Doberman Dan – Doberman Letters 100 Backissues

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You leisurely sip your coffee and feel an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude for the life you now enjoy.

Doberman Dan - Doberman Letters 100 Backissues

Doberman Dan – Doberman Letters 100 Backissues

Check it out: Doberman Dan – Doberman Letters 100 Backissues

My Surefire System For Discovering Red Hot Markets & Niches… And Finding The PERFECT Products To Sell Them!

Are you ready for the jealously guarded secret about how the most successful direct response entrepreneurs REALLY find the most profitable markets, niches and
For a limited time… famous serial entrepreneur who charges $2,000/hour for his advice is offering his time-tested multimillion-dollar strategies and “insider only”
market research tools…

Dear Friend,
If you want to be financially independent for life… no matter what might happen with the economy… then there’s really only one skill you need to master.
It’s the highest of high value skills…
The master key to making money…
The alchemy that can change lead into gold…
You must become a…

Master Of Markets!

That means you know how to find highly responsive markets with money to spend… AND you know the perfect products to sell them.
With that one skill, and that skill alone, you can create any income you desire.
From anywhere on the planet…
Almost as if you have the power to create money from thin air.
Bold statement, huh?
You might even think it sounds like a bunch of hype.
Well, I can look you in the eye and make that statement with absolute authority. Because it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been doing, and doing quite successfully… for myself and others… for the last 25 years.

Allow me to introduce myself:
I’m Doberman Dan, a serial direct response/online entrepreneur and ‘A list” copywriter.
For 25 years I’ve been using a unique system I learned from my mentor. A man who had one of the most successful mail order businesses in the entire history of the US.
It’s a highly effective tried-and-true system I’ve used to create a plethora of businesses… in a whole variety of profitable markets and niches.
In addition to starting and running numerous info product businesses, I’ve also started and built three of my own nutritional supplement businesses. I since sold two of them, enjoying two different bouts of mini-retirement and traveling the world with Donner, my faithful Doberman.
I’ve also been hired by a $1 billion/year company to start a brand new supplement business for them from scratch.
I’ve been publishing The Doberman Dan Letter since 2011 and count many of the most successful marketers in the world as subscribers.
As a copywriter, I’ve written hundreds of successful ads, direct mail packages, websites, e-mail marketing campaigns, feature articles, and newsletters.
My ads and articles have appeared in…

Entrepreneur Investors Business Daily Penthouse
MuscleMag International Flex
Muscle & Fitness Mens Edge IronMan
Muscular Development Reps!
Exercise For Men Only Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness The National Enquirer Weekly World News
And hundreds of newspapers and many mainstream magazines.

Today I want to introduce you to a much more effective way of starting a direct response business and creating income in a confusing, crushingly overwhelming and cluttered marketplace.
I call my system…

Master Of Markets!

It’s how I’ve been consistently successful in business after business for a quarter of a century.
It’s also how I, and a handful of my coaching clients, CONTINUE to be successful in all our various ventures.
It’s the #1 best way I know to identify the hottest and most responsive markets…
Know beyond a shadow of a doubt EXACTLY what to sell them…
So you can “ride the wave” of current market trends and make a LOT of money FAST!
Yup, my Master Of Markets system can do all that and more.
Most important, it can free you from being a victim of the dreaded BSB Syndrome. (BSB stands for “bright shiny bullshit”)
I bet you’re acquainted with BSB Syndrome, aren’t you? It’s what has so many people in our little online marketing world frantically chasing one thing after another… one guru after another… but always winding up in the same place…

3 months…
6 months…
12 months…
Or even YEARS down the road.
And in the process it leaves your wallet several thousand dollars lighter.
It’s a cryin’ shame, I’m tellin’ ya.
BUT… if you’re TRULY ready to make a change in your life, I’m gonna help you overcome BSB Syndrome.
Just so you know… unlike many others selling “how to start an online biz’ info… I didn’t just dream up the stuff in this letter late last night drinking Grey Goose and Red Bull while binge watching Game Of Thrones.
HELL no! I’ve LIVED this.
I have a 25-year track record of creating money and businesses out of thin air. With nothing but the gray matter between my ears, a yellow notepad and a blue pen.
I’m not one of those gray beard, pipe-smoking consultants, spouting theory and teaching stuff from distant memory that might have worked 25 years ago.
I’m still a serial entrepreneur, doing REAL in-the-trenches work each and every day. (In fact, I launched a new biz just a few weeks ago.)

