Augustas Kligys – European Amazon Summit 2018

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In March 28-29, 2019 Augustas will host the first in-person European Seller Conference for Amazon private label sellers. This event will be held in Prague, Czech Republic.


Augustas Kligys – European Amazon Summit 2018

Augustas Kligys - European Amazon Summit 2018

Check it out: Augustas Kligys – European Amazon Summit 2018

Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You Get When You Claim Your Free Ticket To Join European Private Label Summit Right Now…

Are you running an Amazon FBA business and looking to learn everything you need to know to successfully sell in EUROPE? Do you want to learn industry-insider strategies from some of the most renowned online sellers in Amazon’s European market?

The European Private Label Summit was created to assemble the most experienced and successful Amazon sellers to the European market from across the world to share their secrets, tips and systems for building extremely profitable businesses.

Running for a few days in December this powerful online Summit offers masterclasses that will make you think like a European Amazon power seller! Most of our speakers are regular Amazon sellers and eCommerce specialists who found innovative ways to become extremely successful through a variety of techniques.

Amazon’s European market sees over € 30 billion in revenues per year and the experts of the summit are ready to show you how you can capitalize on it.

Comprised of UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, the European marketplace is constantly growing and there has never been a better time to be an Amazon seller in Europe.

Over 20 SPEAKERS Across Many Fields

Meet the powerful group of 20+ entrepreneurs, successful sellers, eCommerce strategists to offer you their secrets when it comes to selling on European marketplaces of Amazon

Brand new 2018 sessions

Danny McMillan

Seller Sessions

New Sourcing Local strategy nobody talks about

Sacha Gorelik

Sacha Gorelik Copywriting

An in Depth, Holistic Approach to Keyword Research

Butrus Said

Selling on Amazon with Top Seller’s Mindset

Jana Krekic

YLT Translations

5 Game changing hacks which will help you sell more on non-English Amazon markets

Michael Gabrielides


Amazon SEO – Voodoo or just honest and permanet work?

George Reid

The Listing People

Preventing you from ruining your brand in Amazon’s European marketplaces

Max Hofmann


Amazon Advertising 2018 – What’s new for EU Sellers?

Tobias Fischer


Tips to Avoid Getting in Trouble Due to the New Packaging Law in Germany

Dawid Schűtte

Uber Seller

Seller challenges, review generation techniques, product launches

Nathan Hirsch


Hiring Virtual Assistants

Davor Sivko

Amazon Marketing Specialist

How 7 figures German Seller ReLaunches existing products in German market

Brent Zahradnik

AMZ Pathfinder

Winning Advertising Strategies for the EU Market

Taoufik Mousselmal

FBA Seller

The Million Euros Hybrid Private Label Strategy

Selected sessions from the 2017 event

Franz Jordan


International Keyword Research for Organic Optimization and PPC Research

Claire Taylor


The Essential Guide to Your EU VAT Obligations when Selling On Amazon in Europe

David Barry

AMZ Europe

Listing Optimization – Amazon Europe

Nadine Eich


Perfect Customer Service in Germany

Hans Baetsen


Product launches success factors in Amazon Europe

Francisco Gonzalez

Amazon EU Seller

My Success Selling in All European Marketplaces

Nejc Volarič

Amazon Consultant

How we scaled from 0 to 140.000 €/month in 1,5 years? (without focusing on conversion, ranking and listing optimization)

Ricky Jones


Barcodes – Your Product’s Passport to the World of Commerce

Meet Summit Host & Creator
Augustas Kligys

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Originally from Lithuania, Augustas created the European Private Label Summit in 2016 and 2017 as a means of helping other Amazon sellers capitalize on the thriving European e-commerce market. In 2017 and 2018 he also produced other three well received online conferences targeted to global Amazon sellers: Seller Optimization Summit, AMZ Seller Summit, AMZ Q4 Strategy Summit.

Known in the industry simply as the “Amazon Summits Guy,” Augustas is committed to providing others with the opportunity to achieve success by offering powerfully informative expert sessions and guides to becoming a top Amazon seller.

His dedication has led him to gather the best information from around the world to offer his audiences. Augustas furthers his mission in supporting Amazon sellers as the founder of Orange Klik Company, helping ecommerce entrepreneurs becoming the best at what they do.

In March 28-29, 2019 Augustas will host the first in-person European Seller Conference for Amazon private label sellers. This event will be held in Prague, Czech Republic.

European Private Label Summit 2019 is Augustas’ 6th virtual summit for Amazon sellers. He is commited to help Amazon sellers succeed!
that teaches proven tips & tricks to grow your Amazon FBA Business in EUROPEAN Marketplaces

Some of the topics covered in the 20+ video sessions

Starting Your EU Amazon Business
Tax and VAT Information
Language and Cultural Differences
Product and Market Research
Product Sourcing and Shipping
Product Launch Strategies in the EU Market
Product Listing Optimization


During few days, you will receive amazing business strategies, tips and insights for:

Starting Your EU Amazon Business

The first thing you need to know when you are an Amazon seller in the European market is how to properly register your business. Depending on your situation, our experts will provide you with all of your options including whether or not to incorporate your business, which Amazon website to base your business from and other business fundamentals that are necessary for setting up a successful online selling business.

