the person who took our life and cause them trouble in their life.
Also many spirits remain on the earth plane because of a lack of awareness of their own death.
Confusion, distrust and disbelief concerning religion and spirituality can prevent the spirit from moving into the Light.
A person subjected to this experience may just report hearing voices yet have no other psychotic symptom or behaviour.
A newly formed attachment may be evidenced by the sudden onset of drug or alcohol usage, unusual and inappropriate expression and behaviour patterns, or noticeable personality changes following surgery, accident, emotional upset, suicide of a family member, even moving into a new home.
As the result of an attachment, or possession, physical appetites for food, sex, alcohol, and drugs can increase greatly. Personal attitudes and beliefs can suddenly change, as can personal tastes. The voice and even facial features and appearance can alter dramatically. An earthbound spirit retains the psychic energy pattern of its own thinking, and can transmit to it`s victim any mental abnormality or emotional disturbance, as well as any symptom of physical illness.
This condition can be extremely confusing and frightening for a person, and for friends and family. Attachment to any given person may be completely unplanned, even accidental.

Negative Thought Forms

An attachment can be benevolent in nature, self serving to fulfil a personal need of the spirit, harmful in intention, or completely neutral.
It can occur simply because of physical proximity to a dying person at the time of the death. The connection may be established by the purposeful choice of either the spirit or the living human, because of a strong emotional bond between them.
A person can be vulnerable and open to attachment due to any mental or physical symptom or condition, strong emotion, repressed negative feeling, conscious or unconscious want or need. This vulnerability can act like a magnet to attract a foreign entity with the same or similar emotion, condition, need or feeling.
Severe stress may cause susceptibility to the influence of an intrusive spirit. Alteration of the consciousness with the use of alcohol or drugs, especially mind drugs, opens the unconscious mind to invasion by discarnate beings.

The same can be true for the use of anaesthetic drugs for surgery.
Spirit Releasement at Elevated Therapy

Clinical Depossession

This therapy consists of eight distinct steps. Firstly, the consciousness of the client is altered as he or she focuses on the inner processes, an internal focus. Please read my article on Hypnosis
→ `What is Hypnosis?` which you can access here or from the Hypnosis page.

The first step is to discover and identify any attached discarnate spirit, or entity. I ask the person to guide me through the landscape of their mind and psyche. This is done with the client in a relaxed and altered state through a process of non-leading questions, which incorporate the mental, spiritual and physical reporting on the part of the client where I look for clues that assist me in the discovery of an attached entity.
The attached spirit seems to lodge at the level of the unconscious.
The second step is diagnosis. The earthbound spirit of a deceased human is the most common attachment, however, there are many other types of non-physical beings, spirits of non-human beings and non-earth beings which interfere with living people. The different types require individual treatment.
These steps apply to the attached earthbound spirit of a deceased human being.
The third step is to engage the spirit in dialogue in order to determine what emotions or physical needs have kept it on the earth plane, the circumstances which led to the attachment to the person in the first place, and the vulnerability or susceptibility which first allowed the entity to attach itself to the client.
I assist the entity in resolving its own issues. The resolution of this emotional energy is extremely important and is usually enough to effect the release.
The fourth step is the actual release of the spirit into the Light. The entity is usually greeted by the spirits of family or friends who are already in Spirit.
This is a phenomenon similar to the experience described in a NDE. There is often a highly charged and emotional reunion as the spirits welcome the earthbound spirit home.
The fifth step is a specific guided imagery of Healing Light. It is very important and necessary to fill the space left by the departing being or beings.
There is often an emptiness left. The client is asked to connect with a brilliant spark of Light deep in the centre of the body.