I COULD just stay hunkered down in my man cave, continuing to make money only for myself with these little known strategies and tactics.
In fact, for the longest time, that’s exactly what I did.
But today I have a different vision.
A vision of helping people like YOU create the lifestyle of YOUR dreams, too. That’s why…

I’m Offering This PROVEN Multimillion Dollar-Producing System For Mere Chump Change!

Actually, there are TWO reasons I’m making this available:
First of all, I’m more pissed off than ever about all the just-invented-last-night “easy button/magic pill” solutions being peddled to the good but naive folks in the online marketing world.
Before becoming a direct response marketer and entrepreneur, I was an inner city cop for 12 years. So I’ve seen a lot of theft, fraud and robbery.
And I despise seeing good, honest people ripped off and led down dead-ends.
Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of that, and CONTINUE to see it, in the Internet Marketing niche.

Second, I’m very aware of how difficult it is to get tried-and-true, proven, reliable and ACTIONABLE information to help you get started with a direct response business of your own.
You see, prior to discovering direct response marketing 25 years ago, I struggled and failed time after time for 9 long years trying to start various traditional businesses.
I know how miserable, frustrating and COSTLY it can be not having the proper guidance.
Since becoming a serial direct response entrepreneur and earning my freedom from a j-o-b I hated, I’ve now become a champion of people who want to stand on their own two feet and gain their financial freedom like I have.
I’ve heard the call and am standing at the ready.To be totally transparent, I feel like I’ve been preparing for this moment my entire life.
Does that sound corny to you?
Maybe even a bit pretentious?
So be it. I will NOT apologize.
You see, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can show anyone who’s willing to listen to me, how to create any income you desire… and prosper no matter what happens with the economy.

Listen, I’ve been around the block a few times. (I’ve got the battle scars and gray hairs to prove it.)
I’ve been supporting myself with my Master Of Markets system for a quarter of a century now… and my “bag of tricks” runs deeper than most.
In fact, the Master Of Markets system takes you…

LIGHT YEARS Beyond All The Lesser Mortal Marketers’Short-
Term Tricks!

If you sincerely desire to be wealthy, this system goes WAY beyond tricks.
If you’re a rookie still finding your way to a profitable business, it will cut through all the confusion and give you clarity.
And if you’re already in business, it can EXPONENTIALLY increase your sales and profits.
You don’t need any special background, education or skills to do this. (I’m just a high school “push out.” I think they gave me a diploma just to get rid of me.)
The only thing you need to be successful with this system is the commitment to use it.
Cuz it just ain’t that complicated.

It’s based on the fundamental principles of market behavior. And market behavior is really nothing more than basic human behavior. (Markets are just groups of people… and human behavior NEVER changes.)
It isn’t some complicated, convoluted and confusing course. You can start using it almost immediately after you get it.
Over the past few years, the Internet space has been overrun with “gurus” trotting out trick after new trick…
New media platforms… new software… new “magic pill” solutions…
All pitched as online money buttons” that allegedly spit out hundred dollar bills every time you push ’em.
People have been chasing after that stuff like an addict chasing after his next fix. You keep being told that if you’ll only create a certain number of Facebook posts… Or tweets…
Or you post enough videos on YouTube…
Or you use some secret SEO software that tricks Google into giving you top position for your best keywords…
Then the world will beat a path to your doorstep.

How’s that workin’ out for ya?
Well, if nobody has cared enough to grab you by the shoulders, shake you awake and tell you the truth, I WILL…

The Master Of Markets System Is About Following A DIFFERENT Path!

A path that has led thousands of people to financial freedom.
And not a single one is any smarter than you.
Myself included.
Sure, making money is important. But this isn’t just about making money.
If all you want to do is make a lot of money quickly, I promise you… you’ll get that in Master Of Markets.
But I think your life should be about more than just making money.
The more important thing is…

HOW You Make Money!

For me, the ideal life is created when you can make big money without working yourself half to death… always slaving away night and day.
It’s about making as much money as you desire… but still having plenty of spare time to do what really interests you – your passions, your hobbies… maybe even a childhood dream you’ve put on the back burner all these years.