Tax and VAT Information

Our experienced accountants and financial advisors will offer you important information that will help you understand and navigate the European tax systems. Although the dealing with the tax structures may seem like a daunting task, you will learn special strategies that will allow you to minimize the difficulties and confusion surrounding European taxes.

Get immediately download Augustas Kligys – European Amazon Summit 2018

Language and Cultural Differences

When selling on Amazon in Europe, you will encounter differences in both the languages spoken by consumers and the way their culture impacts the selling process. As you will be dealing with four non-english speaking countries, it is imperative to know how to maximize your sales opportunities even if you do not speak the language.

Our 30+ experts come from a wide range of countries, meaning that you get first-hand knowledge of the buying markets in UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

Product and Market Research

To optimize your business in Europe and increase sales, you need to properly analyze the consumer demographics, identify your target market and have an in-depth knowledge of the products that you will be selling.

Our Summit speakers include top Amazon sellers that offer a wealth of knowledge regarding the product and market research phase. You will learn the techniques to quickly and efficiently put together a sales plan based on your products, the customer behaviors and current/future market trends. By staying ahead of the curve, you will be above the competition and increase sales by targeting the most accessible buyers.

Product Sourcing and Shipping

Once you have completed the product research and discovered your target audience, it is imperative that you find suppliers that are both reliable and affordable. Building strong relationships with top class suppliers is instrumental in creating a profitable Amazon FBA business anywhere and our speakers will teach you everything you need to know to choose the best.

Shipping is another extremely important aspect of your sales process, as providing fast and affordable shipping options to your clients will drastically improve your chances for making sales. We have several experts in the PBA shipping field to help you avoid common mistakes that sellers make, causing them to lose sales and clients at a rapid pace.

Product Launch Strategies in the EU Market

After you have found your suppliers and are ready to begin selling, you need the perfect launch plan to maximize sales and attract new customers right from the start. An expertly designed launch strategy can be the difference between immediate success or a slow start to your EU Amazon selling career.

Our speakers have been so successful due in large part to their ability to craft powerful product launches that grab the attention of buyers and create long-term clients from the start. You will learn how to launch products in a means that minimizes effort and maximizes effectiveness, culminating in a flurry of sales from the first day.

Product Listing Optimization

No matter how great your product is, if you do not create a captivating and engaging product listing that entices the reader to buy it, you will not get the sales that you deserve. Listing products on Amazon is an art that has been mastered by our speakers, allowing them to rise above competitors to become top sellers across all five countries.

From the layout, keyword optimization, copywriting and the description itself, you will learn everything you need to know about creating a persuasive and informative Amazon product listing that will have customers adding your products to their cart.
that teaches proven tips & tricks to grow your Amazon FBA Business in EUROPEAN Marketplaces

Why you should attend this summit?

1. It will take your Amazon FBA business to the next level

Although you may currently be running a successful Amazon business, there are always ways to capitalize on various, often-overlooked aspects to truly optimize its potential. By gaining inside advice from 20+ experts across a range of topics, you are sure to find many different pieces of the Amazon business puzzle that you can integrate into your business to boost sales and profit.

2. Stay ahead of your competition with proven techniques and methods

The only difference between Amazon sellers who are grossly successful and ones that are mediocre are the effort that they put into making their business better. By continuously exploring new strategies and working towards a more efficient business model, you always stay ahead of your competitors, leading customers to order from you instead of them.

3. Your ticket is FREE (for a very limited time)

Although most conferences cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, We’re gifting you a free ticket because we know how powerful this material is. But you must claim your spot now because each masterclass will stream free for JUST 1 DAY — then it’ll be locked up in the European Private Label Summit Premium vault forever.

What is European Private Label Summit?
Is this event really free?
Do I have to travel to the European Private Label Summit?
What if I miss one of the speakers’ sessions? Will I get a recording?
Who is this for?
Why are you doing this?

What makes this Summit Unique?

It’s a gathering of inspirational, knowledgable speakers

They’ve lived these lessons, they’re experts in their fields, and they’ll be passing on their best practical advice to you. These experts are the real deal.

Watch at your convenience — attend from your computer

There’s no flight or hotel room to book… saving you thousands of dollars, unpaid work leave, hanging out in airport lounges and time away from your family.
The expert sessions will be available online so you can watch them at your own convenience. During the free portion of the event each session will be live for 24 hours, and if you get European Private Label Summit All-Access Pass, you’ll have access to all the valuable training instantly.

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Augustas Kligys - European Amazon Summit 2018

Augustas Kligys - European Amazon Summit 2018

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