They are guided to expand the light to fill the body, then expanding outward about an arm’s length all around through the Aura.
This forms a shimmering protective bubble of Light surrounding the person.
This visualisation is repeated several times each day by the client after the session for a week or so as a meditation to strengthen it.
CHAKRA BALANCING. The sixth step concerns the balancing of the Chakras which need to be purified, activated and blockages eliminated after releasement of an attached entity. This represents a separate means of harmonising our entire energy system and balancing it. This allows you to be receptive for constructive energies entering your aura and able to neutralise negative vibrations. The Chakras need to be open and work together harmoniously as they act as antennas for the entire range of energy vibrations, they connect us with what is going on in our environment, in nature and in the universe. They are our subtle sensory organs.
You will be given a prayer to take home with you and to recite daily for the next seven days. There will still be thought forms, residue and dysfunctional energies after the entity has been removed during our session and this `special` prayer will move to clear those.
The eight step entails ongoing therapy. It is fundamental to resolve the conflict and to heal the residue and emotional vulnerability which first allowed the spirit attachment to take hold. Inner child healing and treatment of sub-personalities is effective at this point. Any approach to ego strengthening and enhancement of self image is important too. Even though an entity may have caused a condition or behaviour, and the condition seems to be resolved after the release, there sometimes remains the impress of the habit, condition or behaviour engraved in the psyche. This residue of behaviour is more easily treated through traditional psychotherapy, once the attached discarnates no longer trouble the victim. There are often additional entities discovered and released in subsequent sessions.
There can be what you would call “a layering” of attachments.
Once the task of redeeming the self from the disturbance has been accomplished, it is important to allow the individual to continue exploration of the realms of the self.
The task is not only to help in the integration and development of the healing into a stable platform from which to interact with the world, but to also help the individual expand his or her sense of self once that stability is attained to include many types of experiences on many different levels in order to develop, grow and expand.

SRT UKResults can often be seen immediately. Many emotional problems and conflicts, some physical conditions and mental irregularities are eased or eliminated through spirit releasement therapy. The experience is quite profound for the person.
It is a gentle, loving and truly spiritual way of working therapeutically.

Spirit releasement Therapy is NOT based on any religion or religious belief system. The approach is clear, rational, methodical and complete in working with the Body, Mind and Spirit in a respectful way.
It is true to say that modern psychotherapy often fails with people because it does not recognise the existence of the soul.
In not recognising the soul, you have no map or possibility of being shown a map, which includes the entire nature of the individual’s experience.
The wholeness of being.

When helping a person through SRT, one almost has to forget the definitions of things and remain totally present with the delivery of the symptoms. Working and helping the individual in arriving at the moment these symptoms took root in their psyche and finding a resolution, a healing and way forward. Schools of thought which state the patient is incapable of identifying the paths the journey should take, ridicule the integrity of the patient: everyone knows what they need to become whole at a deep level, it is just that they need guidance and support with a trained and professional facilitator to help them have the courage to engage in and take the path to wholeness that is natural for them.
Only by staying with the symptoms and guiding the person on his or her own shamanistic journey through the psyche can I cross the boundaries of western psychology and traditional healing methods and bring them together to assist the individual.

Therefore, SRT cannot be considered a suggestive therapy.

spirit attachment

The techniques were developed through experimental methods:
Observation, trial and error, comparison and contrast with existing systems of exorcism and deliverance, and synthesising many proven clinical modalities with a client-perceived, experienced and reported spiritual, non-physical, internal dimension.
The consistency of the descriptions given by clients in the altered state have added to and verified the developing clinical framework of SRT.
These results indicate the validity of the hypothesis and the approach. All that matters is the process and the client defines the process.
In conclusion, there is no proof those entities, that is, the surviving consciousness of deceased human beings, actually exist.
However, because of the effect of SRT within the clinical framework of the spiritual dimension, it can be implied that the spiritual dimension of reality exists and there are many types of conscious beings existing (living) in that dimension.
We may have to delve into past lives, alternate realities and extra-terrestrial realities (as defined by the client) to find them and get the answers, but the answers and the resolution they bring with them do emerge for anyone open to new perspectives on physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The SRT Session takes about 3.5 hours and costs £175 by cheque with a Bankers card, credit or debit card or in cash and a £80 deposit will be required when booking to be sent before the session or by credit or debit card over the phone when making the booking.
Alternatively, on booking, a £80 deposit request can be sent to you by email to use the PayPal service.

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Dr. William Baldwin - ART-Spirit Releasement Therapy

Dr. William Baldwin - ART-Spirit Releasement Therapy

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