If you feel the same, then this can change your life.
I know that kind of stuff is said all the time. So often, it smacks of empty hype. Maybe for others. But MY track record can back it up.
Master of Markets is my “magnum opus” crash course in becoming as successful as you desire with direct response/online marketing.
It’s what I personally use to investigate new trends, potential markets, potential new businesses and moneymaking projects…
Develop hot new products… and even “enter the conversation going on inside the head” of my ideal prospects.
It’s the system that has allowed me to be a successful serial entrepreneur for 25 years and counting.
Once you understand THIS, you can make more money than you ever thought possible.
And, as you’ll soon see, that’s no exaggeration.
Here are just a handful of the things I reveal in Master Of Markets:

A crash course in how to select a market with HUGE potential… and create a 7-figure business as quickly as possible. (In some cases, in as little as 12 months.)
A PhD-level lesson in the most successful yet little-known marketing secrets in the world. (These are unknown and virtually invisible to 99% of online marketers.)
Did you know you can get wealthy with a failure rate as high as 99%? (This is EXACTLY how the legends in this business got rich. And I’ll show you how to do it… step-by-step.)
The proven and time-tested strategies of the richest “under the radar” marketers in the world. (You’ll discover how you can use their tactics to make as much money as you want… and support yourself in style for the rest of your life!)
How to quickly and easily find out how much money you can make in any potential market or niche. (It’s like having a crystal ball’ view of your financial future!)
How to determine the best price for your products. (Get this right and you’ll be able get the MAXIMUM possible new customers from each and every funnel and media you use.)
The REAL secret to making millions and millions of dollars with online marketing. (It’s the dirty little secret NEVER revealed by any of the IM gurus. Because if they DID reveal it, they’d ALL be out of business in a New York minute.)

This is the stuff that marketing LEGENDS like Gary Halbert, Joseph Cossman, Joe Karbo, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman and Ben Suarez have used to build 7-figure… 8-figure… and even 9-figure FORTUNES.
It’s a way to harness the market forces that move thousands… hundreds of thousands… and even MILLIONS of people to buy your products.
But that’s not all. You’ll also discover…
O The forgotten secrets of the “ole skool” mail order masters… that STILL bring in wave after wave of highly responsive customers. (These methods work like gangbusters online… and they’re even more relevant today than anything being taught by the online marketing “experts.”)
O The 3/10 rule used by the big 800 lb. gorillas of direct response marketing…
Agora, Healthy Directions, Boardroom, Rodale, etc… and how YOU can use it to launch successful products and even entire businesses… consistently, time after time.
O The one thing you absolutely MUST have in your copy if you want to
experience the big BREAKTHROUGH successes. (If you DON’T have this, it doesn’t matter how great your copy is… your response is going to be pathetic and depressing.)
O How to know which product ideas will be the most desired – and most
purchased — by your prospects and customers. (Once you know THIS, you’ll know to a 97% accuracy EXACTLY what to sell.)
O Before you invest even one thin DIME on any kind of product development, production or promotion… you must know THESE numbers. (NOT knowing this can put you on the direct path to bankruptcy court. Sadly, I learned this ______from personal experience.)_________________________________________________

O How to easily and quickly get proven and reliable market data that will IMMEDIATELY tell you if you have a potential winner. (This is the secret to minimizing your risk while scaling up FAST to make the big bucks!)
O Before you spend weeks or months of your life developing a new product or business, use THESE calculations to determine how much money you could potentially make… OR if your project is actually a disaster waiting to happen.
O The four direct marketing trends… how they affect your response… and how to identify and ride a wave to wealth! (Choosing the right market and product can make you RICH! But choosing a product or opportunity that has the wrong market condition could send you to the poorhouse. Here’s a simple way to evaluate which market condition your product falls into BEFORE you invest any time and money into it.)
O The online tool that can show you thousands of profitable niches and
product ideas… with complete accuracy by using proven BUYER data. Even more amazing… it’s absolutely FREE! (It has nothing to do with Facebook or Google.)
Look, don’t just take my word for it.
Prove it to yourself.
Use Master of Markets, find three winners with it… and while most other marketers
are struggling like hell to get something started… just maintain the status quo… or
worse, trying keep their sales from dropping any more than they already have…

YOU Will Have A Year That Absolutely STUNS You!

