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“Ever Wanted To Start Your Own Online Fitness Business… But Just Not Sure Where To Even Start?”


Creative Fitness Academy

Creative Fitness Academy

Check it out: Creative Fitness Academy

“Ever Wanted To Start Your Own Online Fitness Business… But Just Not Sure Where To Even Start?”

The Most “Foolproof” Way To Start A Six-Figure Online Fitness Business Without Having To Worry About Building A Massive Social Media Following

(You’re Just Moments Away From Gaining Access To A Step-By-Step Proven Method Of EVERYTHING You Need To Get Going)


12 Week CFA Masterclass Program ($21,652 Value)
BONUS #1: Done-For-You Contract Swipe Files ($400 Value)
BONUS #2: Structured Workout Program Template ($497 Value)
BONUS #3: Email Marketing Template Swipe Files ($297 Value)
BONUS #4: Profitable Facebook Ads Template Vault ($497 Value)
BONUS #5: Expert Video Vault ($2,997 Value)
BONUS #6: Online Coaching Call Script ($1,997 Value)
Total Value: $28,337



Are You A Fitness “Junkie” That Wants To Start Your Own Online Fitness Business… But You Have NO CLUE Where To Even Start?

Don’t worry… You’re definitely not alone.
My name is Brendan Meyers and a few years ago I was in the same EXACT position:
F Going to college trying to figure out what to do with my life
F Working a job making money doing something I didn’t love
F Scrolling through social media wondering how these “influencers” did it…
I was “coasting” through life trying to understand how I could take the knowledge I had about fitness and turn it into a successful online business.

What If I Told You That You Could Have Unlimited Access To Expert Knowledge From Other Successful Fitness Professionals Showing You EVERY STEP That You Need To Take In Order To Build Your Business?

The same expert knowledge that took me from overworked, underpaid employee to successful online fitness professional…

The secrets that will show you the ins-and-outs of:

F The #1 way to attract the right types of customers and clients online

F How to build products and programs that sell themselves

F The “foolproof” way to create social media content that demands attention

F Why building a loyal audience trumps a massive audience 11 times out of 10

F How you can get paid more to work less (and still serve your fitness clients at a higher level)

If you had all of this “expert knowledge”, do you think you could succeed as an online fitness professional?

The Problem Is That Most People Think They Need To Have A HUGE Social Media Following To Be Seen As A “Fitness Expert”…

The good news for you is that most people ARE WRONG!

Here’s why:

…most people wait until they have thousands and thousands of followers before they feel they’re “ready” to help other people get in shape

…most people sit on the sidelines and watch other trainers build their businesses by putting out the same exact content as them

…most people don’t have a REAL business that gives them the time and freedom they’re after (even if they have successful social media pages)

If you have the passion & the work ethic AND you surround yourself with the RIGHT people, then you DON’T NEED a massive social media following to succeed as an online fitness professional.

What YOU need is a combination of the right tools and the right knowledge…

Before you disregard all of this as just another “guru” trying to sell you the “dream,” consider this…

What’s The Cost Of NOT Trying To Build Your Own Online Fitness Business…?


Is it really worth it to keep going through the same things over and over again?

F Aimlessly posting on social media hoping and praying that someone messages you asking you to train them

F Waking up each and every day dreading going to your job or the classroom where you feel like your skills & passions aren’t being utilized

F Making enough money to cover your rent, bills, and gas but never having enough to live the life you feel you deserve

What you don’t realize is that the secret to starting a profitable online fitness business is right in front of you…

“Am I Really Looking Right At The Answer?”

Believe it or not… Building a successful online fitness is more achievable than you may be thinking.

But maybe “six-figures” still seems like a stretch to you…

Think about this: What would an extra $20,000 do for you? What about $75,000?

How would making that kind of income change your life?

Would it get you closer to your goal of complete financial freedom?

Would it allow you to finally quit your job to focus on your business full-time?

Once you learn the step-by-step process that fitness professionals use to build a full-time income on a part-time schedule, you can literally create the fitness business of your dreams.