As soon as you have Master of Markets, you’ll probably kick yourself because you’ll finally realize how strategically wrong your old business ideas, product ideas, ads and promotions were.
You’ll also kick yourself for how much time and money you’ve wasted on things that don’t have a prayer of EVER producing any money.
You’ll soon have the information to accurately determine if your product has a realistic potential to make a lot of money… or bomb completely, leaving you destitute, depressed and dejected.
Once you understand this process, you’ll feel like you have a direct response “crystal ball” because you’ll be able to…

THIS Is How You Make The BIG Money!

Here’s everything you get with the Master Of Markets system:
The Master Of Markets Guide
An easy-to-read, step-by-step guide you can start using IMMEDIATELY to create your ideal business.
If you’ve been going around in circles, unable to get your online lifestyle business started because of overwhelm and confusion, THIS is the clarity you’ve been looking for.
And any confusion you may have struggled with… which market?… what’s the best niche?… will be a thing of the past.

The Ultimate Desire Analyzer
This program was developed using extremely advanced and highly complex calculations. These are the INSIDER SECRETS used by the biggest and most successful direct marketing companies in the world.
For the first time ever it’s now available to the “bootstrap entrepreneur.” Now YOU can have all the advantages of the big players.
These formulas were meticulously researched and tested… and development of this program cost MILLIONS. But it’s super simple to use. Just fill-in-the-blanks. The program does all the complicated work FOR you.
Ultimate Desire Analyzer Training Videos
The Master Of Markets guide walks you through the process of using my methods to research profitable niches… then evaluate the data with the Ultimate Desire Analyzer.
But I wanted to take it a step further.

I wanted to PERSONALLY take you by the hand and walk you through this process. Since I now get $2,000/hour for my time, that would be a pretty pricey proposition for you.
But here’s the next best thing:
You get two step-by-step demonstration videos. I show you exactly how I use this system to identify hot markets where you could potentially make a fortune.
You’ll get everything I just told you about…
O The Master Of Markets guide…
O The Ultimate Desire Analyzer…
O And the two demonstration videos…

And you’ll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to everything on a private password protected website.

AT LAST… You Can FINALLY Have Your Dream Business!

And you can do it without all the typical confusion, overwhelm and frustration you’ve endured in the past. Because it’s as close to “done for you” as I can possibly make it.
Order NOW before the deadline of May 17 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time… and you’ll get instant access for the HALF OFF price of only $497.
Look, for everything you get and all the money you can potentially make with this system, $497 is insanely cheap.
Compared to how much money you can make over the next 12 months, it’s priced so low it’s actually LUDICROUS.
So cheap in fact, you might even be thinking I’m full of hot air and this is all just a bunch of hype.
No, it’s definitely NOT hype. (I’ve paid too big of a price and invested 25 years of blood, sweat and tears building my reputation. I’m not about risk that in any way.)
But you’re right. It’s WAY too cheap.

What I should do is turn this system into a $25,000 mentoring program. And in the future I might.
Even at that price, I have no doubt I’d have a couple dozen ‘players’ on a waiting list, checkbook in hand, chomping at the bit to get in on it.

Your Life Is About To Change… In A BIG Way!

Picture this:
You roll out of bed completely rested on a Monday morning.
You pour yourself a cup of coffee and step out onto your front porch, still in your robe.
You smile as you watch all your neighbors frantically rushing out the door, briefcases in hand…
Hurriedly tying their Windsor knots…
Cramming donuts down their throats…
Trying not to spill coffee on their pressed white dress shirts during this frantic daily morning chaos…
All going to a job they despise so they can make an income that barely even covers their bills every month.
And you chuckle.
Because that was you just a few months ago.
But now, as you breathe in the fresh air and listen to the silence in the neighborhood (because everybody’s at work)…

You leisurely sip your coffee and feel an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude for the life you now enjoy.
Then you open your laptop and see what you see EVERY morning…
While you were sleeping the money just kept rolling in.
You sit back in your chair and smile.
Feeling relaxed.
And happy.
Because at last… you’re FREE.
Financially free, yes. But more important than that, mentally free.
The stress in your life is gone… because now you have a skill that…

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Doberman Dan - Doberman Letters 100 Backissues

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