A business that:

Gives you the ability to work with your dream clients and customers
Runs by itself because it’s built on systems and processes
Allows you to work whenever you want from wherever you want in the world
Helps you build an income that isn’t dependent on the number of hours you are “on the clock”
Fuels your passion and allows you to do work you actually enjoy doing

Introducing The Creative Fitness Academy

A One-Stop-Shop For Building Your Online Fitness Empire


Module 1 – Personal Brand Development

Setting Up Your Story & Future Brand
Purpose Development
Building Out Goals
Creating Your Story Brand
The Value Ladder

Module 2 – Brand Flow Development

Organizing Your Business
Your Successful Business Flow

Module 3 – Market Research & Avatar Discovery

Social Engagement Discovery
Facebook Audience Discovery
V.I.E. & Market Demand

BONUS: Ideal Avatar Cheat Sheet

MODULE 4 – Starting & Protecting Your Business Through Legal

Business Entities
Intellectual Property
All Things Contracts
FTC Marketing Regulations
Done-For-You Contract Swipe Files (3 Total)

Module 5 – Branding

Introduction To Branding
Photoshop 101
Building A Visual Design (Logo & Theme)

Module 6 – Videography & Photography

Software & Camera Recommendations
Setting Up Your Camera – Functionality
Video Shooting 101
Video Length
Video Editing 101
Photo Editing 101

Module 7 – Social Hacks – Organic Instagram + Facebook

Instagram vs. Facebook Groups
4 Pillars To Growth Hacking
Posting On Instagram
Creating Facebook Groups
Monetizing & Engagement Hacks – Facebook
Hacking The Instagram Algorithm
Instagram Growth Hacking Tips

Module 8 – Social Hacks – Organic YouTube

Introduction To Organic YouTube Growth
YouTube 101
Organic YouTube Growth
Organic YouTube Sales

Module 9 – Product Creation: Digital Goods

Introduction To Digital Goods
My Six-Figure Program
Designing Your Workout Plans & Custom Meal Plans
BONUS: @TheBMeyers 6-Figure Program Template

Module 10 – Service Creation: Online Coaching

Pricing For Online Coaching
Software Setup Process
Setting Up Your First Client
Building Value & Funneling Traffic
Perfecting Your Coaching Application
Scheduling Your Client Call
Closing Your Client ($$$)
Capturing Payment & Onboarding
Client Management
BONUS: Online Coaching Call Script

Module 11 – Product Creation: Physical Goods

Vision of Your Physical Goods Business
Funding For Your Physical Goods
Creating Your Product
Creating Your Label & Rebranding

Module 12 – Funnel Design & Mastery

Sales Funnel Overview
Building Your Value Ladder
Sales Funnel Strategy
ClickFunnels Setup
Clickfunnels 101
Opt-In Creation
Sales Page Structure
Sales Page Creation
Checkout Pages
Upsells & Downsells
Indoctrination Emails

Module 13 – Buyers Flow – Email Marketing

Why Email?
MailChimp Overview
Segmenting Your Emails
Designing Your Emails & Tracking Them

Module 14 – Buyers Flow – Facebook Ads

How To Run Profitable Advertising
Intro To Facebook
Tracking Traffic & Buyers
Researching Ideal Customer Avatar
Funnel Congruency
Creating 6-Figure Ads
The 6-Figure Campaign Setup
Scaling & Retargeting
Ongoing Support
BONUS: Proven Facebook Ads Swipe File

Module 15 – Buyers Flow -YouTube Ads

Researching Your Customer
Creating Your YouTube Ad
The Video Shoot
Targeting The Perfect Customer
YouTube Ad Setup
Optimizing Your Ads
Scaling Your Ad Campaign

Module 16 – Business Management & Scaling

Business Management – Setting Norms
Researching Your Customer
Low Expense Planning
Simple Scaling Techniques

Join The Creative Fitness Academy Today And

Get Instant Access To:

Bonus #1

Done-For-You Contract Swipe Files (3)

Need to hire someone? Need a Terms & Conditions page? Need to sponsor an athlete for your brand? We got you covered!

Bonus #2

Structured Workout Program Template

Use the “BodyEvo” Workout Program Template that has made Brendan Meyers $42,000 in just 6 days after launch

Bonus #3

Email Marketing Template Swipe Files

Want to start automating email campaigns to generate more revenue ($$)? Here is our MOST converting emails in 1 document.

Bonus #4

Facebook Ads Files

Receive the most profitable ads that Brendan Meyers has used selling fitness products online. Copy the structure and go make $

Bonus #5

Expert Video Vault

Learn from the TOP business and social media growth experts in the fitness industry. Use their step by step guides to success.

Bonus #6

Online Coaching Call Script

Stop struggling with closing your clients on a call. Use Brian Decosta’s personal call script that has earned him a multiple 6-figure income.

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Creative Fitness Academy

Creative Fitness Academy

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